FREE 7 Day Approaching Girls Program


FREE 7 Day Approaching Girls Program

This program was inspired by the GoodLookingLoser 8-week
Approach Anxiety Program.

I designed this 7 day Approaching girls program to set guys up for
success once they start hitting on girls in higher quantities and

I don’t expect anyone with any kind of responsibilities to go at this 7
days straight, no days off; but if you do have the free time, complete
the program as fast as you can. 

I don’t know where you live so you’ll have to figure out locations
near you highly populated with females; I recommend going to the
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All About Sleep And Waking Up


We’ve all read mainstream ‘how to go to bed’ advice like–

avoiding blue screens,
keeping your room pitch black,
going to sleep at the same time every night,

or even counting your breaths.

Yet we still find ourselves suffering through the night in never
ending thoughts.

Many people believe insomnia is caused by stressors affecting your mental well-being, or poor lifestyle choices.

It makes sense to get those in check but I don’t know how to help you with that, only you can.

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