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Backpage Escorts: Real or Cops?

Update* Backpage has shut down it’s escort sections in America but you can still use the Dating Section for the same effect.

Houston has the most online sex ads calls in the nation. (Source)

I live in Cypress which is basically Houston; I’ve also used Backpage
4 times between mid 2013-2014.

This is my experience with the site’s escorts and what I’ve learned:


I’m not here to tell you if prostitution is good or bad, but I will say:

“life is subjective so what benefits one, might be harmful to others.” – Me.

You might be wondering why I had sex with
prostitutes in the first place..


In my defense,

I knew I would write about this one day and I knew people would
read it so that motivated me.

Plus I was a virgin.

(every girl before this I just made out with, fingered, got ‘head’
from or couldn’t get hard with)

I also wanted to get out of my comfort zone.

If you are interested in using Backpage, here is how it works:

Note: realize there’s always a chance to catch something so don’t kiss or lick anything and don’t let your unprotected penis go anywhere around her vagina or mouth.

Condoms are usually provided by her, but bring some just incase.

After choosing your city,

click on ‘Escorts’ then click ‘I agree’ on the following page:

Houston Backpage

Navigating available options is pretty straight-forward; when I used the site there was no ‘video’ option so it was trickier to find out who was real and who was a fake.

Houston Backpage 2

If there is a video, the girl is obviously real and not a fake like this ad:

Posting pay for sex ads on the internet is not legal but there are sneaky ways around legal ramifications.

Any girl is legally allowed to post pictures of herself half naked on the net, but using the words:

“pay me $100 and you can fuck me for 30min”

is illegal.

Backpage will also take down any ad with blatant nudity that is not cleverly disguised with a bunch of special characters and emojis but
it is usually too late by that time as the girl would have already had
more than a few callers and potential ‘sales’.

(I suppose they aren’t so quick to do so since it costs a buck or two to post an ad)

The terms you will look out for are as follows:

Specials and Roses or Donations

This is how she protects herself from legal consequences; the word ‘money’ is never mentioned because that would be illegal.

Companionship Only

This not only protects her, but protects YOU.

Don’t worry, this is code for:

you’ll be able to fuck her…

Independent and No pimps

This is to comfort you from thinking she is scamming you or going to get you robbed by the goons pimping her out.

Use Backpage at your own peril..

For the most part, the girls enjoy having sex and have decided they should make money to get fucked.

I was extremely nervous my first time thinking I was walking into a robbery and left all my jewelry in the car and as I walked up to the motel door I started having thoughts that I was being watched and my car would get broken into.

All that happened was I busted a nut while getting head and it was over…… but more on this later–


While on the phone with the girl you choose,

(some girls like to go out of town to hook more sales and not be
recognized by people in their own city so that is why some numbers look
so ‘out of area’) 

she will ask:

“Are you a cop baby?”

in which you will reply:


then she will go on to explain her rates or ask how much time you want, where are you located, and how long will it take you to be there.

She is expecting you to be ready; she is running a business and has no time for bullshitters so if you don’t see her when you call she will block you and tell all of her other prostitute buddies not to answer your number.

It goes without saying, no escort is going to answer to no-caller-id.

The hotter the escort the higher the price and the more calls she gets thus, the more screening that will be required since she will not service everyone and is hot enough to be selective with her choices.

Just do as she asks to prove you are not a cop; most of these girls are just as scared as you are of getting busted.

If you make it past screening, you will get the address to the motel and you will call her when you are there and then she will give you the room number.

(Then you go up to do your business and leave)

Incall and Outcall

Incall means you go to her.

She will usually have a hotel / motel rented out for the day / night
and service god knows how many guys within that time.

You might want to show up early 🙂

Outcall means she comes to you and is the more expensive option but also guarantees you won’t get caught in a ‘sting operation’.

The cops are not going to send an escort to your location. 

At worst, you’ll walk into an incall gone bad but you’ve got to be a dumbass to let that happen. Seriously.

