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Bodybuilding Myths and How to Train as a Natural Trainee

I could have split this post into five separate posts to boost my SEO.

I could have made this 9000 word post into an e-book and sell it to you,

but I want everything on this site to be free.

It’s only advice. (Valuable Advice)

And no one should have to pay for advice.

I don’t workout the way most people do.
  1. I only workout 3x in a 10-day period.
  2. I only eat 2x per day.
  3. I don’t take any performance boosters or protein.
  4. But I do take my health supplements.
  5. And I do drink a gallon of water per day.
I’m not obsessed with fitness or the healthy lifestyle, but I am
obsessed with being the best person I can possibly be,
and a part of that is having a sexy body.

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you; a big reason for me wanting
to have a ‘sex bod’ is:

To increase my options women.
(not seek their approval)

I’ve spent money on training books that did me no good
so hopefully after reading this:

You won’t have to buy any ‘information’ on how to get a better body.

This post in itself is basically the e-book I always wanted to write (minus some stuff)
to make money off of.


I realize I should be putting people before profits.

Im cool with that.

Before starting, I’d like to say:

…up until November 28, 2014
I had no idea what I was doing in the gym. (I thought I did) Then, I found and I ran with it. I wan’t to let it be known that this post is heavily influenced by information I’ve learned based on Martin Berkhan’s work.

Nov. 28 - Jun. 13 Down 27lbs in 27 weeks.
Nov. 28 – Jun. 13 ~ Down 27lbs in 27 weeks. (No muscle loss) 159lbs – 132lbs (And Stronger!)

I’m definitely not where I want to be (or even close) but:

Im positive following these guidelines I’ll get there sooner than later.

I have accepted success, in time.

No more ‘wondering if I’m doing the right stuff’.

No more ‘looking for better things to try’.

I like it this way:

I don’t have to think about training or diet anymore.

It comes as natural to me as taking my cold morning shower.

Arnold Schwarzennegar interview
Training is easy when you know exactly what to do.

Without further ado:

The 35 most misleading ‘facts’ on training and diet, de-bunked.

Media feeds you lies. They say you must:

  • Eat eight meals.
  • Train twice per day.
  • Train everyday.
  • Follow this diet.
  • Buy these products.
  • Work your abs.
  • Not eat too many eggs.
  • Not eat too much red meat.
  • Lift for the pump.
  • Not lift heavy It’s bad for your spine.
  • Do your curls.
  • Burn fat.
  • Not eat fat it makes you fat.
  • Tone your muscles.
  • Eat breakfast it’s so important.
  • Eat smaller frequent meals.
  • Limit protein it hurts your liver.
  • Drink a gallon of water per day.
  • Drink pre-workouts.
  • Change up routines every month.
  • Train for two hours six times per week.
  • Train and eat instinctively.
  • Not use free-weights they make you bulky.
  • Spot reduce fat.
  • Body-build not strength-train.
  • Find muscle hardening exercises.
  • Do more reps for more muscle.
  • Cardio your ass off.
  • Eat a lot of carbs to build muscle.
  • Bulk then cut forever.
  • Have great genetics.
  • Do more it’s better. 
  • Isolate your muscles.
  • Never be hungry it means you’re catabolizing muscle.
  • Be healthy 24 / 7. 

You should know:

Almost every single thing you think you know about building a sculpted
(drug-free) body is false.

Lets start with why Eat eight meals a day is not smart.

No one wants to cook eight meals.
No one wants to eat eight meals.

That alone should tell you it’s fucking dumb.

If you swear eating four meals four snacks per day is pleasant then kudos to you, my hat is tipped. But for most of us,

more than three is such a hassle.

We don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen cooking and eating.

Here is how you fix this problem-

Cook all of your eight plus meals or however many meals you think you need, and combine them all into just two separate meals.

  1. Make meal one contain 70 percent of the meals combined.
  2. Make meal two with 30 percent of the meals combined.

Now you can eat just two meals in a day and still eat all of your
required ‘meals’.

No need to question this method, just do it.

If you continue to question everything you will never get started and you will never change.

If you can not finish all of the food in one day by eating two meals, then you are obviously over eating and this is why you are still fat.

Most people overestimate the amount of food needed to gain muscle and for this reason they don’t start training because

‘They have no money to buy food’.

Yet they have the money to buy fast food everyday which is more
expensive. (And higher in calories)

Next, ‘Train twice a day’.

This is silly because it is yet another something you think you need to do to increase your gains when really:

It’s taking up too much time from your day to day life.


Bodybuilding is supplemental to your life; it shouldn’t be your only focus, but a small part of your weekly routine.

You will get great results training just once in a single day if you train smart.

Besides, you’re definitely not training intensely enough if you have the energy to effectively train two times in a single day.

‘Train everyday’.

Different strokes for different folks.

Why train everyday when you can train taking two days off in between and make greater progress?

It’s a no brainer.

You’ll have more time to live your life and more time for recovery.

You do know that muscle is gained during recovery right?

You must take your sets to failure for this to work properly. If 
you are too comfortable out there, chances are

You aren’t challenging yourself.

Each of my sets leave me gasping and panting for air afterwords.

‘Follow this diet’.

You know why they keep coming out with new diets seemingly every month?

Because they don’t work.

Diets are designed in a way that is impossible to follow completely and then the followers give up and then they search for the next best one and then they quit that one.

And then the cycle repeats itself.

Don’t you think if a diet worked, people would just follow it and get great results and there would be no need to keep creating new fads? 

*I explain ‘diet’ deeper into the post.

Okay, ‘Buy these products’.

I’m telling you right now: 

You do not need ANY made-man store bought product. Period.

