Flexing 6-pack abs.

Brandon Ramlal?

I was born to write.
I want to be the most interesting man on earth.

I remember being in 2nd grade seeing the word
entrepreneur on a poster. I liked the word. I asked my teacher what it meant and I don’t remember what she said but I
pictured someone in a high-rise wearing a fancy suit and
decided that would be nice.

I never realized I was an above average writer until I took my first college level english course. I was the first one to finish an in-class essay, and ended up making the highest grade on it. I didn’t even try. The signs were present since elementary when teachers would tell my parents “Brandon is so smart he just doesnt apply himself”. It’s true, I’m smart but I don’t apply
myself to silly stuff. (Which is smart)

Gucci Mane & Future Hendrix

I like: Chief Keef, Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, French Montana, Future,
Wiz Khalifa, Asap Rocky, Big Sean, Fredo Santana, Lil Durk,
Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, Lil Wayne, Fettywap, Juicy J, 2 chainz,
Young Scooter

I like: Lebron James, James Harden, Stephen Curry, Floyd Mayweather, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, Goku,
Timothy Leary, Mike Cernovich, Victor Pride, Chris Deoudes, Martin

I like: Longboarding, Boxing, Basketball, Poker, Pool, Darts,
Dominos, Girls, Self-improvement, Travel

I like: Shrooms, MDMA, Nootropics, Working out, Style/Fashion,
Hygiene, Sex, Socializing, Audacity, Intensity, Writing, Stoicism

Best choices I’ve made in my life so far-

  • Choosing to read books/blogs and learn about
    self-improvement and follow through with it.

  • Not going to college because I know I don’t want a job.

  • Quitting the workforce and working for myself.

  • Not having a personal cell phone.

  • Doing what I want at no discretion to others.

  • Becoming obsessed with my goals; not just passionate.

  • Learning the importance of discipline and consistency and just how long it takes. (As long as it takes)

  • Finding GoodLookingLoser, BoldandDetermined,
    DangerandPlay, LeanGains

  • Eating minimistly while strength training and fasting.

  • Not being scared to try drugs; learning they are useful when
    trying to be productive not ‘get fucked up’.

  • Learning criticism was meant to be ignored (or used to improve) if you want to be somebody.

  • Knowing that a man who can fuck any new woman in a week is the only man liable to get into a relationship.

  • Quitting Porn, taking women off the pedestal, never doing
     un-masculine and boost testosterone at all costs.

  • Take health supplements seriously, stretching, doing everything
    to keep mobility at its best.

  • Not be naive to not grow my dick thicker and longer and last as long as I want through training.

  • Never stop learning, reading, creating, building, providing value to the world and changing lives.

  • Learning the key to content-ness is to eliminate every negative aspect in life and control how I think/react to things.

  • Knowing my thoughts are my strongest tool, writing them down to act on them later and spread my message to the world.

I’m my own system. 
I break the rules whenever I can.
I care little of opinions from peasants.


I found out about and decided I was skinny fat in 2012.
I didn’t want to be ‘big’ I wanted a ‘Hollywood physique’.

I wanted to look like Cam Gigandet from Never Back Down. 
I did cardio despite having no muscle on my body.
I couldn’t do a single pushup until I was 18 years old.
-I didn’t lift 135 pounds until 2 years of going to the gym.
-I realized my penis was below-average in the size department.
-I was shy, anxious, and insecure.
-I was a 17 year old virgin.
Me back in 2013. 130 pounds of nothing.
Me back in 2013. 130 pounds of nothing.

Turning points in my life which led to the creation
and development of BrandonRamlal.com

  1. Read GoodLookingLoser for the first time. (2012)
  2. Read BoldandDetermined for the first time. (2013)
  3. Read DangerandPlay for the first time. (2014)
  4. Read Leangains for the first time. (2014)
    (I call these ‘the Big 4 Blogs‘)
  5. Tried Psychedelics and Nootropics for the first time. (2014)
  6. Read Think and Grow Rich for the first time. (2015)

Work Experience?

I have less than two years of work experience.
I’ve decided that corporate America is not for me.

