All About Sleep And Waking Up

We’ve all read mainstream ‘how to go to bed’ advice like–

avoiding blue screens,
keeping your room pitch black,
going to sleep at the same time every night,

or even counting your breaths.

Yet we still find ourselves suffering through the night in never
ending thoughts.

Many people believe insomnia is caused by stressors affecting your mental well-being, or poor lifestyle choices.

It makes sense to get those in check but I don’t know how to help you with that, only you can.

Hey, maybe you just need to buy a new mattress or some memory foam pillows / bed topper?


I’ve had problems sleeping my entire life up until about a month ago.

I started taking a combination of RED – PCT (testosterone booster + estrogen control) and Stinging Nettle Root (For testosterone
benefits) and ever since then I find myself tired at around the same
time every night and once I close my eyes I go to sleep within 20
minutes which for me is huge.

It always took me at least a few hours of laying in bed until I’d fall
asleep, if at all.

Usually my body would be exhausted but my mind would be racing and I wouldn’t know how to shut it off.

(In this case, take a ‘break’ from sleeping. Go do something else for 10 minutes that is mentally exhausting like creating or reading.)

In 2015 I started using that to my advantage, I figured that If I’m a
night owl, why would I want to try to wake up early?

Shouldn’t I be using the late night hours to be productive since that is when I’m most creative and efficient?

How To Make Use Of Your Insomnia —

If you’re just laying in bed trying to sleep but the thoughts in your head won’t stop, close your eyes and think positively and hard on how you can achieve your goals.

Or, just think about your goals in general — this keeps you on track
and may spark a new idea or two. (Write it down to act on it later)

I’m constantly up at night because I’ll get an idea for a post and write
it down — then I’ll get another, and another.

It can be so bad (good) sometimes that I’ll be up the entire night
typing up ideas and mini pre-posts.

I use this time to give myself an overwhelming load of productive work to do I couldn’t possibly get done in a night which may induce sleepiness.

Or I stretch and foam roll (with a can of Febreeze, foam rollers are too weak, pvc pipe is probably best) or I do kegels, or pull on my dick.

Keep In Mind — Maybe Trying To Adapt To An Earlier Sleeping Schedule Is Counter-Productive To Your output efficiency.

Most people repeat the ‘wake up late cycle’ like I used to.

You know, go to sleep later than you’d like, wake up later too.

Then they tell themselves —

“shit I need to wake up earlier how can I do it? I’m just so awake at night!

If that sounds like you, maybe you should change your environment to where sleeping super late and waking up in the afternoon is
congruent with your lifestyle.

For example, If you live in a home with people who are asleep at 3am while you would like to be doing quote unquote “daytime activities” at night, move out.

Or, if you have to wake up early for your job but you’re most creative at 3am, quit it, and find one where you start in the afternoon.

For some people (night-owls) this sleep schedule will actually be more productive.

Either you’re a morning person — (most productive in the late AM – noon or 5am -12pm)

OR, you’re a night owl(most productive in the early AM – dawn or 12am -7am)

Don’t try to fight what you are, change your environment to suit the schedule you can be most productive with.

Morning person = sleep no later than 12am, wake no later than 7am

Night Owl = sleep no earlier than 5am, wake no earlier than 12pm

If you want to wake up at the break of dawn, you’ve got to go to sleep by midnight.

If you like staying up till’ 6am, you are going to be sleeping until noon.

Neither is wrong so long as you’re being your most productive.

I like waking up early because I like sunlight.

I could say I like waking up early because my day is longer but that’s not true — I’m still going to have the same amount of ‘awake hours’ if I sleep from 12am -7am than if I slept from 6am – 1pm.

Of course, there are no rules.

You may rotate schedules as freely as you’d like.

How To Wake Up Earlier

If you are currently in an unbreakable ‘wake up late cycle’ but want to wake up early, what works for me is to not try going to sleep this night.

Instead, pull an all-nighter, and force yourself to go through the next
day until 3pm.

I find that when I pull an all-nighter my body will try to force me to
sleep by 930am – 1130am — but if I can hold out until 3pm I’m good
to go.

Now I can go to sleep perfectly fine at a reasonable time tonight, say, 8pm and be up totally refreshed by 4am.

I’ll repeat that same protocol each day until I’m in a steady routine of going to bed by midnight and up by 7am.

Alternatively, you could sleep outside and wake up with the sun; if you know you can fall asleep out there.

Internal Interference

A person who has trouble waking up early is a person who doesn’t have something important enough to wake up for.

Once they do, they’ll start to find ways to sleep less or completely avoid it if possible since waking up is the most exciting part of the day.



The first thoughts that hit your brain when you wake up are the same thoughts that were in your head right before you fell asleep.

They are about making your goals / plans / missions / dreams — INTO REALITY.

If they aren’t, you’re doing life wrong.

Be excited to wake up and go straight to where you left off at before you went to bed.

If you aren’t excited to wake up you just haven’t found your passion yet, it’s okay, you will.

One day you figure it out, and you run with it; let no one stop you. 

Was The Invention Of The Snooze Button The Most Self-Sabotaging?

When you wake up the first time, you should get out of bed immediately.

Don’t hit snooze or go back to sleep; that is recipe for feeling lousy
the entire day.

Once you open your eyes you need to force yourself out of bed and get busy so your body gets out of ‘sleep mode’ and into ‘activity mode’.

Hitting the snooze button is setting your body up for failure the
entire day — while getting out of bed immediately upon opening
your eyes
is setting you up for good old fashioned DOING.

If you’re going to hit the snooze button anyway, at the very least sit
up at the edge of your bed until you are ready to stand up.

Just do not lay down again and go back to sleep.