The only things worth your time are as follows:

      1. Multi-Vitamin
      2. Fish oil
      3. Liver tabs
      4. Greens
      5. Zinc
      6. Vitamin D/K2 
      7. CaffeineRed Coffee
      8. Beet JuiceBeet Juice
      9. BananasBananas
      10. Calcium & MagnesiumCalcium & Magnesium

If you notice, there are no performance boosters
included in this list.

This is because they are all useless.

Some people swear by creatine monohydrate,Creatine Monohydrate 

It’s really a hit or a miss for some people, if you want to use it go ahead, five grams every day, see how it makes you feel. I use it for it’s cognitive effects over the few pounds (I think) it adds to my lifts. (Juicing is better.)

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer

People swear by protein.  

If you’re going to buy protein, use it to make protein treats, don’t use it as a meal replacement because good quality protein doesn’t have the calories you need.

Almost every single product in GNC or VitaminWorld was created to stop you / trick you from getting quality gains and suck up all of your money.

It is not in the supplement industry’s interest that you get in shape.

If that were the case, everyone would be ripped.

For every person that actually gets in shape without the need of
supplements is another few bucks supplement companies are losing
out on because a few people decided not to be so gullible and
pathetic believing they can not achieve something without the help
of powders and pills.

Supplement industries own body-building magazines so they
promote impossible to follow work-out routines unless you buy
their products. Then you’ll become a bull! (NOT)

*If you are truly into health, go with
the worlds greatest multi-vitamin-trio.

These are the best of the best when it comes to quality, still it provided no gains since I emphasized supplements over intense training and smart eating.
If you have zero discipline (like I used to,) DON’T BUY ANY HEALTH PRODUCTS!

‘Work your abs’.

Doing direct ab work is silly. Especially if you can’t even see them.

How many times have you seen that one fat ass
(or should I say dumb ass?) in the gym doing the ab machine?

He has layers upon layers of fat that needs to be lost, and he’s doing crunches?



Your abs are best trained isometrically.

What this means is:

they are best trained when you flex them tight and hold them
tightly over a duration of time.

They are poorly suited to be trained via reps
such as sit-ups or leg raises etc.

The single best ab exercise is the plank exercise and its variations.


if you are training smart, (heavy deadlifts, squats, pull-ups)

You will have no need to do ab work.

You can’t do an extremely heavy set of pull-ups or squats or deadlifts without tensing your entire body and squeezing your mid-section as tightly as possible right?

Guess what,

It is in those moments that you are training your abs to the best of your ability.

If you can’t see them, don’t fret. They are there, you just have to lose some fat ‘bro’.

Bruce Lee coined his ‘Dragons Breath’ exercise where he would stand in front of a mirror and tense his entire body and core while
breathing out through a small hole in the lips building pressure in the
belly almost pushing his insides out through his flat tight abs.

It is a great ab/whole body exercise that trumps crunches I learned on rusty moore’s blog back in 2012 and have used it ever since.

‘Don’t eat too many eggs’.

Or else your cholesterol levels will be through the roof!

“Oh no, my cholesterol! Nooooo!” LOL.

Who brainwashed you with that shit?

I bet it was that nincompoop Dr. Oz or your grandma who thinks she knows it all since she’s up to date with all the latest health trends.


Media is usually a half-decade or more late to inform you on the
latest trends and technology.

If you truly want to learn information as it is discovered, you can’t search mainstream sources.

Anyway, back to eggs.

Eggs are great.

You don’t even have to cook them. (I cook them)

Salmonella is super rare and happens on the shell of the egg not the inside. (So don’t eat cracked eggs)

As for cholesterol, there are supposedly two types of cholesterol:

      • Good
      • Bad

There is no possible way eggs are the bad kind.

So I’ll continue eating a dozen plus eggs a week.

Rest day food.
Rest day! Don’t be afraid of cheese either.

‘Don’t eat too much red meat’.

There are countless studies proving red meat may cause cancer and countless studies proving it doesn’t.

But we all know steak is possibly the best form of protein
(definitely the best tasting)
and is great for gaining muscle. 

So why not eat it?

I’ve ate steak nearly every single week for as long as I can

I’m not giving it up.

You can do your own research on this one; I am a red meat fanatic and will remain this way.

‘Lift for the pump’.

Are you manipulating your hormones?

Are you at or past your genetic muscular potential?

Obviously not since you’d probably be in the gym right now and not reading this post, but what I’m getting at here is this:

Training for the pump in your muscles is silly.

Strength is the only thing that matters as a natural trainee.

Lately, a lot is being said about training with lighter weights for more
reps and a full squeeze to ‘flood the muscles with more blood’ and
I’m sure everyone has tried training this way,

but what happens an hour after that sick ass pump you got in the gym
goes away?

Why do you still look the same or fatter than last month?

Lift for strength, fuck the pump.

The only time you should care about feeling a ‘pump’ is when you’re
trying to get one in your dick to fuck a broad.

When lifting iron, you want to lift to failure before 12 reps.
(In fact, less than eight is better)

Why do your favorite bodybuilders lift so light
(relative to their size, weight and strength)
and squeeze so hard?

They’ve been in the game for a mighty long time.

They can not continue to push such heavy weights, for the joints in their
bodies have taken a beating.

They have grown to their natural maximum and this is the only way they can continue to progress injury-free.

So when they tell you to squeeeezeee,

ask them how much insulin and growth hormone
you should take.

Lifting heavy is bad for your spine’. 


Each and every one of them who go to the gym and get on the
machines and never deadlift or squat in fear of ‘hurting their back’.

They will, end up hurting their back one day.


Because it’s so fucking weak since they don’t deadlift.

They’ll continue having legs like Spongebob’s since they don’t squat,

and they won’t ever be athletic because they don’t do the

two most effective movements for building raw athletic power.