-I was working long undesirable hours.
-I was tired of doing what people told me.
-I was tired of having to work with a ‘team’.
-I was tired of factors influencing my money I had no control of.
-I was tired of not having time to workout and eat healthy meals.
-I was tired of not having sex for weeks or months.
-I was tired of serving rich snobby white people.

I wanted to be the rich guy that comes in with a pretty younger girl and order multiple hundred dollar bottles of wine without

And it took less than two years for me to make the choice –

Quit working for the boss.

Be the boss.

Server Schedule
Never going back to 50+ hours of soul-killing ‘work’.

What 19 year old do you know turns down $700 a week cash for
unemployment because he wants to ‘do what makes him happy’ with no guarantee he’ll succeed?

I was making more than the average 19 year old but I was spending more than him too. With only one day off a week I’d splurge to make up for my unhappiness. I remember going to the mall with $1000 in my pocket and leaving with none. I was spending above my means.

Note: one valuable lesson I did learn is cash rules. When I buy something cash, it’s mine forever. I don’t run a risk of ruining my precious ‘credit’.

Eventually, I started saving my money for things that mattered. I bought a Macbook Pro and quit my job with $0 to my name.

A rather hasty decision.

I could’ve saved up a little more cash to set up my blogging venture further, but with each passing day I resented my job more and more until I went home one day and decided I wouldn’t go back. Not only to this job, but I was walking away from employment forever.

Wage slave life sucks.
I gave up money (temporarily) for freedom.

Starting is the easiest part.

Doing your own thing is not hard if it is truly what you want to do. You know what’s hard? Waking up early every day getting dressed for something you don’t want to do.

I should’ve started sooner but I knew no one would take me
seriously until I had built a respectable body.

I was thin and weak.

I had to do some working on myself because I knew ultimately, my face is my brand, and to succeed as a blogger, I would have to show my face to my audience to earn your respect.

I used this year of unemployment to actually DO the things I wanted to write about.

Until then, I had all these topics I KNEW plenty about but it didn’t look like I actually followed my own advice since I didn’t look the part.

Thus, lead to over a year of-

  1. Growing my muscles and dick.
  2. Becoming disciplined.
  3. Using productivity boosting drugs.
  4. Fucking lots of girls.
  5. Making myself look good.
  6. Honing my writing skills.
  7. Expanding and acting upon my thoughts.
  8. Reading invaluable books.
  9. Training my mind and awareness.
  10. Taking charge of my life.
  11. Transitioning into a man.

Now I may write from experience rather than theory.

The sacrifices I made?

  1. Being exceptionally broke during this period.
  2. No support from family and friends.
  3. Lots of people telling me to get a job and abandon my dream.

It looked like I was suffering to these people but I truly was happy.

I was making great progress in my physical and mental.

I never for one second doubted I’d become successful doing me.

Here I am today.

I have the best job. I talk about my life and help people in the process. I’ll always live my life, therefor, I will always have a job.

  • I have no boss
  • I have no workers
  • I have no schedule to follow
  • I have all the free time in the world
  • I wake up to a larger bank account
  • There is no business entity, there is only me.

All I have to do is keep kicking life’s ass and talk about it online.


It was a small price to pay for the enormous rewards.

Trinidad Beach

I knew I wanted to help guys from the start since finding GLL in February 2012. I was 17.

I wanted my website and to be working on it from my Macbook Pro
across the world. That was the ideal ‘dream job’ for me.

This is not some idea I came up with out of the blue. It took a lot of planning before I started. I knew I had to look and walk the part. 

I had to get over:

-Looking cool
-Fear of criticism 
-Writing about theory  

I had to learn to attach my spirit to each and every post.

It was hard to get here, (but the work was easy) my family doesn’t
understand or approve of blogging for a living and my friends aren’t the type to read blogs at all. No one really understands me except for the ‘manosphere’ community.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy, (oh but it is) but whenever I’d read
successful blogs I’d think to myself,

“I could do this. This doesn’t seem hard.”

The formula is laid out-

  1. Create content.
  2. Look the part.
  3. Walk the walk.
  4. Build my brand.
  5. Sell something of value.

Seems easy enough.

(Plus I kept getting pissed whenever I’d read all these other great blogs ‘stealing’ ideas I wanted to write about.)

Server Life
Me and Shuaib back in 2014 getting ready to take orders and kiss ass.

I’m a quitter. 
I quit stuff that doesn’t matter.

When it comes to what does matter,

I don’t comprehend stop,

I just do it.

It seems I’m a quitter since I quit my job, I quit school, and I refuse to ‘learn a trade’ or join the workforce but it’s because I have to do me and I work for no one.

This forces me to build my own empire rather than be a minion; plus, I had my mind set on passive online income since high school.

The hardest part (most time-consuming) was taking time to create the best version of myself since I am my brand.


My goals before ‘settling down’ always were-

  1. Being financially free. (Without a job)
  2. Being at my genetic limits for muscle growth and penis growth.
  3. Knowing I can sleep with the HOTTEST women at any time.

Ideally, I’d have the entirety of family proud of me. 
But it doesn’t matter.
I love them dearly but this life is mine not theirs.

So, I wake up with a purpose every single day.

What Made me Start a Blog?

I don’t like to talk. It makes me feel like a ‘know it all’.
Typing is easy and fun; I can lay my thoughts more clearly.

I can’t help everyone, but I can help those who want to be helped.
Instead of explaining to each person who asks, I can point
them to my blog. Those who are serious, will read, and learn, and
apply at their own pace. I’m not doing this to motivate lazy people, I’m doing it to show motivated people what they can do to succeed.

When I decided to drop my doubts, ignorance and actually go out and do the things I preached, slowly but surely, I became a man.
Not an ‘adult-child’ like most men are. 

I started this blog to show how I became the person I wanted to be, live the life I wanted to live and spread awareness on subjects I
feel strongly about.

I work consistently to make myself better and making myself better is making this site better because I am the brand. 

High School – Now

I was smart in high school, but my grades suggested I was lazy.
I was lazy. Lazy at doing shit I didn’t want to do. By junior year I
realized I had no need to go to college, thus, I only need to graduate on the minimum plan, meaning I just barely have to pass my classes.

Why do extra work when there is no need to? Why even show up everyday when I could stay home (a lot) and still graduate?
(I received a citation for truancy my senior year and had to do 20 hours community service.) By 12th grade, I was one of those kids people just gave up on as “yea there’s no way he’s graduating.” (I had
subconsciously learned “It is easier, and much more time-efficient, to
catch up versus keep up.” -Tim Ferris.)
 People thought I was lazy and
dumb only to be shocked when I’d somehow outscore everyone at
least once a semester in each one of the 4 major subjects. It’s no
coincidence I made commended on my test scores every year.

Truth be told, I was an undersexed, anxiety prone, underachiever with a weed and alcohol habit. I didn’t have much going for me. Still, I believed myself to be ahead of my classmates because I knew
passive income is the key to EVERYTHING and laughed at (and pitied) peers who wanted so badly to get into so and so school to be this or that. (Enter ‘profession’ here)

Okay so, I knew a lot. Problem was, I wasn’t actively doing
ANYTHING but smoking pot. So, I became a loser: a
second semester community college drop out. (I only took English and Speech.) I dropped out of speech after 3 classes, dropped out of
english the last month but still passed because the professor liked me. (I think I was his favorite student; he was my favorite ‘teacher’.) I wowed and surprised the class a few times with high writing scores while even being the first finished, and delivering confident
impromptu speeches barely trying.

By this time, I had invested a lot into my body. I looked more like a valuable guy to have as a friend but I also came off as someone who didn’t give a shit about school or anything other than money, drugs, and pussy. (I didn’t and I did.)

Then, I took a waiter job which put my life on pause for a bit. I was making way more than anyone I knew from high school. (I didn’t know much people, I was making $2200-$3000 per month.) I felt good about that; for all of four months before quitting and deciding
to prematurely jump into personal business. At the time, I was
 a lot of Steve Pavlina’s work and bought ‘Site Build It‘ to try and create ‘niche sites’. I didn’t even use it. I didn’t like the thing AT ALL. Then came thoughts of regret from quitting my job.  I was
unemployed for nine months. (I sold weed, profits were slim.) In this time, I began working out again and did loose penis enhancement. 

I got laid 5+ times in this period. (None of them were above an 8, closer to 5-6’s.) I was a virgin before this so I considered it good progress. Soon, I would land a job as a waiter again making
$2000-$2500 per month and again I felt good about that and
stupidly financed a used 2008 M35 with 55K miles on it for $26K
after taxes and fees. Now I was stuck with a $440 car note and a $100 T-Mobile bill for my iPhone 5’s unlimited data which was also financed. (At the time, I thought of this as ‘good debt’ since I’d be building my credit. And that I could easily afford $600 a month on bills at 19, living with my parents.) Ironically, this lasted for all of four months before the throbbing of not working on BrandonRamlal.com had consumed me. I quit, and again I was in the exact same position I was in one year ago: (with bills to pay) lost, with burning motivation but no plan or focus for how to use it.

Infiniti M35
The car I hastily financed.

Enter: Self-Improvement

I started working out again and growing my dick again, and online dating again, but I took it seriously this time. Results were solid.

(I sold weed again for three months before deciding it wasn’t worth the family tension. Until now, my parents had no idea I was involved with drugs. My friends didn’t want to see me broke and suggested I sell since I was good at it; or be a chef since I cooked well; or be a trainer since I did random pushups everywhere every 20 minutes on the hour.)

After nine months of self-improvement and a lot of relevant reading,
I had finally came up with a fool-proof ‘step by step’ plan of action to earn enough income to support my minimum needs for survival.
(Thanks to the help of shrooms.)

I decided I’d take my self-improvement super seriously to soon show people who’d want to know how I self-improved. It goes
hand-in-hand, I had to self-improve to grow my business and the thought of me growing my business pushed me to self-improve even more to the point where I became obsessed with it. I didn’t mind
being broke as shit because I wasn’t wasting my time, I was getting better with each passing day.

I knew there’d be no way I’d be broke after having a body like Steve Weatherford’s and a bigger dick than Chris’.

To fight the guilt of not being ready to post on my site, I had to
reinvent the way I stored notes and incoporate a diary, a place to lay my thoughts. I turned my Macbook Pro into a medium of:

  1. Motivation
  2. Inspiration
  3. Business
  4. Happiness
  5. Accountability
  6. Discipline

And decided once I have roughly 100 different drafts, (or over one years worth of content) I’d reopen BrandonRamlal.com and hit it hard.

Macbook Pro
Probably the most important thing I’ve bought in my life thus far.

Brandon Ramlal

Childhood – Now

My parents migrated from Trinidad to New York City in their late teens, (18-19) which is where they met and had me roughly eight years later. (I’m the only child)

I was born a Leo in 1994 in Jamaica Queens Hospital. 

As I grow older, I realize just how average my parents are based on the silly decisions they have made throughout adult-hood. But, they had one thing going for them; they were determined to get a job and not be broke, which is all I can really ask for. 

I grew up in the Richmond Hill / South Ozone Park area of Queens.
(The West-Indian part)
I grew up surrounded by a mix of different nationalities including:

Trinidadian (My nationality)
Puerto Rican

and many other nationalities. Queens truly is an ‘ethnic-hub’.

I was around so many ’minorities’, I didn’t know we were minorities. I thought whites were the minority. It was rare to see a white person unless I went to a ‘rich’ part of town or Manhattan. I generally hated on white people for no apparent reason. Almost everyone else hated them, so I figured, that’s just what you’re supposed to do.

(I don’t now, after living in Houston 8+ years. Also, I referred to the entire Asian race as Chinese, I didn’t use the word ‘Asian’ until I moved to Texas.)

Surprisingly, I dont think I met a Mexican person until I moved to Texas. (Then I met a bunch of them.)

I was always shy. (In my own way, no one thought I was shy since I was the class clown. I sat on the side at school dances.) I was chubby and clumsily funny, but I was ALWAYS the best dressed person at school. In elementary and junior high (in New York) I was friends with the coolest kids. I was a cool kid, I dressed the best and I was the funniest and ‘baddest’. (Didn’t have a clue about the female race though.) Fast forward to the middle of 7th grade- I moved
to Cypress, Texas. (Suburb 30 minutes from downtown Houston.) It was pretty darn ‘white’ in Cypress, I had to readjust to a lot of shit. It felt out of date to me moving from New York:

The songs were old.
People dressed ‘weak’.
The ‘lingo’ was completely different.
Most people were overly nice.
Before then, I hadn’t been made fun of about my race.
(It never offended me.)

I had a few things going for me:

I was super different
I was super stylish
I had an obvious northern accent.

There weren’t too many gangster / hood kids who actually looked fly instead of bummy. There definitely weren’t too many people from New York. (It was quite the conversation starter.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t capitalize on these advantages like I should have, and I let them go to waste. (I capitalize on being ‘so southern’ when I visit New York now.) Whats worse, is I tried so hard to fit in with the white kids. I went through a lot of phases (none of which I regret) and I lost my own sense of style. (And accent, no one ever mistakes me for being from the northeast anymore.) I was no longer the best dressed kid after 10th grade.

7th grade – 10th grade were spent saying “all these kids are ‘gay’ I’m cooler than all of them.” But it didn’t get me pussy. 11th grade was when I really went through a lot of phases and tried to make
different types of friends and what not, it didn’t really workout. I kept to myself for the most part.

12th grade: I’m still going through phases trying to figure out where I belong and I graduated a damn virgin.

(I didn’t network. I didn’t do any after school activities what so ever, I saw zero benefit from school and hated every second of being there. I should have fucked the girls though.)

I thought seniors who dated freshmen were losers.
(But I was a virgin, how pathetic)
I saw all these ‘pussies’ with girlfriends and I would think to myself:  “What a fucking pussy!”

(I always knew not to have a girlfriend and just fuck girls. That’s probably the New York in me. I believe if I stayed in New York for high school, my sexual experience would have been way more successful. But I regret nothing. Living in both New York and Texas has made me multi-dimensional and has given me juxtaposition.)

I graduated with the bitterness that all these stupid rich white kids are ‘gay’ as hell. I dont need to fit in with them, I need to do my own thing. (A few months back, I found GLL and didn’t care about anyone but myself. Thankfully I got rid of the bitterness.)

From 7th grade – Now, I hung out with the same friends I met when I first moved to Cypress. I never made close relationships with
anyone else after them because of my closed off mentality of: ‘I am better than everyone, no new friends, I got to get it with my team’ attitude.

The summer after I graduated is when I started turning my life around for the better and becoming a positive person by swallowing the ‘red pill’ completely.

In high school, I was insecure about my dick size and body.
I never picked up a hobby and got legitimately good at it.
I never mastered anything in my life at this point.
Until then, everything was either practice or a waste of time.
I had no special academic or athletic achievements or business

(I somehow managed to save nearly $1000 selling weed and
working part-time at Tommy Hilfiger for 3 months before I quit,
blowing it all on prom and prom weekend. I didn’t even get laid. I should have since I was in a beach house for 2 nights with 10 hot drunk girls.)

(See the pattern here? I’m not suited for jobs, I quit right around the four-month mark. This is usually when feelings of ‘I am making some douche richer not earning enough to compensate for the damage done to my pride’ start kicking in.)

I had never truly put thought into my future.
I forgot school actually had to end some day because I was going to it every fucking day for 12 years.

Fast forward two years later:
20 pounds heavier.
Dick an inch longer.
Bigger views on life and happiness.
20+ lays under my belt. (Not one 9 or 10 though!)

I had a choice to make-

  1. Earn ‘real’ money.
  2. Fuck ‘real’ girls.

I was making modest money from my job, but since it wasn’t from my own business profits, I couldn’t consider it ‘real’ money.

I was modestly fucking girls from online dating sites, but since they weren’t super hot to me, I couldn’t consider them ‘real’ girls.

So, whats it gonna be?

Chase money or Chase Pussy?
Getting rich or Knowing I can fuck 10’s? 

I’m not fretting. I’ll have both with time.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal™


Live the Life You Want to Live