My Definition of Smart Is Smarter Than Yours

Theres a difference between someone who is smart and someone who is ‘educated’.

Educated people stop learning after school while smart people know it’s best to self-educate. 

Heres what you probably think smart is –

Smart definition

Heres what I know smart is –

Someone who is truly smart, has remarkable situational awareness and mindfulness at every given moment. Not someone who is
merely knowledgable in certain fields.

What does that mean in english?

Killer instinct able to spot an opportunity and capitalize where it would be so easy for someone else to overlook.

Resourceful – knows how to get into and out of any situation he wants or does not want to be in with little effort.

Get what you want – actually believes in himself and his abilities to accomplish ANYTHING he wants to in life.

Only smart people can have the above qualities.

You see, most people may believe they are smart because they have degrees or can scam people, but they are much more simpler than they know. These people are insecure and unsure about their lives.

Smart people are highly aware and conscious individuals. They don’t just stroll through life; they are interpreting and observing every
experience they encounter. But it doesn’t stop there; he not only
remembers experiences, he learns from them so as life goes on he
can make the right choices with less effort. He has conversations
with himself so it’s easier to make a choice without looking for
answers since he creates his own answers. 

Smart person

Basically, he never makes the same mistake twice and knows people make stupid choices which limit their future.

A smart person puts himself first because he knows no-one knows whats best for him but him. He has accepted the fact that he is good enough to do or be what ever he wants and comes to terms with
how he is going to do it. This is also what keeps him motivated and
obsessed. (passion is not enough)

A smart person knows It is better to play dumb and downplay
himself rather than tell the world how great he is.

People are doing it wrong. They try so hard to be something they’re
not and then they get exposed. If you’re smart you know fully well
you must never reveal your true strength.

A smart person knows It Is better to have specific knowledge in his field of expertise rather than a bunch of general knowledge.

I’ve already explained college is for people who know exactly which job they want to do for the rest of their lives. If you want to do your own thing you must find the information on your own whether that be Google or books or mentors.

A smart person knows in order to be truly happy he must live
congruent with his soul.

To truly be free, you have to die for what you believe in. Ask yourself why it is you are doing what you want to do. Then make sure in your heart you are truly doing the right thing for you and you are ready to do it until the day you die. If you wake up and your mind is
somewhere other than your mission, you may as well have never started.

A smart person uses social media as expression, self-affirmation and momentum. Not a highlight reel of his life to impress others. (he posts the vanity stuff as long as he genuinely is not doing it for likes but to build his brand)

Social media is used to educate. Period. Or, it is used to build a loyal audience who will buy your future products. When you post on
social media, you are building your confidence by learning how to
troll people who talk shit until one day no-one can tell you shit
because you are
all in on your mission. You do not comprehend
doubt anymore.

A smart person does not argue since he is the only one who is right and people are stupid.

People will constantly try to throw you off your path, and your first instinct will be to prove them wrong. Do so by ignoring them and sticking to the center of your universe.

A smart person has no ego (but huge pride) and doesn’t go off of hearsay. He goes off of personal experience.

Never do things to be noticed or respected. This is what average people do. The only thing that matters are you and your mission. The world can fuck off.

A smart person knows he is the most important person in the world (to himself) while also knowing the world doesn’t really care about him, so he must educate, rather than impress.

“To get what you want out of life you must help others.” I’m sure you’ve read this quote a millions times the same way I have but you
probably don’t really fully understand its true meaning. You must
attract the things you want, not chase it. If you want money or girls,
you can not chase after it because it will reject you. You must make it
come to you.

A smart person knows he must avoid debt and is able to live on
less which can be better than chasing a higher income.

Money is great and I will never tell you money does not equal
happiness or is the root of all evil. However, realize you don’t need a
billion dollars to do what you want to do. Also, realize you need as
much money as you need. Not more than so and so person.

A smart person knows there is opportunity everywhere, and every
time he leaves his house is a chance to make something happen.

Nobody ever got rich with a job and the smart guy understands this better than anyone which is why he goes against society and does his own thing. As every real man should.

A smart person is not merely existing, he is living.

You are going to die. What have you got to lose? Break free from the monotony and take risks. Go embarrass yourself, get rejected and shatter your boundaries. Always push your comfort zone.

A smart person realizes prestige and validation are tools to
manipulate simpletons.

Everything you do at the end of the day will benefit you when you are creating. Life is fulfilling when you realize you are enough and there will always be someone out there doing better than you.
Remember, when you make the switch to being a creator, life is
about your audience NOT YOU.

A smart person knows people are going to call him dumb but he
will not get emotional since logic trumps emotion every single

You need to control your emotions. Emotions are good motivators but you need to sit down and think before making a decision. Most decisions can be made in a few minutes when you consciously weigh the pros and cons. Never make a life choice driven by wild emotions or you will regret it.

A smart person can fit in anywhere since he can adapt to any social situation to his benefit.

Dummies take pride in shunning people they do not relate to. You know, “no new friends” or “keep your circle small” and avoid all contact with people who do not dress the same as them or listen to the same music. Well all I can say is they are severely limiting their options and missing out on potential character growth. Have some
substance and don’t be one-dimensional.

A smart person is extremely organized meaning he has at least the next 5 years of his life mapped out and written down and he is also focused, each day he wakes up to the thought of achieving his wants.

When you know exactly where you are going to be in 5 years, you are no longer in a rush. This holds you accountable and you can now live freely without stress because you know as long as you follow the plan written in your notes you will make it. No matter what. You don’t wake up one day wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

steve pavlina is smart

A smart person knows life is more than simply chasing a single
pursuit. There are multiple areas of life you must improve to not be
so transparent. Most people can be read because they have one
single identity. A smart person is complicated and hard to figure out.
He is always building his brand which allows him to put things like
girls, money, and fitness on autopilot instead of making it his one and
only core-identity. He has something he fights for every single day
and that is the key to his energy. Nothing else matters.

Being smart is absolutely crucial. If you want to be smart, stop being so simple and add a few dimensions to your being and never stop learning. Even the simplest things you read, observe or experience is interpreted and will teach a lesson but you have to wake up and look out for it.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal