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Cure Nice Guy Syndrome With Mindset Shifts

Do  you  really  want  to  fuck  a  hundred  girls  to  be  happy  or  do
you  just  want  to  be  able  to  know  if  there  is  a  girl  you  find
absolutely  attractive,  you’d  be  able  to  go  get  her  in  your  life?

I  ask  those  questions  because  a  lot  of  guys (Including  my  former
self)  may  think  they  want  to  be  a  player  when  in  reality  they  just  want  to  develop  the  skills  needed  to  date  the  hottest  girls.

You  won’t  be  doing  much  of  either  if  you’re  a  super  nice  guy  all
the  time  but  this  post  will  help  with  that.

What  It  Was  Really  Like  Being  A

When  I  was  doing  nothing  but  trying  to  have  as  much  no  strings
attached  sex  as  I  could,  yes  I  got  laid  often,  and  it’s  because
none  of  the  girls  saw  me  as  a  ‘nice guy’.

It  was  difficult  to  keep  girls  around  for  over  a  month  because
I  was  usually  fucking  them  on  the  1st  meet  up.

But  the  reason  I  was  able  to  fuck  so  soon  is  because  I  wasn’t
too  nice.

They  may  have  ‘liked  me  like  me’  but  my  pride stopped  me  from
showing  much  affection;  they  know  they  have  no  chance  of
being  my  girlfriend  because I  made  it  so  obvious  that  I  don’t
want  that.  (Still,  they  tried.)

If  I  were  a  really  nice  guy,  they  probably  wouldn’t  have  been
so  persistent. (There  would  be  no  challenge  =  no  fun)

Once  they  realized  they  have  nothing  to  work  toward  (making
me  their  boyfriend)  they  would  fuck  me  until  they  get  bored  or
find  a  boyfriend.  (One  legitimately  found  God  and  stopped
having  sex  altogether.)

I  was  the  guy  they’d  fuck  on  the  low  and  not  tell  anyone  about.

They  couldn’t  bring  me  around  most  of  their  friends  and  family
because  of  the  criticism  they’d  receive.

Still,  they  found  something  in  me  that  kept  them  coming  back,
that  something  was  the  fact  that  I  wasn’t  a  nice  guy.

These  girls  would  buy  me  stuff  even  though  from  an  outsider’s
perspective  I  didn’t  deserve it.

You  can  be  a  nice  guy  and  buy  stuff  for  girls,  or  you  can  be  not
a  nice  guy  and  have  them  offer  to  buy  you  Chipotle  and  new

The  choice  is  an  easy  one  to  make.

Easiest  Way  To  Treat  Nice  Guy
Syndrome  ⬇️  ⬇️  ⬇️

Whenever  You  Think  An  Action  Would  Be
Rude  Or  Offensive  And  You  Shouldn’t  Do
 DO  IT!

Non Nice Guy

Basically  you  want  to  be  the  biggest  asshole  you  can  be  for  a
while  until  it  becomes  natural  and  you’re  not  super  nice

Just  a  few  examples:

  • Hang up on her
  • Tell her to shut up
  • Ignore texts
  • Don’t say thank you
  • Hit her when she makes you mad (lightly)

Don’t  look  for  ways  to  be  mean,  just  whenever  your  mind  stops
you  from  doing  something  you  think  would  be  considered
ignorant,  do  it.

This  is  just  you  learning  to  take  less  shit  from  girls  and  do  what
you  want.

You  don’t  have  to  be  ‘mean’  forever,  just  for  as  long  as  it  takes
to  get  over  not  doing  what  you  want  to  do  in  fear  of upsetting

When  I  was  nice  I  would  think  in  my  head  “damn  this  girl  is  quiet
as  hell”
 or  “damn  this  bitch  won’t  shut  the  fuck  up.” 

But  I  wouldn’t  say  anything  because  it  might  hurt  their  feelings
or  they  might  call  me  rude  and  that  would  hurt  my  feelings.

The  best  thing  to  do  in  those  situations  would’ve  been  to
playfully  grab  her  arm  and  say  “what’s  wrong  with  you,  do  you
go  on  mute  sometimes?”

Or  in  the  latter  situation,  turn  my  back  on  her  so  she  shuts  up
and  if  she  doesn’t,  make  her.

Most  of  the  time  these  actions  make  girls  like  you  more,  but
even  if  it  pushes  them  away  it’s  still  beneficial  to  your  character.

You’re  learning  to  do  as  you  please  without  permission  from
anyone  like  every  man  should.

That  alone  is  what  all  girls  really  want  in  a  man,  the  other  stuff
they  claim  to  want  is  bonus  or  bullshit.

I  remember  the  last  time  a  girl  offended  me  and  I  did  nothing
about  it;  it  was  around  2013,  this  girl  rudely  hit  my  cap  off  my
head  and I  did  nothing  but  regret  not  tossing  her  in  the  pool.

Since  then  a  girl  has  never  offended  me  because  I’m  not  easily
offended  but  if  a  bitch  were  to  knock  my  cap  off  my  head   and
there’s  a  pool  in  the  vicinity,  she’s  going  in  it.

Chicks dig assholesFucked  her  before  and  after  this  text  exchange  because  I’m  not
a  nice  guy.

In  Order  To  Develop  Elite  Mindset  You  Must
Be  Aware.

Last  month  was  Valentine’s  Day  and  many  boyfriends  probably
bought  a  box  of  chocolate  for  their  valentine.

But  how  many  guys  cut  a  hole  in  the  box,  put  their  boner
through  it,  and  told  her to eat  it?

That  example  is  probably  not  the  best,  albeit,  it  does  show  that
most  guys  are  thinking  ‘romantically  in  the  box’  instead  of
pushing  themselves  to  the  extremities  of  their  comfort  zone.

Simple  mindset  shifts  like  those  transform  you  from  a  nice
guy  to  the  unpredictable  cocky  asshole  girls  love,  but  you’d
never  notice  opportunities  if  you  aren’t  making  an  attempt  to  be
more  aware.

chicks respect assholesSince I’m not a nice guy, I don’t make up excuses, I just say “no” and
she will understand.

Mindset Shift – Hoes*  Are  Dumb.  You
Have  To  Make  Their  Decisions  For

*Female you want to have sex with.


I’ve  written  already  in  this  post  but  it  bears  repeating.

Start  doing  what  you  want  to  do  with  girls  and  stop  asking
what  she  wants  to  do.

You  don’t  need  her  permission  to  do  what  you  want.

Better  to  do  what  you  want  and  have  her  tell  you  that’s  not
okay  than  to  wonder  if  it  is  okay,  and  not  ever  do  it.

Fuck  what  she  wants,  especially  if  you  haven’t  had  sex  with  her

She  doesn’t  get  to  tell  you  what  to  do.

Too  many  nice  guys  start  falling  for  a  girl  and  they  let  the  girl
walk  all  over  them  because  they  are  so  in  love  with  her  or  think
she’s  different  from  the  rest  of  girls  out  there.

These  same  guys  won’t  try  to  make  a  move  (sex)  because  they
don’t  see  her  as  just  some  piece  of  meat,  they  think  she
deserves  better,  and  while  that  may  be  true,  they  are  becoming
their  own  worst  enemy.

They  don’t  lead  situations,  they  let  the  girl  decide  everything
because  they  want  to  please  her,  and  they  are  absolutely
terrified  of  doing  anything  to  upset  her  or  make  her  feel

In  reality,  the  girl  will  have  waited  a  very  long  time  for  a  move
to  be  made,  and  it  never comes,  she  finds  someone  else  and  the
guy  is  absolutely  dumbfounded  as  to  why  she  didn’t  choose  him.

He  took  too  long,  became  friend-zoned,  and  wasn’t  seen  as  a
man  but  a  boy.

All  because  of  his  nice  guy  behavior.

Mindset Shift – Always  Be  Willing  To  Pull
Out  Your  Boner

You  could  fuck  a  girl  once  or  twice  and  still  be  nervous  around
her,  it  shouldn’t  be  the  case.

Once  you’ve  seen  each  other  naked  your  insecurities  should
vanish;  it  should  be  a  weight  lifted  off  your  shoulders.

You  are  in,  you  don’t  need  to  put  up  an  act  anymore.

You  may  damn  well  do  whatever  the  hell  you  want  at  this  point,
she  can’t  make  fun  of  you  unless  you  get  offended.

Something  I’m  really  good  at,  is  not  getting  awkward.

It’s  a  good  skill  to  have  because  since  I  don’t  let  awkward
situations  happen  to  me,  a  girl  has  no  choice  but  to  learn  to  not
feel  awkward  by  my  actions  or else  she’ll  look  silly  sitting  there
being  awkward  by  herself.

There  are  guys  with  a  whole  girlfriend  who  still  feel
uncomfortable  awkwardness  around  her  in  certain  situations.

You  should  be  able  to  fart  in  front  of  your  girl  and  play  it  off.

You  should  be  able  to  walk  around  naked  with  a  soft  dick  in
front  of  your  girl  and  not  feel  uncomfortable.

I  believe  all  insecurities  should  be  eliminated  once  she  has  seen
your  dick;  aka,  she  shouldn’t  make  you  nervous  anymore.

As  for  girls  you  have  not  had  sex  with  yet,  I  see  no  reason  after
chilling  more  than  once  why  you  shouldn’t  let  her  see  your  dick.

You  are  either  not  interested  in  sex,  or  you  are  a  scared  nice guy  and  wasting  time.

My  money  is  on  the  latter.

The  next  time  you  chill  with  a  girl  you  know  is  feeling  you  but
you  are  nervous  and  not  sure  what  to  do,  think  about  sex  with
her  to  get  a  hard  on,  then  pull  it  out  on  her.