No AA under the age of 40

No AA = African American

(this is largely a safety thing, sorry black people but stereotypes are
usually based on truth; luckily, most won’t care and will take your
business anyway)

As for the under 40 part, I doubt they would deny anyone who is clean and non-aggressive regardless of age or skin color for that

Regarding my first experience, (at 19) she said:

“wow you look young” — (I looked 17ish)

–but took my business anyway cause’ why turn down $?

beth humphreys sexy

I remember each experience with the site quite vividly and will go into slight detail about what happened and random things you
should know:

Tip* If you think a profile is fake, it probably is.

Check for other listings from the same person to see if there are pics of different girls (probably fake) and if a description is written very meticulously with professional photos it is probably a fake.

There are a lot of Asian massage spas which advertise on Backpage; (who sell sex but are low-key about it) something to keep in mind.

You may stop reading here if you wish; the rest is just my experiences with the escorts. 

Backpage Experience 1

I went to a shady motel and felt super sketched out but didn’t want to pussy out and went through with it.

I got to the door, she greeted me, said I looked young, but let me come in anyway.

I didn’t know what to do but I didn’t look nervous. (I was)

I went to the bathroom to “pee” but I was really scoping the room for weapons or any other bodies who could potentially rob me.

I read you aren’t supposed to hand her the money but place it down somewhere in plain sight so she can go get it. (legal cautionary thing)

Everything seemed good and then she started to take off her
undergarments and told me to take my clothes off while smiling.

I took my clothes off and put the condom on that I brought with me.

She started giving me head and I blew my load in about 2 minutes (…)

She then started putting back on her clothes and I’m all confused since I payed for a half-hour.

Little did I know that once you bust, IT’S OVER.

I didn’t trip about it and started talking to her about some bullshit;
she said I’m too good looking to be doing this and need to get a
girlfriend; that is all I remember.

Backpage Experience 2

Same deal here, I went to the motel, she came up to my car and told me the room number, I went in and did the same ‘scoping procedure’
as my first experience.

It was a go, she had her own condoms and put one on me and
proceeded to suck my dick, I did not want to cum too quickly like
before so I told her to slow down.

I then leaned up from off the bed and fucked her standing while she’s on the bed, then doggy, then I came, put my clothes on and while I was leaving she said:

“hit me up again!”

(At this time I had already been with (had sex) probably 5 girls from online dating sites so I wasn’t too nervous)

Backpage Experience 3

This one was short and sweet.

I already knew the procedure and how this thing goes down.

She was actually shocked my how calm I was since these girls place a
lot of emphasis on making their clients feel calm and relaxed and not
anxious or nervous.

It was doggy on the bed (me standing, pants at waist, protected of course) for 10 minutes, then I left.

There was literally no small talk at all because I didn’t allow it.

This girl was very nice as were the other two but I simply just needed to bust a nut and that was it.

Backpage Experience 4

I’m not ashamed about my actions obviously.

I don’t think I’ll ever use escorts again, but I also hate using the word
never since with growth comes a change of mind.


this interaction actually happened off KIK.

I was scrolling through Plenty of Fish ( and saw a girl I
recognized from Backpage.

Her KIK was in her bio so I messaged her and tried to ‘chill’ but she was only interested in pay 4 sex.

This experience actually made me not want to do it again.

Nothing went wrong,

it just took me 4 times before realizing I’m over paying for sex.

(At this time I had probably fucked 10 girls from online dating)

backpage escorts 3

It’s been a while since this phase of my life and I don’t regret it.

I handled my sex life.

I thought I needed to fuck 100 girls to feel satisfied but I felt satisfied after 30.

I now no longer place an emphasis on quantity but solely quality.

I knew though, that I’d have to get my experience with quantity
before I would be ready for quality.

I can honestly say I am there.

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– Written by Brandon Ramlal

  • Well it looks like the way it goes in Europe and in the USA is totally different. According to Your article it is much much better In Europe. Just two example… If You are not a tourist then it is very unlikely that You would go to a hotel or a motel. You either go to the escort’s place or call her to Your place.
    There is no way that You have to be afraid of being ripped of or anything like this if You find the girl on an escort-site. And so on…

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