Brandon Ramlal 53 Life Hacks

53 Life Hacks

In no specific order, I give you 53 life hacks:

Shave Every Part of Your Face

Merkur Razor

Shaving is a natural exfoliator and removes dried up dead skin and gunk from your face. 

You are selling yourself short by only shaving your neck, chin
and lower cheeks.

You should also carefully shave your nose, forehead, the top of your cheeks and any area you see loose hairs and or black/white

Your face gets used to your razor, switch the type of razor you

I’d go from a safety razor to a disposable razor
with 2 blades every 3 months or so. 

Also, I quit using shaving cream and moisturize my face with a
water and lotion mixture before and after shaving to prevent
my face from 
drying out. 

My skin also becomes use to this as well and sometimes it works better for me to dry shave or use slight water. 

Remember, warm water softens hair but cold water is better for
your skin.

Vacuum From The Inside-out

When vacuuming your room / living area, start at the deepest end and work your way backwards toward the door. 

Take Cold Showers

As I mentioned earlier, cold water is best for your skin as warm
water drys it out. 

If you take cold showers, you’d have a hard time wasting 30
in there and you’d likely be out within 5.

Cold water also cleans me better than hot. 

Shower with this soap 

Cold showers are better for fat loss, boosts testosterone, builds
metal toughness, and makes you more of a man.

You can go from warm to cold and back to warm and end with
cold if you’d like.

Tip: when the water is cold, let it hit the top of your head (hair)
before hitting your skin and it will be much more tolerable.

Get Out of Bed to Turn Off the Alarm

You should get out of bed immediately upon waking the very
first time and go take a cold shower or do movement drills.

Hitting the snooze button repeatedly is mentally making you a 
little bitch. 

Also, when you go back to sleep, you will wake up even more
 and you will continue to have no energy for the entire day.

When you tough it out and get out of bed the first time, sure
you’ll be super tired for a little while, but after you get out of the
 you’ll be super awake and mobile feeling ready to
conquer any task.

Seldom Use Toothpaste

We need some type of fluoride, but too much of it is not good.

Toothpaste is loaded with fluoride and is actually not very good 
for cleaning your teeth.

All this does is make your mouth feel slick and fresh tricking you
 thinking your teeth is getting cleaner and whiter.

Instead, brush your teeth in this order: 

You should brush up and down, it’s better than going in circles since toothbrushes can scratch enamel and damage your gums. 


If you are against illegal drugs (which work much better than
 ones) then you may look to Modafinil for your needs of
focus and wakefulness. 

Modafinil is legal and can be bought here:

Take one pill (200mg) to see where you stand.

Some people like to take half a pill in the morning and the
other half some hours later while others prefer taking

I wouldn’t take it everyday for more than 3 days as your
body and mind needs it’s rest and this drug makes you
feel like “WHAT EVEN IS SLEEP?”  


If you still have anxiety you can take around .75g of phenibut and it should give you the feel good you are looking for. 

This is a legal compound and is widely used for different

I would avoid using everyday to avoid building a tolerance and
take too much because it may leave you feeling upset. 

It is safe.


Kratom is a plant and is totally safe. 

You can build a tolerance to it but there are ways to use it
everyday and avoid this.

You do so by rotating strains everyday and not using the same
 again until after 4-5 days have past.

For this reason I won’t recommend you buy kratom unless
 can get 4-7+ strains. 

Kratom kills anxiety, makes you more creative, kills depression,
makes you motivated and gives you people skills. 

I highly recommend it. 

Beet Juice

Beet juice

Beet juice not only tastes great, it is loaded with nitrates to
allow better blood circulation and nutrients being absorbed 
in your body.

Athletic performance is enhanced, you become more agile,
mobile, and may get stronger. 

There is no reason to not drink it as much as you can. 

I try to juice these ingredients together everyday:

  • 1-2 beets
  • 1-2 lemons
  • 4+ big carrots
  • a piece of ginger

The amounts of fruit / vegetables will vary depending on how
you like your juice to taste. 

If you prefer sweet > tart, add an apple.


The Bathmate is a water pump for your penis and it works.

I can attest that it works due to me owning and using one for 3

Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte is a penis extender that works and can be
worn while you are asleep. 

I can attest that it works due to me owning and using it for 3

In Red

In Red cologne.

In Red is a cheap cologne that smells just as good if not better
than all 
the expensive ones.  

I get just as many compliments from girls (and guys) while
wearing it
 as if I were wearing an expensive brand name


For improved penis health and blood flow and harder erections
you should jelq from time to time.


To manually increase the length of your penis and build its
 and pliability, you should pull on it from time to time. 

Organized Notes

Keep a notepad whether electronic or paper on you at all times
and every time you think up a good thought, (or anything at all) 
write it down.

This is the one of the secrets to successful people, organization. 

You will always forget something you didn’t write down.

Personal Logs

Like video games, we should keep records of our own personal stats and achievements.

We should work toward ‘unlocking’ new accolades for ourselves
whether it be gaining strength on a lift or making more buckets
at the court.

Meal Prep

It’s wise to have a ‘staple’ or ‘master’ grocery list you adhere to

To save time in the kitchen, you should make enough food every
you cook to last at least a few days so you don’t have to
cook again 
later in the day or even the next day or two.

Define Success

Everyone’s definition of success is different. 

Whether money, or girls, or helping others, you need to find
 own and let no one impose theirs on you. 

Morning Movements

I’m not against traditional stretching but I find moving in these 
‘weird’ angles to be superior in terms of ultimate flexibility and 

Cool Whip

If you are on a diet and need to lose weight but have a craving
sweets, keep a can or two of cool whip in your refrigerator
and take 
a ‘shot’ of it every time a craving hits.

Cool whip barely has calories in it yet tastes so good.

Power Ramen

If you are currently on a bulk and need to put on weight fast but
don’t have the cash to spend on premium foods, you can use the 
noodles in ramen as carbs and load it with other sources of food.

I like to add potato, cottage cheese, avocado, tuna, cheese, and eggs.

Power Protein Shake

You can make shakes with massive amounts of calories in it by
adding milk, peanut butter, oats, and coconut oil on top of your
protein powder.

Passive Income Streams

You don’t have to trade time for money like everyone else. 

You can put in the work once and get paid forever.

Things like books, music and other forms of creative art can
provide you royalties for the rest of your life without the need
do any extra work on them. 

Think outside of the box and come up with ways to make the
come to you rather than you pursuing it.

Low Carb on Rest Days

Carbs replenish glycogen stores in your muscles after you use
 so you should eat them on training days.

Carbs will make you fat if over eaten and not in a calorie deficit.

Low Fat on Training Days

Fats are best used on rest days along with protein since you will
eating low carb. 

Online Dating

Online dating is supplemental to meeting women in your
day to day life. 

Do not rely solely on the internet to get laid or else your 
people skills will suffer.

AA Program

Good Looking Loser’s Approach Anxiety Program is legendary
you should complete it until I release my own improved


Matouks pepper sauce.

Matouk’s is the world’s best pepper sauce. 

Eat 2x a Day

It’s extremely hard to be fat if you’re only eating twice per day
consistently exercise.


I wrote about psychedelics here: 

No Porn or Masturbation

You can masturbate after you rid yourself of your addiction to it.

Learn to never watch porn again. 

Watching porn and masturbating to porn kills testosterone.


It sounds paradoxical since I just told you not to masturbate too 
often but if you have trouble with keeping an erection or cum 
quicker than you’d like to, use the Fleshlight. 

Learn Lessons From Entertainment

If you are using entertainment solely for the purpose of wasting
time I feel bad for you. 

Everything teaches a lesson, even entertainment. 

Learn to be more aware and learn from everything around you.

Drink Liquor Straight

Liquor is not all that bad and can make you look leaner if not
with high-sugar drinks and fast food. 

Also, drinking straight liquor may prevent you from getting
since you’ll be able to easier gauge where you are and
won’t over
 drink since it doesn’t taste too great. 

Straight liquor is for men and is an acquired taste. 

Mix with water or ice if you wish but skip the soft drinks. 

If you must, squeeze some fruit in it.

Good Looking Loser

I found GLL in 2012 and haven’t looked back since.

Bold and Determined

I found B&D in 2013 and haven’t looked back since. 

Elevate Feet When on The Toilet

Elevating your feet while on the shitter will help get the poop
of your bowels a bit easier.

Don’t put Things on Credit Unless you’ll Pay it Off in Full at the End of the Month

Not only does this build your credit score faster and earn you reward points faster, it also keeps you out of debt. 




MacBooks are the superior laptop. Period.

Turn Your Phone Off at Certain Times of the Day

To be free is to be off the grid and inaccessible. 

Turning your phone off connects you with the beauty of mother
earth and places you above the rat race society who are
constantly glued to their 4 inch screens.

Quit Your Job


There is something that has been on your mind for years now
 you’ve always wanted to pursue but are too scared to. 

You find excuses to hold on to your job but you can quit.

Save up the next 3 months pay and quit your job and start living
 to your soul. 

Stick to the Plan until it’s Done Even if it Looks Like it’s Not Working

Greatness takes years.

The most successful people were once seen as imbeciles to the
naked average eyes of mediocre society. 

After you’ve tried your best for one whole year and decide it is
what you want to be doing, may you quit.

Until then, don’t give up prematurely.

Buy Non-Perishable Supplies in Bulk


Buying in bulk will save you time.

Things like water, toilet paper, paper towels, q-tips, soap, etc.
should be bought in bulk so you don’t have to use your energy 
replacing your stores each week.



Reading valuable material to improve the quality of your life
 to be a lost art in today’s society and is highly

It’s not ‘cool’ to read, but you should still read at least 15min

Have 3 Months Living Expenses + Emergency Fund Then Invest

No need to have more than 3 months living expenses in savings.

No need to have more than $1000 cash emergency fund.

All income after this should be used to make you more money or
increase life expectancy.

Learn a New Language in Your Spare Time With Duolingo (free)

Have an Hour by Hour Daily Schedule

Instead of planning your week or day, plan your next hour.

This is how you truly become productive and efficient. 

Always be Stretching

Whether walking or relaxing, always be stretching some part
of your body.

Prevent problems later in life by keeping mobile today. 

Stop Multitasking (sort of)

It’s cool to think you can do it all, I won’t discourage you from 
thinking otherwise.

However, once you start one task, do not stop until it is

Do not be easily distracted. 

Pair Your Socks Before Washing Them

No one can really explain the mystery of missing socks.

To help with this phenomenon, pair your socks before placing
them into your hamper and / or the washing machine.

Pull-up Bar

Get an at home pull-up bar that goes over a basic door frame.

You can do pushups on it as well.

Add in some bodyweight squats and you have a full body routine
you can do everyday with no need for any other equipment. 

Fish Oil

Fish oil should be mega-dosed and taken daily.

It’s good for mobility and promotes healthy joints.

Supplementing with 4 grams of fish oil today will prevent
a bunch of health problems tomorrow. 

Leave Things in the Past

Learn to leave things in the past.

Not only the big things you struggle to get over which haunt
 but learn to also stop stressing little things which have
 taken place and are outside of your control.

Dropping your phone on the ground doesn’t mean get angry, it
means saying “oh well, I’ll try better to prevent this from
 again” and picking it up.

I hope you enjoyed!!

– Written by Brandon Ramlal