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9 Laws of the Dark Triad Man Book Review

I read 1 – 2 books a year. Reading is great, I encourage everyone to read everyday, (blogs) but as for books, you shouldn’t be reading ‘a book a day’ like most people encourage because then I know you aren’t actually implementing the stuff you’ve read, you’re just
‘learning’ and not taking any action.

Yes you must read, but experience is the best teacher.

So, I read a book, it hits home with me, and I actually go out and do the stuff I learned until I feel I’m ready to read a new book.

Books (non-fiction) are like life changers to me, I have several books I have lined up to read but it takes time to get to them.

I need to be able to remember and apply the things I’ve read and if I prematurely jump into a new book, then everything I’ve previously read would’ve been a waste of time since I forgot the information and didn’t apply it to my life.

This is a loose guideline, you can read as many books as you want, just be sure to take notes, (I like to post notes on Twitter) don’t forget the
important details and most importantly, implement the lessons into your
daily life forever.

This is the power of books, and this is why books are the greatest thing to reward yourself with.

You probably feel happy when you go out and buy material things (like I used to) but that ‘happy’ is temporary.

It’s a losing strategy because now you will need to keep on buying things every time you feel sad, mad, scared or bored.

With books, you become a better person, life gets easier, life
becomes more rewarding, so buy books and reward yourself with

Just a few books that changed my life-

4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss 
How to Get Rich – Felix Dennis 
Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Millionaire Fastlane – MJ Demarco

These are all books on becoming financially free and living a life people only dream of, but I believe it’s required reading for everyone.

30 Days Of Discipline – Victor Pride
(This is a how to book, how to stop being lazy and unmotivated)

30 Days of Discipline
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The last book I read was 9 Laws of the Dark Triad ManIvan Throne. (My favorite book thus far)

Books can mean whatever you want (to you) even if the author had different intentions.

In this book there are 9 laws to live by and I interpreted each one the way Ivan intended but I also came across my own meaning of each law which I will reveal later-

My favorite aspect of this book is that it’s short, sweet, and to the point. (only 52 pages) (oh yea, it’s FREE)

At first, I thought Ivan was using clever branding by the way he writes and I thought it was a little try-hard at first but I was

He is an extraordinary writer and each time I read his work I am forced to look up words I’ve never seen or heard of in my life.
(I consider this a great thing)

You have 3 aspects of your persona to improve upon-

Narcissism – You before anything else

As a man, the 2 most important things are your well-being, and

Do what you must to protect and maximize these things to the best of your abilities before any of your responsibilities.

If you simply can not get rid of your responsibilities, realize no one placed them on you, you brought them on yourself and now you must do what it takes, no more being a victim of circumstance, be a boss and make shit happen.

Machiavellianism – Get what you need without fail

You will need to use your cunning to get what you need.

Rules were meant to be broken and morals / ethics mean nothing.

Do what you must to acquire your needs, break the law if you have to, use your wits and come up on top every time.

Psychopathy – No emotions; logic based

Emotions must not rule your decisions.

Your decisions are made solely on the desirable outcome.

You don’t care about people’s feelings, and your feelings can not be

Feelings hold you back, over-thinking is the 2nd cousin of death,
logically interpret the pro’s and con’s of your actions and swiftly
decide if this is right for you.

Being likable is not why you’re alive.

Once you have these 3 things on lock, you will now never be insecure.

You can’t be insecure because you know you will continue to get
better and you are the only person you need to prove anything to.

Criticism means nothing as it does not take away your freedom.

Once you have these 3 things on lock, you will now be smarter than 95% of the people you interact with.

It will be hard to ‘connect’ with people as they are too average to keep up with your elite thoughts and you simply feel sorry for them and good about yourself, you are NOT lost.

One you have these 3 things on lock, you will now never be unmotivated, hate sleeping, and never sleep in.

You wake up everyday with a burning purpose to do what you need to do and you will never comprehend doubt again.

Now, no task is impossible, anything may be done, and how long it takes doesn’t matter, keep going.

9 Laws of the Dark Triad Man
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Every single thing you do from here on out is done AFTER weighing the pro’s and con’s,

is this the most productive thing to be doing right now?

“How is this going to help me stride forward?”

You are now a creator.

You are ALWAYS ON; your mind is NEVER 100% off your goals, even during ‘down time’.

*You are above people, you are better than people, you are not average. You have the choice to rub this in their faces (not recommend) or lose your ego and let them be.

What does Lose Your Ego Mean?
  • You don’t really matter. You may think you do, but if you were to die today nobody would care. Some may notice, some will cry, (some will be glad) but at the end of the day, the world will keep on spinning and you will become a figure of the past.

It’s easier to be a legend when you realize this.

