Guy And Girl Flirting

3 Steps To Fuck Girls You Like

In my last post I talked about why you should talk to more girls and be more aggressive if you want to be having more sex.

This post is the elaborate version of that one, and a “how to actually talk to girls” manual.

I’ll try to give solutions to any problems you think you’d come across, though, most of those ‘problems’ are all in your head.


No matter what you say, the point of talking to a girl you want to fuck is to let her know you find her sexually attractive.

You can literally walk up to her with a smile on your face and say “hey you look good, what’s up?” and go from there.

You will touch her immediately by shaking her hand or giving her a very warm hug.

You should let the conversation flow and say what comes to mind but if you aren’t good at making small talk say “nice to meet you I’m [your name here].”

Sometimes the girl won’t shake your hand, so you’ll have to grab it.

Sometimes the girl won’t give you a hug so you’ll have to hug her.

What you are accomplishing here is pushing your boundaries and moving outside of your comfort zone.

It’s okay if she is nervous and doesn’t know why a stranger is talking to her; and this is the exact reason why you have an advantage over the 95% of guys who don’t have the balls to approach and hit on
random girls.

The important point here is to make sure every girl you speak to you try to initiate some type of touch,

  • shake her hand (say nice to meet you)
  • touch her hair (say I like your hair)
  • touch her clothing item (say I like this)
  • hug her strongly (say that felt good haha)

Do not get discouraged if a girl / woman blatantly rejects your
approach; nobody is obligated to talk to you if they don’t want to.

If you look attractive and have a smile on your face most girls will at least give you a few seconds of speaking to her before she is on her way; be sure to get that touch in!

Sometimes a girl will actually be willing to converse with you for however long you want, in these situations you should work your way up to grabbing her arm or hand and walking her over to a bench or table where you to can speak more comfortably.

Don’t try to get girl’s numbers just quite yet, for now focus on letting a girl know you find her sexy without saying “dam ma u fine as hell so when we gonna fuck?”

I suggest doing this to at least 100 girls before you try moving on to step 2.

100 girls is not a lot it just sounds like it.

Walk up to 5 girls everyday for a week and you’re at 25-35 already.

The next week do it to 10 girls everyday and that’s another 50-70

You could potentially get rid of your approach anxiety (being scared to talk to hot girls) in 2 weeks if you dive in (spend 1-2 hours per day talking to new girls) and take this seriously and admit you have a problem; you’re a pussy when it comes to being yourself around sexy women.

How many girls did you hit on in the last 6 months? I’m willing to bet it was nowhere near 100.

You need to shatter your nervousness and overcome the fear or
anxiety you have with walking up to random attractive girls.

I recommend talking to women of all ages, and of all ethnicities or behavioral types; even girls who have completely different styles
than you do, so you can encounter more personalities and be more
prepared when trying to fuck as many girls as you can.

Especially talk to women who you think are out of your league.

This is probably the fastest way to overcome approach anxiety, put yourself in ‘scary’ situations (talking to the hottest girls) and find out it’s not so ‘scary’ at all.

Hotter girls actually don’t get hit on as much as you think, they are so hot most guys are scared to approach them and if they do get hit on, it’s by two different types of guys; “the dam ma u sexy” type of guy she ignores or “the unconfident unattractive would you like to have dinner sometime can’t keep eye contact” kind of guy she also ignores.

One of the hottest girls I ever hit on (who was definitely out of my league) was an airline hostess, 26, we had coffee and talked about

Of course my first instinct was “ok this woman is too old for me and I’m not rich enough,” but I still went and talked to her in her Versace dress while I’m in basket ball shorts and a longboard in my hand.

It went way better than I thought it would and she was happy I spoke to her.

The point is, don’t count yourself out.

The first couple days might feel awkward, you might have loser
thoughts like “am I really at the mall trying to talk to girls what am I
But in actuality, you’re smart.

You are doing something 95% of guys won’t ever do and you are the 5% of guys who are never scared to talk to girls.

Girls love the 5% of guys who are comfortable in their own skin around them.

As soon as I realized talking to girls everyday is me making myself better at life and becoming less of a pussy, I could not wait to go out and talk to more girls again.

I’d literally be at the mall for 6 hours some days.

I’ve gotten kicked out of a mall and countless stores; talking to girls became addicting and I got really good at it.

I went from fucking 0 girls a year to 10+ girls a year while being baby-faced, skinny, dead broke and having no cellphone.

(10 girls a year is not impressive, 50 girls a year is impressive.)

I’m sure you can do better than I did with a phone and some money in your pocket.

Once you can walk up to hot girls and shake their hand, give them compliments, chit chat for a few minutes and genuinely feel like you could fuck them if you wanted to, move on to step 2.

If you can walk up to 5 girls in a busy mall and tell each one she’s
attractive and shake her hand in less than 4-5 minutes, you are
already there.

Remember to embrace rejection and not get bummed out by it, getting denied is a part of the game; if she says I’m
married or I have a boyfriend or ignores you just walk away
and try other girls.

60 Year Old Playboy
Aspire To Look Like This At 60.


I encourage you to truly believe you can fuck the girl you are speaking to before you try getting her number because here’s what might happen, you’ll run out of things to say since you’re nervous so, you’ll get her number as a way out of the interaction but wait too long to call her or try to meet up due to you still being scared for some reason.

It’s a mindset thing, there truly are no steps other than “fuck girl” so don’t get her number if you can pull her into your car or into a family restroom or something and fuck her there; don’t keep a dry
conversation going if you can start making out with her.

(I’ve fucked in public and family restrooms and fitting rooms; it’s all about pushing your comfort zone and not being scared of things that can’t
physically hurt you.)

Remember to move quickly, move quickly toward sex.

Once you think you’re ready to get her number you can easily do so by giving her your phone and telling her to put her number in; most of the time you can just hand it to her and she’ll do it on her own.

Make sure to text her on the spot to make sure she gets your
number; you can even take her phone and text yourself and save
your name in her phone as “that handsome motherfucker” if you want

Once you get her number, the work is not done yet, now you need to get her to verbally commit to hanging out with you sometime in the very near future. (Preferably later that same day.)

If you can’t get her to commit to hanging out with you within the next couple of days because she’s ‘busy’ then tell her you’ll text her or tell her to text you.

When you get a girl’s number you have to put pressure on her to
chill with you, if it’s been over a week and you haven’t made
consistent efforts to hangout with her chances are she’ll forget
about you and you’ll get deleted and a “who’s this” text when you call

If you two verbally (in-person) made plans to hangout at a specific place at a specific time then when you call her it’s going to be to make sure she doesn’t flake.

If you could not get her to commit to a time and place then when you call her it is going to be about getting her to chill with you as soon as possible.

I suggest texting her and as soon as she replies, FaceTime her or call her.

I used to have no problems texting girls but would be nervous to talk on the phone, if this is you, all the more reason to call her because you need to get over that nervousness.

Girls flake over text all the time but if you got her to tell you over the phone that she’ll chill with you, she’ll have less incentive to

Sometimes girls are too shy to talk over the phone and would prefer to text, that’s okay just be sure you’re not getting friend-zoned.

DO NOT TEXT HER BACK AND FOURTH FOR DAYS, this is the best way to get flaked on.

You need to call / FaceTime her and almost pressure her into chilling
with you and making it a priority.

What I do is I text her “hey” or “hey cutie.”

As soon as she replies I call her; if she answers I’ll tell her “lets chill.”

If she doesn’t answer I’ll text “lets chill.”

You don’t want to ‘get to know her’ over the phone so if she says something like “I barely know you” or “don’t you want to get to know me first” just convince her those things are better done in-person.

She’ll probably ask “what are we going to do” and you can say
whatever you want here like “we’re just gonna chill” or you can tell
her exactly what you have planned, it’s up to you.

Avoid going with whatever she has planned, it’s usually not going to lead to sex.

Instead make her do what you have planned.

Almost every time I would chill with a girl doing what she had planned I would sit there wondering why the fuck I put myself in this situation.

I’d really just end up giving her a ride somewhere or picking up her little brother from school or meeting her family or some bullshit that is nowhere near me having sex with her so learn from my mistakes.

Unless she says something that’s obviously leading to sex like
“come watch a movie at my house” at 2am or “I’m horny,” etc. I
suggest only chilling with girls when it’s on your schedule. 

If any of this seems hard or ‘scary’ because you’re nervous or have anxiety, repeat step 1. 100 more times.

Do not worry about coming off as clingy or something, It’s better to have her think you’re a perv than too timid. 

Not every number you get is going to lead to a meet up, not every number you get will even reply, and not every girl will even give you a number.

Just play the ones you get, this is why it’s so important to have mulitple numbers rather than try to make one or two work out.

You know you’re ready to move on to step 3. when your biggest problem is not knowing who to chill with because you have 3-4 girls you’ve made plans with this week.

(Realistically you’ll end up chilling with half those girls since girls do flake not because they don’t like you but because they are pussies themselves.)


Ideally you’d have her drive to your house or you can pick her up for car sex.

You can have her meet you somewhere but be sure to get in her car or have her get in your car; if you can get her to come to your house do that for sure.

When you pick her up, get out of the car and give her a huge hug and tell her she looks sexy. If you did step 1. correctly it should be very easy for you to put your hands on girls and give them sexual compliments by this point. 

The goal is sex so, if you can skip out on an entire ‘date’ and go straight to sex, do that.

Assume every girl who chills with you wants to fuck but doesn’t want to seem like a hoe so you have to work for it.

Avoid going to places where you have to spend money.

Not only do you save money this way but if you are at a venue or restaurant etc. how is sex possible?

Most guys go to the movies or go out for dinner which is a beta move since you can’t fuck her there!

Go to a park or watch a movie (not at the movies, at your house or her house if no one else is there) and be in an evironment where it is just the two of you.

At first I’d take a girl downtown and we’d walk around for a bit while I flirted heavily then take her back to my car for sex; that method
works well but I found ways to be more efficient with my time.

Soon, I’d pick a girl up and never leave my car! I’d park somewhere secluded and after some time of talking and flirting, I’d make sexual advances.

If I experienced any ‘resistance’ I’d go back to talking to her for a bit and keep trying until I got what I wanted or she asked to leave.

Expect anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours to fuck her.

If your date is taking any longer than that, you are not moving fast enough.

Either get her clothes off or make her leave.

If it happens that she chooses to leave (meaning she doesn’t want to fuck you) do not get mad, simply be calm about it like you do not care and let her leave.

(I once met up with a girl for the first time I met online at Walmart; I got into her car and made her drive 1 minute away into a secluded parking lot and after less than 5 minutes of talking to and touching her, [she
rejected my kisses] I pulled my hard dick out. She looked at it and said “ok
this is weird” and all I did was say “take me to my car” and didn’t speak to
her at all on the way there. When we got to my car I calmly opened the
door and got out but didn’t look her way, I heard her say “bye” but I
ignored it. Next thing you know she’s texting me to chill again and we
were fuck buddies for a year.)

Sexy Girl At Mall
You Should Be Able To Tell Her She Is Attractive And Shake Her Hand.

I’ll give a play by play on how a typical successful scenario would go:

You pick her up, tell her she’s looks good, hug her, she gets in your car.

You drive her to a park you already had planned out before the date and park up somewhere secluded.

You talk to her for a bit, this is where you can get to know her for about 5 minutes.

You are sure to touch her legs or arms and be flirty.

After 5 – 10 minutes of talking you get out and go into the back seat and tell her to come back here with you, if she says “why” you say “it’s more comfortable.”

After 5 minutes of talking in the backseat and more touching you kiss her, if she pulls away you laugh it off and try again in a couple minutes.

Eventually you’d have your hands on her tits or down her pants playing with her clit, or, your hard dick would be pulled out and you get her to touch you intimately.

Next, you fuck her or she decides she wants to leave.

The end. 

Talk to her >> touch her >> touch her intimately >> kiss her.

If she pulls away never get mad, just play it off (laugh) like nothing ever happened, and go back to talking / flirting.

If you’re cool about it, she’s cool about it.

You can never come off awkward, or else she’ll be awkward, always come across as nothing that is happening is a big deal.


When you get a hard-on, play with yourself through your pants.

If she looks let her touch it or make her; pull it out and see what happens.

This is where people start thinking I’m crazy but trust me on this, if she says “no” but is smiling you have to keep going.

Don’t ever stop persisting.

Think like she wants you to be persistent after she says “no” so she can feel like she didn’t give it up too easily.

Think of it as her not wanting to be a slut for fucking you on the first ‘date’ but since you were so persistent you are an ‘exception’ you are now ‘worth it’.

Keep persisting, she’ll finally give in and let you fuck her and when it’s over she’ll be looking at you (smiling) saying “I can’t believe I just let you do that!” 

Actually she is GLAD you fucked her, you demanded it like a man and didn’t back down like a little boy.

If you’ve had some sexual experience you already know what to do in these situations; if you’ve barely ever had sex, this is what you do:

  • If she pulls away from a kiss, laugh it off, keep talking, try again.
  • If she touches your dick but won’t get undressed, kiss her and
    undress her yourself.
  • Put your hands in her pants, touch her pussy, unbutton, (while kissing or not) pull panties and pants off then fuck.
  • Alternatively, you could just tell her to get undressed while you undress yourself, if she is intimidated by your confidence she’ll do anything you tell her to.

Worst case scenario: she is creeped out and leaves. Oh well.

Most likely she won’t budge and no matter how persistent you are she won’t touch your dick or have sex but she is comfortable chilling with you.

I don’t see any point in being rude about it, just leave and maybe she’ll hit you up sometime in the future when she’s horny.

You can even jerk off and have her look at you blow your load if you’re into that.

(I did that a few times and I’d just say “thanks for chilling with me” then go home.)

Bonus Tip To Lessen Anxiety In Everyday Life,

every girl you look at, never break eye contact use the cocky stare you practice in the mirror (another tip) and wink at her.

After doing it to 100 sexy women, girls will never intimidate you ever again.

Leave your questions in the comments. 

This is my advice but at the end of the day, do whatever the fuck you want to do.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal