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The Art of Texting… Is Bullshit

Kids these days just love texting.

Then wonder why they can’t hold a decent conversation
with people in person.

Get to the point. No ‘heys’. No ‘wyds’.

If you’re texting somebody, you want something. State it.

If someone texts me, I expect them to want something, and I
expect them to state it clearly and right away. I like it this way, I don’t want to waste my time being fake pretending to care about what someone is typing to me. That kind of stuff is better done face to face.

Literally, a conversation that took all day between two texters could
have been said in 5 minutes speaking over the phone or in person.

Texting is a waste of time. Shit, having a personal cell is a waste of time.

I use texting simply as a way to get what I want from someone and in the quickest way possible. Texting as a form of ‘catching up’ or ‘getting
to know each other’
is extremely ineffective and is better done in


I don’t like making distant plans with people through texting. (Longer than 48 hours away) I don’t like making plans at all because things come up and I’m liable to break that promise and I may hurt that
person’s feelings and then they’ll try to shame me into feeling bad
because I stood them up. (I don’t care)

Whatever I want is stated clearly in my first text to the person and I expect them to reply with a yes or no. Anything other than a yes or a no will be taken as a no.

Me: I’m going to the mall, want to come?
Me: Wanna chill?
Me: Do you have drugs I can buy right now?
Me: Want to hoop in 1 hour?
Me: Can I borrow your camera right now?

I clearly state what I want forcing the other person to say yes or no.
If they say yes, great. If they say no, great. If they ask a question, I take it as no and I don’t reply.

Texting 101

When you meet a girl for the first time, you establish that you are a confident male therefor, you don’t have to ‘work on her’ via text. All those naughty texting games are useless because if you had any balls at all you’d be deep inside her instead of texting “what are you
wearing? Send me a pic”.
Besides, even if you aren’t, you want to be
busy’. If you’re texting her all day, you’re communicating to her you
have no life and you think about her all day long. (Needy)

Texting girls is used strictly to schedule meet ups

…where you should do your best to fuck her if you haven’t already. Texting anyone for any reason other than scheduling a specific time and place where you both will come together is ‘entertainment’ and is therefor, a waste of time.

Texting isn’t real. The other person on the other side of the phone is fake. Lol and LMAO or emoji’s don’t mean shit. Girls may say they like a guy who can make them laugh or whatever through the phone all day, but if you really want to please a girl, fuck her. Fuck her so good she forgets she has a phone.

Girls are bored. Their entire lives are filled with work and boredom, thats why they’re on their phones all damn day. You’re a man, you do
not belong on the phone all day. In fact, having a phone should be used for business / emergency purposes and you may be better off
ditching your phone or changing your number and use it strictly for
the new girls’ numbers you’ll be getting.

(Scheduling a time and place to meet up; not playing texting games)

If someone doesn’t reply to your text, don’t take it any type of way and don’t feel some type of way if you don’t feel obligated to reply to every single text. Remember, it’s not real. If someone truly had to get
hold of you, say, in an emergency scenario, they’d find a way to do

so without texting you.

How to get a girl to respond to your texts?

Brandon Ramlal text.
Here’s the bullshit I receive over text…

This has nothing to do with what you actually type. So long as you were physically attractive enough and made it seem like you’d have sex with her when you first got her number, she will reply, regardless of what you type. Not all of them will reply, but that won’t affect you in a negative way since you’ll just keep getting more numbers and focus effort on the ones who actively text you back when you try to ‘chill’ with them.

Eventually, they’ll be the ones texting you and you’ll have the power to choose who you reply to and who you ignore. You see, most guys are pussies compared to girls. They give girls all this attention through texting, through words, through their actions, which allow girls to be choosy and selective with which guys they interact with.

When you’re a guy who communicates with girls strictly on an
‘I want to fuck you sometime’ basis, (and you actually look good) you
separate yourself from the try-hards until one day you genuinely
don’t give a fuck about girls. Suddenly, girls want you and you’re the
one that has to be highly selective of you who associate with.

A girl is always going to have a bunch of guys in her phone to ‘talk to’
when she’s bored (most of them, if not all, will never see her naked) so you don’t need to be yet another one of those guys in her phone. You can be the one that texts her randomly out the blue to chill and since she knows nothing about you other than you’re manly, confident, and hot, she’ll say yes, and she’ll get fucked.

It’s a wide world out there guys. Constantly being on your phone
disconnects you with the beauty of our abstract world we often
overlook or take for granted. Lose your phone for a whole day.
Then a whole week. Then a whole month. Then a whole year.
Then write about how much better your life is now that
you’re not trying to be better than people on social media.

Here’s why I choose to not have a personal cell phone

  • No portable GPS
  • No portable web browser
  • No portable electronic notepad
  • No portable electronic contacts
  • No portable calculator
  • Have to be extremely specific when meeting with people
  • No worrying about losing phone
  • No worrying about breaking phone
  • No worrying about dead phone
  • No worrying about paying phone bill
  • No time wasted on social media
  • No time wasted texting people
  • No time wasted answering calls
  • No having to explain myself to “why didn’t you answer my call?”
  • Less time wasted online dating
  • Less distractions
  • Free-er pockets

Personally, I feel the pros heavily outweigh the cons and I’m at the point where I can’t stand to see people on their phones. I never thought I’d be one of those ‘old people’ who tell kids to go talk to someone and get off the phone but it’s really how I feel.

Usually when I see a girl on her phone, especially Snapchat, it’s an automatic turnoff. I’d still fuck her, but there’s probably no way I’d
ever want to do anything more than that with her.
She seems so basic to me.

However, it’s especially worse when I see a guy on his phone like that. There aren’t many more emasculating things I can think of than being on a 4-inch screen all damn day. Dude, that right there is why you’re shy, go talk to some bitches.

I’m currently 8-months in without a phone, but I kind of cheat, I have a Macbook pro with iMessage on it so I can text people who have iPhones and I have an app downloaded to where I can text people without iPhones. Still, I like it better this way since no one can really get hold of me, but if I want to, I can be reached and / or reach
anyone I choose. I feel so much more free this way. Everyone knows I
don’t have a phone so there’s no explaining to do when I don’t reply
to a text and no one has to ‘feel bad’.

Brandon Ramlal text 2
More bullshit I’m going to ignore since I’m ‘busy’

– Written by Brandon Ramlal