Remember the saying —



Mind-body connection is real.

When you get up force yourself to get busy so your brain tells your body to get out of sleep mode.


Firstly, if you wake up to an alarm, it should be far from your bed forcing you to stand up and walk over to it.
Next, go take a piss or drink 2 water bottles.

Force yourself out of your room. (There is something about walking through doorways and entering different rooms that tricks your brain into signaling different outputs.)

If you are still sleepy I recommend an ice cold shower but I don’t want you to dread waking up early — do it if you want to, but, an
easier thing to do is to splash cold water into your eyeballs.

Have a brief conversation with someone.

You are giving your brain more work to do by engaging in
conversation; if there is no one around, grab your phone and call a
business and ask a question.

By the time you get off the phone you will be alert and not tired.

Go ahead and stand in front of a window with lots of natural light shining through and absorb all that goodness.

Natural light is your body’s cue to wake up and stop sleeping.

By this time, you should be wide awake to brush your teeth and shower or do whatever it is you do before starting your day without being tempted to go back to bed.

It sounds like a lot of work on paper but it takes literally 5 minutes.

I start everyday with BLACK COFFEE.

If you’re into coffee, this is my absolute favorite one and I won’t be trying anything different anytime soon.



It’s Okay To Feel Tired When You Wake Up.

You don’t want to sleep too much to where you won’t get any sleep that night.

If you get out of bed immediately after waking up, even if you think you need an extra hour or two of sleep — you are guaranteeing
yourself a good sleep that night.


How To Fall Asleep At Night

Be busy all day so by the time you go to bed you’ll sleep.

You won’t sleep at night if you have all this energy built up that you didn’t use throughout the day.

And most of the time when we can’t sleep, our body may be
exhausted but our minds aren’t.

Being busy all day doesn’t just mean do physical activity, but do
mental activity as well.

Avoid taking naps or having too much downtime throughout the day, stay busy either physically or mentally — whether it be a job or
creative endeavor or chores or exercise.

By bedtime you should be both physically and mentally satisfied that your bed feels so comfortable you have no choice but to fall asleep.

I used the word satisfied because most of the thoughts we have
running through our minds at night when we can’t sleep are usually
worries about the shit we should be doing but didn’t do.

If you do the things you know you need to be doing everyday, when comes time to sleep you can do so without worrying.

Best Way To Side Sleep

You probably never noticed that you mainly breathe through one nostril at a time depending on which one is open at the moment.

Go ahead and close one nostril at a time and try breathing through the other one.

You’ll find that breathing through one nostril was significantly easier than the other — good.

When you sleep on your side, sleep on the side of your ‘closed’
nostril so that your ‘open’ nostril is facing the ceiling.

This will allow better airflow and make it easier to fall asleep.

Place a pillow between your legs while in the ‘L’ position.

Fix your anterior tilt by pulling your hips to center so the line from
your knees to your hips is perpendicular to the bed — now pull your
upper body up and back so the line of your spine starting from the
nape of your neck to your tailbone is straight and parallel with your

Your legs should look like a near perfect 90° angle or an ‘L’.

Your upper body should be completely straight.

This position levels out your hips and spine so you won’t get any back pain in the morning when you get out of bed.

Stay in this position until your body gets really relaxed and pain-free, then when you start getting really comfortable (about to fall asleep) you may spontaneously switch positions.


Sometimes there are nights where I just don’t feel tired or I’m
uncomfortable — on those nights I’ll spread some sheets on the floor and sleep there.

If it gets uncomfortable I’ll go back on the bed and my bed will feel comfortable.

Sleeping on the floor is a good way to relieve lower back pain, it’s useful for the days your mattress just does not seem comfy.

Things You Can Take To Help You Fall Asleep Without Becoming Dependent

I mentioned earlier about RED – PCT, it boosts testosterone and helps to regulate your sleep schedule.

Ideally you’d want to optimize your testosterone levels because high testosterone levels means better sleep.

Bruce Lee's Striking Thoughts

I also like to read a challenging book — there are books that can
actually keep me up all night because they’re easy to read — but,
books that really challenge my mind help me to go sleep right away.

I’m currently reading and recommend Bruce Lee’s STRIKING THOUGHTS — Wisdom for Daily Living

Another excellent book for this purpose is Bill Bryson’s A Short
History of Nearly Everything

You really do learn everything everyone should know; it’s like general knowlege of the beginning of time until the 21st century — I highly
recommend it, it is not an easy read, you will fall asleep at night while
reading it even though it is so interesting.

Here it is for free, though it’s easier to fall asleep at night when you are reading the physical copy of a book but if you are going to read it
electronically, download the F.lux app or put your device into
nighttime mode.

Tip – wear earplugs while reading to dull your senses.

Turn off your hearing to focus more at the task at hand (reading) which will help you get sleepy with all that concentration.

I can’t sleep with them in, but wearing them prior to sleeping sets me up justly.

Tip – Keep your phone dead at night and charge it in the morning so you go to sleep instead of being bothered by a group chat, or getting on Instagram, Twitter or WorldStar.


Kratom at high doses (dosage will vary by individual) can induce sleep without side effects.

Find that sweet spot you can fall asleep or relax in.

At moderate doses kratom is very fun and very happy.


Last but not least, if you need to sleep and you know you’re going to have trouble, I recommend 2 full squeezes of each of these —

Herb Pharm’s Relaxing Sleep

Herb Pharm’s Valerian Root

They’ll put you to bed and it’s natural compared to over the counter NyQuil and such which are addictive and totally unhealthy.

Herb Pharm Go To Sleep

Just take all four squeezes with a mouthful of water and lay down in the best side sleeping position.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal