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5 Ways Girls Judge Guys: Which One Are You?

WHEN A GIRL sees a guy she automatically profiles or judges him based on what he puts out.

Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes she doesn’t even know she’s doing it.

It’s human instinct to judge. It keeps us out of dangerous situations.

We’re all primitively born to notice strong traits in the opposite sex, and by default we also notice weak traits.

It’s simple biology.  Survival of the fittest.

Everyone notices the biggest guy or the hottest girl in the room and assume these people have respect for themselves and will be
treated accordingly.

Everyone also notices the wimpiest guy in the room or the whale taking up all the room and assume these inferior people should be avoided. 

Nothing morally wrong with judging a book by it’s cover, it’s smart, saves you from danger or wasting your time and helps to develop killer instinct.

Trust your gut, it is usually right.

The first step to mastering social situations (or getting girls to notice you and “like” you) is to keep boosting your presence or the way
people perceive you.

It’s not only about looks, but character too.

It takes literally 1 second to make a good impression through looks and takes at most 30 seconds for people to decide if you should be respected or walked over.

When a girl see’s you she’s subconsciously (or actively) grouping you as one of these 5 types of guys:

There are way more than 5 labels girls use to group judge you but these are the main ones:

1. “Ewww”

Don't look like him.
Funny (not really) but gets zero pussy.

When girls see this guy they think he needs to go on a diet, have some respect for his appearance, and get a life.

He never talks to girls. If he does it’s the type of girls too ugly to want to fuck.

He’s probably an avid male feminist.

Don’t be this guy.

This guy should eat twice a day, lift weights and go talk to some girls.

2. “He’s a pussy”

Don't be a pussy.
Mary Jane got tired of him being such a PUSSY!

He’s a good guy, he respects girls a lot.

He hates guys who objectify women and can’t seem to understand why girls always go for assholes.

He’s probably good looking, but, does everything by the book and
never takes any risks.

He lacks killer instinct but would probably make a safe good boyfriend for girls looking to settle down with him.

He’s scared to talk to really hot girls.

He’s insecure and doesn’t lead when around girls he’s interested in, he lets them decide what to do and will never do anything that might offend people or look silly in front of them.

He should work on commanding respect and build an appearance that lets people know he is no push-over.

3. “So are you like a player or something?”

Be this cool.
You wanna be THIS cool.

He looks good, dresses good, he has a clue.

He should keep doing what he’s doing, it will get him laid often
because he has the right balance between good guy and asshole and isn’t afraid to talk to anyone.

He’s confident enough to where people can tell he doesn’t care what you think of him, (without the “i dont give a fuck what u think about me bro” vibe like guy #4) he’s just comfortable being himself in every
given situation and knows how to lead.

Girls love the challenge of trying to make him their boyfriend since he does what he wants but isn’t a total dick either.

4.  “Fucking asshole… I hate you!”

Be like him.
This guy makes life look too easy.

This guy has taken the player / asshole thing to the max.

She probably won’t bring him around mommy and daddy or her even her friends and probably won’t date him either… but at 2am when she’s horny, she knows who to call!

Most girls say he’s full of it, and talk shit about him (behind his back) since he’s too masculine to be bossed around and will put them in their place.

He probably has a big dick, and girls want to fuck him but it’ll make them look slutty so they do it discreetly.

They legitimately know he would NEVER make a good boyfriend so he’s the one (one of the ones) they have fun with when they’re single

He does whatever the fuck he wants to do and is mostly indomitable.

5. The Asset or “ayyyyee”

If you're this guy, be smart.
Leverage your assets, don’t be victim to diggers.

He has something girls need.

He’s probably rich, or well connected.

Whether it be money, drugs, or what other commodity, girls will try
to use him to give them these things, if he’s smart he’ll know how to
bargain. (wink wink)

This guy needs to be careful and not allow himself to be manipulated by a woman’s lure but rather use their wicked ways against them.

He has access to resources and power, he should know the
difference between a hoe and a housewife.


I wanted this to be moderately educational for guys struggling with
understanding what girls really look for in guys instead of what they
say they want.

Contrast = mystery, unique, fun

If you are guy 1 or guy 2 you would develop contrast by being more of an ‘asshole’ since girls would never expect this behavior from you simply because you look so safe, approachable and nice.

If you are guy 3 or guy 4 girls already expect you to be somewhat dickish or even deceitful so honesty and politeness would go a long way.

Guy 5 (and everyone else) need to understand this,



(but you can have some fun with them)

This post ended up being more entertainment than educational, just
for the fun of it, I’ll do the girl versions.

How guys judge girls:

1. Fat.

dont date this.
Big women deserve love too.. just not from handsome in-shape men.

A girl’s mission in life is to be hot and be a mom.

You should avoid unattractive and over-weight women, especially the ones who think they’re just ‘thick’.

With all the make-up products available it shouldn’t be hard for any girl to look somewhat attractive unless she CHOOSES to be fat.

She is probably feminist and thinks you should make her a sandwich.

2. Nerd / Prude / Weirdo

girls should be cute.
Not wanting to be like every other basic girl is understandable, but not being cute isn’t.

The messed up part about this girl is that she could look really good and make a really great girlfriend if she wanted to but she just isn’t down to earth and way too proper.

I’m all for girls being feminine and traditional but they need to be
relatable and not boring.

She is also probably feminist.

Some of these types of girls are bi-sexual or pan-sexual.

They’d rather sacrifice their cuteness (arguably a girl’s greatest
feature) to look intelligent by chopping off their locks and wearing
glasses they don’t need.

Best to avoid these confused types.

3. Relationship Material?

She passed the looks test.
She passes the looks test, but what about the character test?

This girl is an open-ended question because she looks good, she dresses good, she looks classy not skanky, might be a bit sarcastic
(it’s cute not obnoxious) but you can’t tell if she’s a hoe or good girl
unless you knew her past or actively get to know her.

She’s fun.

She is not a total rude bitch but knows how to joke and take them.

4. SLUT!

dont be a pussy.
If you respect a slut you are a pussy.

She’s a slut. Everyone knows it.

She’s most likely a bitch / rude, hella sassy and she doesn’t care what you think.

She takes pleasure in shooting down guys and making them feel

She knows what she’s doing in bed so you might want to hit her up every now and then for some awesome no strings attached sex if that’s what you’re into, but she doesn’t fuck with “lames” (actually she does) or “little dick niggas”. (Again, probably does.)

5. That Girl That Buys You Stuff

Best take advantage.
Take advantage, it’s what she wants.

You probably aren’t really proud of or wont brag to your boys about
this girl but you keep her around for the free stuff.

Plus it’s easy sex.

She might want to date you so bad but you just can’t do that; or you do, but you definitely cheat.

Society doesn’t really frown on male gold-diggers so why not take
advantage anyway?

The Real Conclusion

Know your worth, and know what others are worth.

Till’ next time.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal