Dragon Ball Super Blog Post

6 Subliminal Lessons From the Dragon Ball Series

Here’s why the ongoing Dragon Ball series STILL is the best anime and why you should make your kids watch it:

Are you Goku? = child like mind, takes everything as a learning experience and gets better after every success or failure. He never has negative thoughts and never doubts himself which only leaves room for growth.

Or are you Vegeta? = super prideful and believes in his abilities but is not naive to not know when he’s been surpassed and will stop at nothing to be the best. In his case, competing against a rival is productive to his goals
and makes him focused and intense 24/7.

Lesson 1 – Get a Krillin + 18 relationship.

Chi Chi and Bulma are entitled bitches. Learn to spot these types.

Oh, don’t pull a Yamcha and get stuck on one girl your whole life.

Hot girls go for indomitable men obviously.

Lesson 2 – Intermittent fasting feasting.

Don’t eat all day long.

Go occupy yourself for a long while and then feast.

That is how you stay lean while gaining muscle; go as long as you can without food, then feast.

You can eat burgers and junk when you spend all day moving your already ripped body, not if you’re fat and sedentary though..


Lesson 3 – Train, not exercise.

Train to get better.

aka, train for performance.

Train to do more than you did last time so you come out stronger.

Lesson 4 – Hide your true strength.

Be like Roshi and pretend to be weak.

Never underestimate people, and let people underestimate you.

Also, hide your weaknesses for obvious reasons. 

Lesson 5 – Ego is bad, pride is not.

All the bad guys have huge ego’s and look for fights to prove
themselves but there will always be someone stronger.

Pride makes you get get better.

Let’s take a look at the definitions:

ego definition

pride definition

By definition they seem to be very similar except for one thing, 

ego can be bruised, with pride you have no shame.

Ego involves being better than other people, while pride is only
concerned with yourself.

You matter the most to yourself, but you aren’t the most important person in the world, I hate to break it to you. 

Lesson 6 – What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

When you’re at your lowest, the best things happen since the only way is up. (super saiyan)

So never give up.

The strongest people have found their “why” and it requires them to keep getting stronger.

What’s your why?

Dragon Ball Z
If you a 90’s baby you know wassup..

I did say I would provide a reason why you should make your kids watch Dragon Ball, so here it is, 


– Written by Brandon Ramlal