They are scared of their legs becoming ‘too bulky’ to fit into their skinny jeans.
(Only the most committed steroid users can become ‘too bulky’.)

As long as you remember to keep your back straight
(not to be confused with upright)
at all times, you won’t injure yourself.
Youtube Mark Rippetoe for proper form.

‘Do your curls’.

First of all:

Doing any isolation movements is not efficient and therefor, not smart.

If you want bigger biceps,

do your chin-ups

and in return, you will be rewarded with massive guns and lats to show for it.

My beef isn’t with curls itself,

but all muscle isolation movements like: 

      1. Shoulder raises 
      2. Tricep kick backs
      3. Pec deck

…or any other supplemental exercises.

Focus should be placed on lifting heavier in the four main lifts

      • Bench
      • Deadlift
      • Squat
      • Pull-ups 

…and their variations.

Using your time to do the other stuff is plain, inefficient.

Compound movements lend themselves to adding weight and
applying progressive overload and I suppose it’s the same with
single-joint exercises but,

I will not lie,

I didn’t see ANY bicep development doing sets of curls.

I saw them through adding a weighted vest
(dumbbells in a backpack)
while performing chins.

Cutting out accessory work from your routine saves you valuable time in the gym which can be placed toward more rewarding things.

Mike Cernovich Beet juice Juice Power
I don’t advocate you pick up your copy of Juice Power solely for the small commission. I genuinely believe in the stuff.

‘Burn fat’.

People really need to stop thinking:

fat is ‘burned’

and start thinking:

fat is lost.

People think the best way to lose fat is:

to burn calories through exercise

when really,

the fastest, easiest, smartest way to lose fat is:

to simply eat less calories than needed to maintain your weight. 

The fat will come off while they’re sitting their asses down reading a
blog post.

In fact, no resistance training at all would be necessary, but they’d
still want to train a few times per week to prevent muscle loss.

      • If you are fat
      • Are not losing any weight
      • Eat 3+ times per day

try skipping one of those meals
eating less at each of those meals.

You will now start losing weight.

To tell if it’s muscle or fat being lost:

you will need to strength train every three days

to see if you are:

      1. Maintaining strength, (Weight lost is fat)
      2. Gaining strength, (Weight lost is fat)
      3. Losing strength. (Weight lost is fat and may be muscle too)

Eat as little as you possibly can to gain strength, train as little as you can
to maintain your muscle.

Think of your muscles as a battery and food as the charger.

You want to be right around 90 percent charged.

Over eating would equate to over-charging your battery,

and now you will gain some fat.

Staying at 90 percent means you are charged well enough to lose fat.
(But not muscle)

(A 100 percent charge means you are maintaining weight)

No need for cardio,

no need to use weights to ‘get your heart pumping’.

Low body fat levels are a diet thing, not a training thing.

6-pack abs
This was the first time in my life I took a picture and saw a 6-pack. May 20, 2015.

You may count calories if you wish.
You may calculate macros if you wish.
You may reach your goals faster by doing so.


my goal is to show you how to lose fat and gain muscle without the need of calculating foods.

People spend far too much time playing with numbers in their diets when they should be doing that with their training logs.

‘Don’t eat fat, it makes you fat’. 

You need fat. Protein and fat are necessary for survival.
There is no way around that.

The only people who still believe fats are evil are old people
(my grandma)
who followed false health information from the 80’s and 90’s.

Sugar is evil,

not fat.

Fat is good. Even saturated fat.

Poly-saturated and Mono-saturated fat are not all that much better
than saturated fat.

Trans-fat on the other hand is satan himself.

Avoid Trans-fat at all costs.

Make sure you are supplementing your Omega 3-6-9.

Usually all you will need is the mayo you add to your tuna and the butter you put in your pan along with your fish oil.

Because, if you eat too much fat,
(like a bunch of nuts or avocado)

you can end up fat.

Fat has more calories per gram (9) than proteins and carbs. (4) 

Fats and carbs do not mix well together.

Obviously you should fill your plate with and get full from protein, But If you want to add a fat or carb source on the side,

you may,

but only one or the other. 

‘Tone your muscles’. 

Your muscles can not be ‘toned’ and you can not ‘shape’ your

Whatever genetic structure you were given is how your muscles will always look.

Now to actually see those bad boys, you’re going to have to

      1. Strength-train
      2. Lose all the fat from around them

Things like-

‘using low-weight for high reps’ won’t get you cut.

In fact, it won’t do anything for you at all but
give you a 10-minute pump. 

‘Eat breakfast it’s so important’. 

Eating at the beginning of the day is definitely not the smartest thing
to do,

yet so many people are hung up on the benefits of a healthy breakfast’.

Most people eat sugar for breakfast and carbs slow you down,
they make you tired.

So if you’re eating things like:

      1. Bagels
      2. Milk and cereal
      3. Doughnuts
      4. Waffles

…shame on you.

Eating food in general slows you down.

It switches on your digestive system and now your body is using
resources to digest food.

All of these things compounded lead to extreme lethargy and it’s no
wonder why you need a nap by lunch-time. 

I always skip breakfast and you should too.

Benefits of skipping breakfast include:

      1. Increased fat loss
      2. Loose and mobile joints
      3. Clearer thoughts / Sharper concentration
      4. Increased motivation / Increased productivity
      5. Less sluggishness

‘Eat smaller frequents meals’. 

This one is just extremely silly and

it’s probably the leading cause of obesity. 

People think their metabolisms will slow down’ if they stop eating for
a few hours.

This is yet another marketing scare tactic to trick people into
consuming (buying) more food.

The biggest animals eat one time per day and it’s a huge meal.

Serge Nubret used to eat one meal per day and it was huge.

Six pounds of horse meat and then some.
(Credit Victor Pride for this knowledge)

If you can get in enough calories off of one meal per day and
continue to gain strength,

this would be the best diet plan you could ever possibly follow.


You only have to cook / eat one time per day which leaves you with more time to do as you wish.

Think about all the hours that will pass and you’re not constantly
fucking up losing fat by eating something every two hours.

Why would you want to eat like a fucking bird?

Snacking is for weak people.

If you’re going to eat, eat. Then go do something. Don’t run to the
pantry for a snack every couple of hours.

I eat two meals per day.
(One of them is so huge it can feed three people.)

Sometimes life gets in the way and I eat one meal,
sometimes life gets in the way and I eat three.

But when I’m eating, I eat big, like a fucking shark.

Im not running for a snack every couple of hours small enough to
feed a runway model.

After a week of eating like this,

your hormones (ghrelin) will become accustomed to your new eating pattern and you won’t be so hungry all the time.

You shouldn’t be too hungry if you’re eating big meals anyway. 

‘Too much protein hurts your liver’. 

There is talk about how:

‘too much protein’

is harmful to your liver and kidneys,

and how:

your body can only metabolize 30 grams in one-sitting


more than 70 grams per day is pointless.


One thing meatheads definitely got right is

to eat your protein in mass quantities.

Start out at a gram per pound of bodyweight if you like counting.

I just eat enormous amounts of protein (food, not shakes) at each of my meals and it works great.

If I want some carbs, I’ll drink some milk.

If I’m craving fats, I’ll eat some cheese.

Even my side-dishes include protein.

Prioritize protein in your diet and stop worrying so much about fats and carbs and watch how fast you lose that fat. 

Training day meal.
One of my recent training day meals.

When you eat your meals, get full from only protein sources, then fill up on a bit the other stuff until you’re stuffed.

(But not over-stuffed.)

‘Drink a gallon of water per day’. 

I usually drink five or six water bottles every single day.

hate being thirsty and I can’t stand the thought of dehydration.

Plus, I don’t drink anything at all but water, coffee and milk.
(Coffee dehydrates you. Drink water before, during and after your coffee)
(I’ll have diet Dr. Pepper rarely, the point is, don’t drink calories.)

A gallon of water would equate to seven and a half bottles of water.

I drink way more water than the average person and I’m still not drinking a gallon per day.

And my ‘gains’ are still coming quite well.

You don’t even need to drink as much as me, just be sure when you pee,

it’s clear and not yellow. (Credit to Mike Cernovich.)

The first time you pee for the day (morning after waking up) your pee will likely be yellow;

go ahead and chug an entire water bottle after that.

Next, be sure you are sipping on water throughout the day so that every time you pee, it’s clear.

If at anytime during the day it’s yellow, drink more water.
(Whenever I decide I need water, I chug the whole bottle on the spot and move on with my day)

*I have increased my intake to one gallon per day. It’s summer, it’s
hot, and I’m dehydrated. Still, I don’t believe you need this much.

‘Drink pre-workouts’. 

Pre-workouts are silly. It’s all placebo. You don’t need them.

Your mind is a powerful thing and you can use it to get all the
motivation you need to get your ass lifting heavy.

If you do need a stimulant, caffeine is fine.

No need to waste money on unhealthy (sometimes dangerous)
pre-workouts like Jack3d.

      1. Drink a cup of coffee
      2. Look at your training log to see what you have to ‘beat’
      3. Go out and beat your previous personal best.

That’s all the motivation you need.

‘Change up routines every month’. 

No wonder you look the same as you did last month.

Right when you’re about to make progress you switch something and fuck everything up.

No need to re-invent the wheel here.

      1. Bench press
      2. Chin-ups
      3. Deadlifts
      4. Squats

Those are the only movements you need to be doing.
If you want to change something, do:

      • Incline press
      • Pull-ups
      • Rack pulls
      • Front squats

Same routine, just different variations.

Or, you can just switch your grips on each of the exercises. Simple.

When you start changing things up pre-maturely, you aren’t getting good at anything.

You need to master these four moves before thinking about doing anything else.

Stop looking for so many different sources of training advice.

I used to do this and every month I’d try something different
thinking it was better, making no noticeable progress.

Most training methods work, so long as you stick to them.

Switch them up every four weeks, and they wont have time to come into fruition. 

‘Train for two hours six times per week’

This one is really dumb. I used to do it.

My strength stayed exactly the same for a year because I’d go to the gym overtrained thinking I was putting in work, but I didn’t get any bigger. (I did get fatter) Because-

To get bigger is to get stronger

and you can’t get stronger if you aren’t properly rested
because your muscles will be sore.

Your muscles shouldn’t get sore if you are strength training properly.

Soreness means you did too many reps and you got a great pump, but pump doesn’t matter.

Nowadays, I train no longer than 40 minutes, every three days.

What this does, is allow me to go into every workout completely fresh, free of soreness and fully recovered so I can best my previous record without any problems


leading to linear gains.

Stop doing 20+ sets thinking you’re doing something good.

Overtraining is real, it’s not what you think.

People think overtraining is when you literally can’t go to
the gym because you can’t move you’re so sore,

when overtraining really means:

you aren’t recovered enough to keep making linear
quantitative increases on your lifts.
 (Progressive Overload)

I don’t get sore because I finish my workouts in under six sets.


But, those sets are me giving it everything I have, maximum
intensity, to failure.

I do one movement with around three-five minutes rest in-between  for three sets,

then rest for an entire ten minutes

and do three sets of another movement and I’m done.
(Take as long of a rest period as you need, the whole ‘no more than
30 seconds rest thing is all hype)

Remember, you are not on anabolics so don’t train like people who are on anabolics.

My progress pic.
Me. June 22, 2015

When you train the way I do, you literally see changes in your body week to week with every passing workout.

You can feel the changes, you literally feel yourself becoming more mobile, more athletic.

It brings a warm sense of  clarity knowing you will always get better from this point on.

‘Train and eat instinctively’. 

To put it simply, you are not at that level.  

Advanced bodybuilders who have trained and gained experience with their bodies for over five years may train and eat instinctively.

You, on the other hand, will need to trust your routine and
never abandon it.

Eating whenever you feel hungry is still over eating.

Chances are, you are so conditioned to eat around the clock because of your ‘fast-metabolism’ so you’ll be hungry far too often.

Trust your diet plan, trust your training plan.

The plan is what will take you where you need to be, abandon the plan, you abandon the path to greatness.

*I explain how to set these up deeper into the post.

I used to go into gym saying

“my chest feels sore so I’ll do back.”

But, this got me nowhere.

It’s when I:

      1. Became organized
      2. Writing down every single rep and weight that I did
      3. Knowing exactly what workout I needed to do 
      4. Knowing what weight I needed to lift 
      5. Knowing the amount of reps I needed to hit

was I able to make liner progress, plateau-free.

The only thing you need to instinctively watch out for,

is being over-trained.

When training to failure and eating less, you may become fatigued if you do too much.
(Like playing sports / cardio multiple times per week.)

If at any time you feel like you are too ‘sore’ or ‘tired’ for your workout, just don’t do it.

      • Take the day off
      • Consider taking the next day off

…so that when you do go into the workout, you’re confident that you will BEAT your previous personal best. 

I don’t want to over-complicate things for you but basically you are going to have:

      1. Low-cal days (Where you eat until you feel full)
      2. High-cal days (Where you slightly over-feed yourself.)

Your rest days will be Low-cal days. 

Your training days will be High-cal days.

This allows for simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain. 

The body-building world loves to promote going to the gym as much as you can and if you’re tired, say “fuck it” and go any way,
“Be a Beast!”

But, this is not effective. You are not a ‘pussy’ if you decide not to go to the gym because you aren’t confident you’ll have a great workout. It’s called training smart.

It’s okay to accidentally under-eat on rest days. But do not over-eat on these days. It’s okay to accidentally over-eat on training days.
But do not under-eat on these days.

‘Don’t use free-weights, they make you bulky’. 

Most people don’t want to be huge.

They just want a slim and trim, fit and athletic, healthy mobile body.


But why do they think the only way to achieve this is through
cardio, and calisthenics?

Why do they believe machines to ‘tone’ and barbells to ‘grow into a monster’?

Barbells will make you a monster, but they don’t turn you into an over-sized freak. Steroids do that.

Women especially, are the first to shy away from free-weights in fear of ‘becoming too manly’. Silly them.

It takes years and years of commitment to ‘become manly’ ladies.


it takes years and years of commitment to become ‘too bulky’.

In the mean while, go lift some iron. 

I am not anti-anabolics, I have nothing at all against using them.

I do however, have a problem with people who use them and give
advice to people but fail to mention they will never see the same
results without using ‘gear’.

Hint* – You want to firstly be at your maximum genetic potential.
SARM’s are not steroids and the best non-steroid stack in 
is 2 bottles Osta-Red + 2 bottles PCT by Red Supplements

Protocol – 2(or)3 Osta Pills with 1 PCT pill daily until you run out.

How ever long you were ‘on’ for, take that much time ‘off’ and repeat
to your hearts content
Red Supplements

‘Spot reduce fat’. 

Ladies and beasts, there is no such thing as ‘spot reduction’ when it comes to fat loss.

Doing a bunch of sit ups, or tricep-extensions won’t make the
flabbiness go away.

You lose weight from the ‘outside-in’.

This means,

your neck and limbs will get smaller before the center of your body. (Smaller meaning losing fat.)

Expect to lose fat from around:

      • Your neck
      • Your forearms
      • Your shins
      • Your calves

...first, before it makes way ‘in’ to your:

      • Biceps
      • Triceps
      • Shoulders
      • Chest
      • Quads
      • Hamstrings
      • Butt

Finally, you will lose the fat from around your stomach.

Stomach fat is likely the largest concentrated area of fat on your body, so expect this area to take longer to lose fat from than other areas of your body.

So just how do you lose fat?


 Eat less than your body needs to maintain your current weight
combined with strength-training three times per week.

You thought it was cardio? You thought wrong.

Don’t use exercise as a form of ‘burning fat’.

You are setting yourself up for a burn-out.

The easiest and fastest way to lose fat is to eat less,

but enough to where you have the strength to train well.

Hint* –  Be on an empty stomach as often as you can.
Eat less frequently.

‘Body-build not Strength-train’. 

Again, if you plan to train drug-free,

don’t do what your favorite bodybuilders say you should do
since you aren’t on the drugs they are on.

All this 25 sets, 30 second rest, ‘kill the muscle’ stuff will leave you sore and overtrained.

Remember, soreness is not a good thing, so don’t embrace it.

I used to love being sore thinking I was ‘building muscle’ when in

I was hindering performance and recovery.
(You grow during recovery!)

People typically assume they should perform three sets of an exercise (adding weight from set to set, which I think is dumb)


three sets of another exercise within the same muscle group,


repeat two more times for another muscle group until they can’t lift their arms above their heads.

“Great workout” they say.

Let me tell you the difference between ‘working out’ and training.

To go to the gym and work-out,

is to lift weights with no intention of making progress,

just blindly working up a sweat and tiring yourself out thinking if you do that enough times per week you’ll surely become better. (Wrong.)

To go to the gym and train,

is to lift calculated weights you know is heavier than the weights you previously lifted,

or doing more reps with the same weight,

always applying the principle of progressive overload.

Once your training is done, you go home,

not: hit a few more tricep pulldowns to ‘kill it’.

