Brandon Ramlal Bathmate Penis Pump

Bathmate Penis Pump Works!

Most products that promise to increase penis size are complete

The Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump, is not. It’s the truth.  

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Expect a quarter inch in length and half an inch in girth on your dick
after the very first use which will last for a few hours, (all day with
consistent use) making it a no-brainer for before-sex usage. 

Like working out, your penis can also be worked out.

You use it by getting a boner and putting in on.

You fill it with water, put it on and ‘pump it’. (Vacuum suction)

It sticks to your pelvic region via suction and you will re-pump a few times during the session to create even more suction.

At first it’s really intense on your dick, but after a while you will love
it; much like with working out, at first you hate the soreness, but you learn to love and crave the pump.

This is a device I believe every guy should own.

Your dick literally is way bigger than it usually is on the first use, and your girl will be shocked by the increase in size.

It basically locks in all the blood in your penis from your boner and holds it there.

Try this, get a boner and squeeze your dick with your hands.

You will feel the blood rush to the tip of your penis (head) and your dick will look a bit more filled out and vainy.

This is essentially what the Bathmate is doing.

It feels good to walk around with a heavy dick all day warm and
resting against your leg pumped from your Bathmate session.

After 3 months the pump (and size increase) will become

If you’ve never tried to grow your dick before, you can expect up to an inch in BOTH length and girth within your first year with
consistent use. (or more!)

After using the Bathmate inconsistently for more or less 3 years, I’ve
found it best as a beginner to work your way up to 15+ minutes
straight with a boner.

(I wouldn’t go past 20 minutes, this thing is safe to use though)

You might have to go for 5-10 minutes and take a brief break before
doubling up on that, which is fine too.

The Bathmate doesn’t work as well if you are soft; if you have
trouble maintaining your boner, your dick might need some time
to recover, (just like muscles) before using it again.

Also, if you accidentally cum while wearing the device (like I did and still do from time to time) just take it off, try not to get too pissed and
try again later.

I only have experience with the Hercules model which works as
advertised. When I bought it, they only had this and the Goliath.

They’ve since added new models and updated the site to be more user friendly.

Basically, if you’re under 7.5 inches you won’t need anything bigger than the X30 but go bigger if you fall over that.

(Don’t measure bone-pressed, measure tip to base)

This device is mainly used to improve your girth. (But will increase length as well if you’ve no prior penis enhancement experience)

The average penis girth is about or right under 5 inches.

The Bathmate will automatically add .5 to wherever you are
currently at
 with the first use, and after you’ve permanently added
this half inch, you can keep using it to gain another 1/2 inch.

Girth matters more than length. 

Yes a vagina can stretch to accommodate a long penis, but you don’t ‘need’ anything more than 6 inches long to make a girl cum like crazy if you’re good at sex.

The fatter your dick, the more ‘filled’ she’ll feel and this is what she
really wants. 

Girth does cap out; eventually you will hit a ceiling with your girth increases and you’ll have to supplement with manual exercises like
jelqing and kegeling.

Until then, keep using the Bathmate to keep making gains.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal

  • To be honest, the best penile hydrotherapy device available especially the Hydromax series.