Best  case  scenario,  it  leads  to  sex,  worse  case  scenario,  it
doesn’t  lead  to  sex,  but  you  are  exponentially  less  of  a  nice  guy
now  that  you  know  what  it  feels  like  to  do  what  you  really
want  to  do  instead  of  caring  about  what  she  would  think  of  you
for  doing  something  so  bold.

(Most  chicks  dig  bold  behavior, something  nice  guys  simply  never

Tip – lose  the  boxers.

You’ll  be  more  likely  to  whip  it  out  on  girls  and  public  sex
becomes  easier;  not  to  mention  easier  access  for  her.

Mindset Shift – Start  Eye-Raping  Girls

I  mention  a  lot  when  you  look  at  a  girl,  especially  when  talking
to  her,  stare  into  her  soul.

This  is  not  only  a  great  way  to  get  a  kick  out  of  everyday  life
and  stop  taking  yourself  so  seriously,  but  it  is  actively  bringing
you  closer  to  eliminating  the  nice  guy  in  you.

When  you  cross  paths  with  girls  treat  this  like  a  game,  make  eye  contact  with  her  and  do  not  break  it.

Get  her  to  look  away  or  play  eye-sex  with  you.

Work  your  way  up  to  winking,  blowing  kisses,  and  then  full
blown  eye-raping,  biting  your  lips  while  looking  her  up  and

You  can  have  fun  with  it  and  even  do  the  universal  licking  some
pussy sign.

Nice Guys Don't Eat Pussy Right

Obviously  go  talk  to  any  girl  who  smiles  at  this  little  game,  it’s
the  perfect  set  up  for  aggressive  filtering  where  you  touch  her
arms  or  play  with  her  hair  while  flirting  heavily.

This  also  leads  into  viewing  every  decently  attractive  girl  as  an

As  soon  as  you  see  a  girl  you’d  fuck,  lets  say,  walking  down  the
same  isle  as  you,  or  crossing  an  intersection  you’re  on,  or  even
waiting  in  line  at  the  grocery  store,  you  need  to  be  ‘on’  at  all

From  now  on,  every  single  girl  is  a  50/50  chance  fuck  but  it’s
always  going  to  be  0%  if  you  don’t  make  an  aggressive  move.

Do  this  enough  times  and  no  girl  will  mistake  you  for  a  nice

Mindset Shift – Don’t  Declare  ‘Girls  Are
Sluts’  When  You’re  Not  The  One  Fucking

Nice  guys  say  all  the  time  that  there  are  no  good  girls  out
there,  they  are  all  sluts.

What  they  are  really  saying  is  “I  don’t  fuck  girls  so  I’m  just  going
to  call  them  all  sluts.”

How  about  you  fuck  the  sluts  and  not  care  about  them  cause’ they’re  sluts?

That  sounds  like  a  healthier,  happier  way  to  live.

Use  their  slutty  behavior  against  them;  degrade them,  treat em’
like  shit,  and  maybe,  just  maybe,  they  will  learn  being  a  slut  is
not  what  it’s  about.

Until  then,  don’t  give  a  fuck  about  a  slut’s  feelings.

Yes,  find  a  good  girl,  but  get  some  action  from  the  sluts  until

Nice  guys  don’t  know  how  to  differentiate  a  low-key  hoe  from  a
good  girl.

They’ll  end  up  getting  used  and / or  cheated  on.

Fortunately,  there  is  a  sure-fire  way  to  ensure  this  doesn’t
happen  to  you,  it’s  called  no-strings-attatched sex. 

What Happens Next?

Once  you  learn  to  stop  being  so  nice  and  be  a  little  more
selfish,  you  will  learn  when  acting  nice  can  actually  benefit  you.

Here’s  the  thing  though,  acting  nice  will  only  benefit  guys  who
don’t  project  nice  guy  aura.

Girls  looking  for a  relationship  want  the  best  of  both  worlds,
a  guy  who’s  not  a  total  pussy,  but  not  a  total  meathead  either.

The  balance  they  are  looking  for   is  an  ‘asshole’  who  can  be  nice
when  he  wants  to.

Don’t  get  caught  up  in  trying  to  act  too  cool  like  you  “just
don’t  care.”

I’ve  seen  my  friend  not  fuck  girls  he  could  have  because  he
“wasn’t  trying  to  let  her  catch  feelings  cause  he  doesn’t  really

Acting  like  that  probably  made  the  girl  attracted  to  him  (he  has
options)  but  he  forgot  to  capitalize  on  the  most  important  part
about  not  being  nice,  fucking  her.

I’m  not  telling  you  to  be  a  tool  who  picks  fights  with  everyone
and  thinks  they’re  cooler  than  everybody  else.

I’m  telling  you  to  stop  being  so  willing  to  please.

Nice  guys  just  don’t  seem  to  get  that  a  girl  is  never  going  to
make  the  first  moves  or  say “ok  fuck  me  now.”

You  have  to  take  action  whether  it  be  putting  your  hand  on  her
pussy  or  pulling  your  dick  out;  two  things  a  nice  guy  would
never  do.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal