Accessorizing - Brandon Ramlal

Wear Accessories to Stand Out

Accessorizing can make you look mysterious or dangerous
and attractive.

Here are the multiple ways I accessorize:

Ramlal jewelry


There are many ways to rock a bandana. These make you look dangerous. I once had a girl (who gave me her #) ask me if I’ve ever been to jail (with a smile on her face) because I was wearing
one around around my neck. ( I haven’t)

Brandon Ramlal Contrast
This is contrast. I look like a thug? But not really?

Brandon Ramlal Bandana 2

Ramlal - bandana

Ramlal - bandana back


I suggest wearing designer or name-brand shades. The cheap ones, look cheap. These make you look richer and might
increase your social status. Wear them indoors to really get some looks.

Brandon Ramlal Sunglasses

Ramlal - Shades

Ramlal shades


Chains and necklaces bring edge to your style and I consider them mandatory if you want to stand out.

Brandon Ramlal Necklace


Find rings you can pull off. Everyone’s style is different.
(actually, everyone’s style is the same so be unique)

Brandon Ramlal Rings


Everyone has both ears pierced nowadays and by wearing only your left, (right is the gay side) you can stand out. That’s not to say you shouldn’t wear both in though. Go for real white or
yellow gold.

ramlal earring


Get a nice watch or two you feel comfortable in and wear it every time you leave the house.


Miscellaneous Jewelry

Things like bangles and bracelets, hats, belts, piercings, a grill other accessories and tattoos will get you more looks.


You can wear the same accessories all the time with each outfit.

Do not fear coming off as a douche or being accused of

You are trying to brag here and you are not trying to look humble.

If you haven’t already read my post on taking pride in your
appearance, you can read it here:

All you need to do to stand out is to get eyes on you.

People are drawn to arrogance and status. 

People are also drawn to a strong presence and dominant posture.

No one is drawn to someone who looks the same as everybody else.

Be flashy, Be bold, Be-lieve in your confidence and people will look your way every time, the accessories just make them look longer.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal