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How to Convince Her to Try Anal Sex

If your girl doesn’t like anal sex she’s probably had bad previous
experiences or has never tried it and doesn’t know it’ll actually
feel really good for her.

Btw, she wants to try it; every girl does at some point.

P.S. ** I don’t think anal sex is superior to vaginal sex but it’s fun to do from time to time. **

Here are my tips and techniques to instigate having anal sex with your partner:


Do It During Her Period:

This isn’t necessary, but you and her are probably both horny and won’t have sex while she is on her period because that’s bloody so what better time to bring up trying anal sex?

** It’s important to know that she has to want to do it for it to work, so if she is saying she doesn’t want to try it, don’t force it and try making it something she wants to try more than you do. **

Make It Pleasurable For Her:

There are 2 types of girls, girls who love anal sex, and girls who haven’t done it right yet.

She probably thinks it’s going to feel ‘weird’ or ‘hurt’ and this is a
normal reaction because I know I personally wouldn’t want anything
going in my ass either.

Tell her “it’s going to feel really good watch, I’ll go slow for you..”.

Then tell her to relax and don’t tense or clench her butt / anus.

After applying plenty of lubrication (or spit) around the entry point (her butthole) gently but firmly press your index finger right above her hole and move slowly down into it until your finger slips in a bit.

** It’s important to not shove your fingers or penis into her butthole
because she will be scared and tense up and you will not be able to enter
and is why I recommend slipping down into the hole so it slides right in. **

Once you get a finger in, slowly slide in and out going deeper with every thrusting motion.

Unlike fingering her vagina, you DO NOT want to raise your fingers up but rather press down. (So if in “doggy style” position, nails face the ceiling, press down)

This pressing down motion will feel really good for her and she will probably be shocked by how good this feels when she thought she wouldn’t enjoy it.

Penetrating with your finger(s) first will make her accustomed to having something in her butt; you can try moving your finger in a
circular motion to “open her up” for easier entry with your penis.

** Remember to keep telling her to relax and don’t force anything; if she says it hurts, slow down. **

It’s Time to Enter With Your Dick!

Re-lubricate and tell her to relax again; she knows your penis is
bigger than your fingers so she may be a bit nervous and tense.

KY Jelly
I prefer Jelly > the watery ones.

** Make sure you are as hard as you can be for the easiest smoothest
entry. **

Again, DO NOT try to push straight into her little hole thinking you’ll go in easy peasy lemon squeezy but instead, apply pressure (with your dick) right above her hole and slide down into it (while pushing slightly) using your boner muscles. (The ones that raise your dick)

(You’ll know you’re doing it right if blood rushes to the tip of your penis and you are harder than you’d be if you weren’t doing this)

Once you are in about an inch or so, evaluate how she feels and what you feel.

Is she preventing you from going any deeper by tensing up?

If so, tell her to loosen up the tension and move in and out slowly but
don’t go in any deeper until you feel she is relaxed.

Then just like with your fingers earlier, you will move in deeper little by little with each thrust applying lube when necessary.

You are now having anal sex and she is amazed at how good she didn’t know it was going to feel. (You are too)

If you did this during her period like I recommended, don’t be
surprised if she is the one who brings it up next time around!

– Written by Brandon Ramlal