You have a distinct (almost savage) look now in your eyes, people
legitimately can’t ‘test’ you because you know nobody is too
important in this world so what’s the point of taking things too

Someone better than you can do nothing to put you down because you legitimately do not care about ANY TYPE OF HATE instead of pretending not to give a fuck so your ego is kept safe.

You do stuff for your own satisfaction (like laughing) and not to
receive notice or praise from certain people.

The world is your playground.

The world is your playground.
Sometimes you gotta climb on top of Waffle House and take a Macbook selfie..

There is no need to make people like or notice or respect you.

Create to the best of your abilities and the audience will gather.

This humbles you since you’re doing it for you and not to impress people.

Only simpletons are impressed, the worthy people come to learn something. (Then they buy)

*Once you’ve built your audience and have experienced success, you
continue being cold and calculated, but you preserve your following,
these people have found you by their own free will, they
will be loyal to
you forever, this can only humble you.

Remember, YOU are your own God.

Do not let anyone change your course, there will be many influences which will try to distract you and tempt you into temporary bliss, but you are strong, you will not break.

Life has become clear. (at least for the next 5 years)

You’ll be where you see yourself in the next decade since you can’t stop doing the things which will bring you there, you have become obsessed to the point of ‘illness’ where average people will call you crazy.


Narcissism – You are what’s best for you. Don’t listen to anyone who isn’t living the exact (or similar) life you’d like.

Machiavellianism – People helplessly need order and structure to get through their lives, (and day) you make your own rules.

Psychopathy – Fuck the world and what they believe. You have your own beliefs and they will NOT be censored.

*All these things are seen as ‘bad’ these days,

“don’t be too self-centered!” (anti-narcissism)
“you should always follow the rules!” (anti-machivellianism)
“why can’t you be normal!” (anti-psychopathy)

I’m here to tell you the world has you fooled!

Bonus* the internet isn’t a scary place…

I’m extremely humble but full of myself at exact same time.

When I walk around I’m happy and in control of my thoughts and
actions 100%.

I’m super confident and I consider myself to be above most people; but, I’ll give anyone my time if they choose to spend theirs with me.

I also downplay myself and give people the power to believe they are ahead of me, I don’t intentionally try to hurt people and anyone who is ‘coming at me’ is simply ignored, I don’t ever feel the need to argue back. (In real life)

On the internet it seems like I’m aggressive, an ass, and totally full of it, but it’s just a little internet, it’s not real, (as real as you allow) it’s fun, anyone who lets the internet be a scary place is a huge pussy and a pitiable LOSER.

They will never amount to anything because they can’t be secure in their own flesh and try to ‘accept’ themselves as the losers they are rather than do anything at all to become better which will in-turn boost their self-esteem.

Trying to help these types of people is a huge feat and not something I want to use my energy on, I’d rather let them be and pretend to agree. (Someone has to want to help themselves before they will
accept your help)

This is what life without an ego is like-

You don’t have to prove you are right, just fucking do it and people will find out on their own when you breeze by.

Sometimes when you interpret something it just makes perfect sense to your soul and you either think everyone on the planet should know what you now know,

or you try to guard this secret from the world and use it to your own selfish benefit.

I choose to share these secrets: 9 Laws of the Dark Triad Man review 9 Laws of the Dark Triad Man review 29 Laws of the Dark Triad Man review 3 Without going too much into detail-
(I want you to read the book for yourself)

SURVIVAL – First Law

Survival means you don’t fear any challenge; no challenge is too
great; you are indomitable.


Concealment means security; you know the outcome; no need to act
tough; downplay yourself.

PURPOSE – Third Law

Purpose means mood control; there’s never a reason for stress;
there’s a bigger picture; one loss doesn’t matter.

ENDURANCE – Fourth Law

Endurance means growth; growth is the best income, you will
never stop your growth.

POSTURE – Fifth Law

Posture also means security; you’re untouchable; you don’t try to
look powerful; you’re relaxed, never tense, and spread out fully.

FREEDOM – Sixth Law

Freedom means you’re above the law; criticism is taken as
compliments, your thoughts serve you instead of holding you back.

POWER – Seventh Law

Power means you are worthy, more than worthy; you must express; you’ve given yourself permission to stand out and be great.


Preposterous means you have it all figured out; (while at the same time, you know nothing) no stress since nothing matters; the fact we exist is unfathomable; universe is vast.

NO LAWS – Ninth Law

No laws means fully adopting a psychopathic mind; you create the world you live in; laws apply to caged animals, you are the lawmaker.

Moral of the Story Is-

I’ve learned from this book, reductionism of savagery as minimally as possible will grant me the happiest, most fulfilling life I could ever
ask for.

Ivan, I will meet you one day, I’m not sure why yet, but I have to do it, 
no rush tho!

Dark Triad Man
Ivan Throne + Lauren Throne 🙂

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– Written by Brandon Ramlal