See the difference?

Merely ‘working-out’ is just becoming exhausted for an hour.

Training is following a calculated plan to get better.

Now, allow me to introduce to you: Reverse Pyramid Training.

Common workout routines have you adding weight from set to set and this has never made any fucking sense to me.

Why on earth would I add weight after going all out on a set?

It makes a whole lot more sense to lower the weight from set to set
(by 10 percent)
and perform more reps.

So heres what it would look like:

Bench press (or any of the four main lifts)
(set 1) ex. 205lbs  x  6-8 reps (to failure)
rest 3+ minutes
(set 2) ex. 185lbs x 8-10 reps (to failure)
rest 3+ minutes
(set 3) ex. 165lbs x 10-12 reps (to failure)
rest 10+ minutes
Repeat with Pull-ups
Done. Go home.

Home gym.
I don’t need to go to the gym to train. I have all I need at home.

Find muscle hardening exercises’. 

Your muscles will become hard to the touch over time as you:

      1. Lose fat
      2. Gain muscle
      3. Gain muscle maturity.

Over time, as you stay consistent, you muscles will get the hard look you’re after.

I used to think there were ‘certain methods’ to train for more
‘muscle density’ such as:

      • ‘Time under tension’
      • ‘Flooding the muscles with blood’ sqeeeezing really hard.

It’s all bullshit.

As you age, and train consistently, (heavy) gaining more muscle,
losing more fat,

your subcutaneous fat (and collagen) will reduce,


leaving you with a more hardened look. 

‘Do more reps for more muscle’. 

Before I start explaining why this is not smart, let me tell you
something crucial:

Training for muscle gain is to train in the 1 – 12 rep range.
(More likely 4-7)

Training for muscular endurance is to train in the 12+ rep range.

Training for endurance will do nothing to get you bigger, but may
improve your conditioning.

Now, when training lower-body, you may benefit from higher-rep training. (Some make better progress with heavy low-rep training)

Find what works for you in your lower-body.

As for your upper-body, never do more than 12 reps.
(Acceptable as a warm-up if the weight is super light.)

You need to train heavy.

If you can do more than 10 reps, the weight is too light.

Even when doing calisthenics, things like:

      • Push-ups
      • Pull-ups
      • Dips
      • Squats
        (Squats are a body-weight exercise with weight added.)

…you will want to add weight to each of these exercises since you likely can perform way more than 12 reps.

You may do so with a:

      • Weighted vest
      • Dip belt
      • Backpack (With plates or dumbbells inside)
      • Person (Holding on to you)

I used to do sets of 40 push-ups thinking my chest would grow larger.

Silly me. 

‘Cardio your ass off’.

As I stated before, cardio as a form of ‘burning fat’ is an inefficient use of your time and will elevate the chances of you ‘giving up’.

No one actually likes to do cardio (unless it’s sports) but they do it anyway to ‘burn the fat away’.


Remember, eat less than you need to maintain your current weight and the fat will be lost.

Also, excessive cardio when training in a calorie-deficit
(or eating less than you are used to) will hinder recover making it harder to get stronger and gain muscle.

Don’t be afraid to play a couple games of pick-up basketball or tackle football, just don’t overdo it.

And please don’t waste your seconds running on a treadmill.

‘Eat a lot of carbs to build muscle’. 

Carbs are needed to build muscle, yes.


if over-eaten, will lead to fat gain. Plain and simple.

Carbs convert to sugar in your body.

So obviously, too many carbs is no bueno.

Carbs should be cycled.

Meaning, you don’t eat them every day, only on the days you train. (Eat fats on rest days.)

Reason being, to refill the depleted glycogen in your muscles and provide a source of energy for the excess stress placed on your body that comes with lifting heavy shit.

So just how much carbs do you need?

Simply one source at each of your super high-protein meals.

My main carb source comes from bananas and milk.
(I’m lean so I can get away with drinking milk. If you are fat, stick with fruit.)

I never eat starchy carbs.
(Which are so widely considered 
the best muscle building foods.)

I stay away from things like:

      • Rice
      • Potatoes
      • Bread
      • Pasta

In substitution for fruit such as:

      • Bananas
      • Pineapple
      • Berries
      • Pomegranate

Also, I don’t eat my ‘fibrous veggies’.

It’s easier and less time-consuming taking my greens supplement and just be done with it.

No need to stress over

“Should I buy organic or non-organic?”
“What’s the best way to cook broccoli?”

(I do  juice with beets + carrots + lemon + ginger on training days.) 

Still, on your training days (and rest days) protein should be the main priority and the bulk of what’s on your plate.

Protein and fat.
Something I ate on one of my rest days. (P+F)

Note: The leaner you become, the less carb-sensitive you will become as well, meaning,

you can allow for more carbs that will likely convert to muscle rather than spill over and make you fatter,

which will definitely happen if you are fat.

It goes without saying, you should never eat an all-carb meal.

And don’t mix fats with carbs if it can be avoided.

‘Bulk then cut forever’. 

If you do this right, you’ll only have to do it once.

The common approach is to get as big as possible (and fat) then
cut’ it all away. (And lose muscle in the process.)

The smart way would be to- 

get as small as you possibly can
(lowest weight and body fat)

then, when you decide to start gaining weight,

you’ll gain muscle and not fat.

If you try to gain weight and you are fat, you will just get fatter. Period.

If you are cut to shreds and you gain weight,

that weight will go toward muscle gain.
(And trace amounts of fat gain.)

So, cut first, then bulk slowly forever.

When cutting, aim for 1 – 2 pounds of weight loss per week.

Any less than this, and you’re cutting too slowly.

Any more than this, and you risk losing muscle and strength in the process.

When bulking, aim for .5-1lb gained per week.

Any less than this, and you’re bulking too slowly.

Any more than this, and you will end up fat.

Lets say you cut for 16 weeks:
You want to be around 16 pounds lighter.
(If you have serious fat to lose, this number may be higher)

Lets say you bulk for 16 weeks:

You want to be around 8 pounds heavier.
(If you have serious mass to gain, this number may be higher)

If at any time your strength goes down or stays the same for 3 weeks in a bulk,

it means you are gaining too much fat and you need to
lower your food intake.

Lets say two weeks ago you did 10 pull-ups but this week you were only able to get eight.
If you are bulking, it means you’re getting fat.

If at any time your strength drops 20 percent below
your 1-rep max on any of your lifts,

it means you aren’t eating enough food and you need to raise your food intake. Take a week off.

Lets say your 1-rep max for Bench press is 225 pounds.

If at anytime your 1-rep max drops below 180, eat more.

If not, keep on with your routine.

expect some strength loss in a long cut, it’s natural.

So long as the waist line is going down, don’t change anything unless your strength drops dramatically.

Don’t panic, you will get it all back and then some.

(I’ve noticed I lose strength on the bench press before any of my other lifts. I’m long-limbed so I suck at pushing movements and excel at pulling movements)

Here’s a tip I learned from Martin Berkhan called

Strength to weight ratios

Bench = 1:3
Squat = 1:4
Deadlift = 1:5

If you gain 10 pounds, your bench should increase 30 pounds.

If it does, you gained mostly muscle.

If it didn’t go up at all or not as high as 30 pounds, most of the weight you gained was fat.


      1. Slowly cut down to your leanest possible body
      2. Slowly gain muscle throughout the months

All this 2-month extreme cut and bulk cycles will leave you looking the exact same one year from now.

When you are shredded and you cycle carbs and eat junk food,

you don’t get sloppy, you end up bigger and ripped.

Funny how that works huh?

a good starting point to bulk is around 7 percent body fat or below.

You can expect to gain up to 5 percent on your body fat by the time your bulk is over so you definitely want to start at your lowest body fat.

Most guys think they can start at 12 percent then end their bulk over 15 percent and sure, they got bigger, but they look fat. 

(If at anytime during your bulk you are above 10 percent body fat, you should go back to your cutting routine and get down to below 7 percent then resume bulking. Once you hit 5 – 7 percent, never again in your life allow yourself to be above 10 percent. This is how you look great year round, forever.)

Body fat percentage chart.
5% – 7% can be attained without drug-use.

‘Have great genetics.’ 

Every non-disabled person has the genetic structure to be great.

Sure there are guys who are genetically-gifted compared to others,


EVERYONE has the ability to be great if they allow themselves to.

Commitment and obsession outclasses natural talent every time.

You may have to work twice as hard as a guy born to lift weights,

but hey, it doesn’t mean you can’t be great.

People who are genetically-gifted combined with unbreakable effort will transcend themselves beyond greatness (Think: Lebron James)


you have to play with the cards you were dealt.

The mind is a powerful thing and once you train it to reach your goals at whatever costs, you will achieve it.

I believe there is a such thing as superior-genetics, but I don’t believe there is a such thing as ‘bad genetics’. (Unless the person is disabled)

So are you all in? Or are you going to fold?

‘More is better’. 

They say-

“One more set!” “One more rep!” “One more meal!”

Doing too much is a recipe for regression.

As I said before,

      1. Training for more than an hour
      2. More than four times per week
      3. Doing more than 10 sets 
      4. Eating more than three meals per day

…are all stupid things to do if you want to keep on making progress.

People are obsessed with doing more, but with getting stronger,

less is more.

When you warm-up, usually you won’t need to use more weight than the bar. (Or a few body-weight exercises.)

All these 3 – 4 ‘warm-up’ sets do nothing but zap you of your strength.

Every 8 – 12 weeks you should take up to 7 days off
from your diet and training.

No you won’t lose all your gains.

In fact, you’ll come back from this break

      • Stronger
      • Looking better
      • Extremely motivated to kill shit
Training log
My first ever Training log.

Enter: The Pareto Principle- If you put in the work 20 percent of the
time, you are allowed 80 percent of your time to just live.

Apply this
to every area of life not just Diet & Training.Pareto's Principle

‘Isolate your muscles’. 

A few years ago I read some advice (from someone on steroids) that

“body-buiding is an isolation sport and you should
isolate your muscle groups.”

Only experienced body-builders who have surpassed their natural
genetic capabilities for gaining muscle may isolate their muscles.

As a natural trainee, working on specific muscles will not do anything for you.

      • You’ll get sore
      • You may look a bit defined after a few months,

but eventually,

you will reach a plateau and the only way around it will be
to perform compound movements and get stronger at them.
(main four lifts)

No point in isolating your biceps and triceps when if you bench and perform pull-ups, these muscle groups (along with your chest and back) will grow larger almost effortlessly.

Not only is it more effective, it is more efficient.

You don’t need to spend two hours doing every little different exercise anymore.

Once you can not get any stronger at your main four lifts,
you may start to curl, and do skull-crushers.
(takes upwards of five years)

‘Never be hungry you’re catabolizing muscle’. 

If eating around the clock is not the leading cause of obesity, then,

it’s the belief that being hungry is a terrible thing for your body.

It takes a full three weeks of no training for your body to start losing muscle.

Remember, if your strength doesn’t drop over 20 percent,

your muscles aren’t catabolizing.

Being hungry equals fat loss.

The world is fat because as soon as they feel hungry, they eat;


never losing any weight.
(Obese people eat when they are bored, which is stupid.)

Here’s what to do:

choose an eight hour time-frame for yourself in which you eat all of your meals,

and for the remaining 16 hours, you are allowed zero calories.
(For me, it is 4 o’clock – midnight.)

What this does is leave you ample time to lose fat without needing to do much else.

If you disturb the 16 hours in which your are not allowed to eat by eating something, congratulations;

your body is now using the food you ate for energy instead of your fat.


You want to be on an empty stomach for as long as you can possible go until the hunger becomes unbearable, then you eat.
(Remember, after a week, you won’t have those hunger pangs,
yet, you will still lose fat like crazy.)

Obviously life will get in the way sometimes and you won’t always be able to stick to your eight hour eating schedule.

It’s okay, just get back on track tomorrow. 

‘Be healthy 24 / 7’. 

Whew, the last one.

To be honest, this post took way longer to write / edit than I
wanted not because of it’s length, but because I get exhausted
talking about fitness all the time and it gets repetitive telling you
what you to do.

(Do whatever you want to do, this is advice.)

Lengthy Blog post.

Anyway, lets get down to why you don’t have to be a health freak to have an exceptional body.

You are allowed cheat meals once or twice a week.
(Notice, I said meals, not days.)

      • You are allowed to use sauces to make food taste better
      • You are allowed to use drugs recreationally (in moderation)
      • You are allowed to drink alcohol (in moderation)
      • It’s okay if you don’t get 10 hours of sleep.

You’ll be fine.

Just do the best you genuinely can, and that is all.

Some condiments I like using are-

      • Sriracha
      • BBQ sauce
      • Ketchup

A quick word on sodium and water retention:

So long as you are drinking your water and not eating too much processed food,

do not worry about sodium intake.

Water retention doesn’t happen when you consume too much or too little salt,

it happens when you disrupt your normal salt intake.

So, it’s best to not worry about it.

Next, lets talk junk foods.

Obviously if you don’t buy them, you can’t eat them.

I allow myself two ‘junk-food’ snacks I may eat at the end of my meals. (Sometimes, not all the time.)

      • Cool whip
      • Chocolate

I won’t get fat if I eat one or two pieces of chocolate per day
(only after eating my meals) or taking a few ‘shots’ of whipped cream throughout the day.

On average, I slept 4 – 6 hours per night and I did coke, meth, and MDMA  15+ times (all combined) in the 27 weeks of when I started training and eating like this until now.

I don’t recommend you do that, but at the same time, it proves my point of you can live your life a little without worrying about your gains.

Stress is the number one muscle ANYTHING killer.

Now that I know I’m on the right path, I’m worry free / stress free.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenneger interview

In closing-

      1. Skip breakfast-Eat two meals per day in an eight hour ‘window’.
        (P+F{rest day}[low-cal]P+C{training day}[high-cal])
      2. Stick to the same compound-strength-training routine for a year.
        (Log everything, Stay in the 4-8 rep range, Rest for two full days.)
      3. Purchase and use your health supplements + Drink plenty water.
      4.  Cut down to shredded eight-pack abs, then slowly bulk up.
        (Take a photo and weigh yourself every eight weeks.)
      5. Apply Progressive Overload somewhere in every work-out.

What to aim for-

(Credit to Martin Berkhan)

It is in your best interest to have a clear quantitative definition of 
your (temporary) end-goals. 

No vague stuff like-

“I wanna be ripped and big!”

You should at least make your way to these strength levels before 
prioritizing anything else.

Max Bench Press – Bodyweight x 1.2
Max Pull-ups – 8 
Max Squat – Bodyweight x 1.6
Max Deadlift – Bodyweight x 2

Some of you are already at this level, if so, 

Keep going.

Some of you have a long ways to go, no need for despair, you can blow past these levels in less than two years.

If two years seems like a long time to you,

You have already lost the battle. 

Fitness doesn’t stop. Once you start, you go on until you die. 

Which is why it’s best to put it on auto-pilot and be as minimalist as 
possible so you never burn-out.


those were my thoughts on
35 fat burning muscle building ‘must- do’s’.

There is still much to be said, but that is a post(s) for
another time.

Leave your questions, comments, concerns below and I’ll
reply swiftly.

Link to Arnold’s interview.

P.S. Thank you for reading until the end, I realize this post is lengthy.
Heres a gift, more insider knowledge you wont find anywhere else.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal

  • Jason A. Sherman

    Thank you for this article. This is unlike anything I have ever seen.

  • You’re very welcome Jason. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me.

  • Ferguson Curly

    Just found your website, this is a great article. I gained a bunch of huge strength gains in my first 9 months doing Starting Strength and Stronglifts, but wasn’t getting the body I want. I just got bloated and had a huge gut, so I am not on train with Strength = aesthetics.

    From doing strength training on my compound lifts then working a couple isolation exercises I have found moderate success. My shoulders are like boulders after chins/pulls. My biceps are looking great, with triceps lagging.

    Main thing I am having trouble with is developing a 6 pack. I am 6′ tall and have never had a 6 pack, but strength training on SS/SL made it way worse. I’ll try this reverse pyramid training soon.

    I do enjoy simplicity, and it’s clear that you’ve figured out a way that works. I have followed a lot of what you suggest over the last 2~ years (no breakfast, IF, compound lifts to strength gains) and my strength is in line with what you suggest (though my squats have lagged, an injury forced me to stop squatting 6 months ago), but still my belly fat persists. When I do the calpers test my body fat for arms/thighs is like 6-7% then you take my belly fat and it’s 25% and bumps my average to the teens.

    • Hello, strength absolutely does = aesthetics so long as you aren’t eating too much above maintenance. It sounds to me like you are just fat since you’ve never had a six pack but you do have muscle underneath it all since you have the strength. My suggestion to you is to eat less frequently.

  • Robert Santana

    This was pretty good buddy. Although,I’d say go for a 2.5x bodyweight deadlift and a bodyweight overhead press 🙂