Me in NYC.

Drugs Enhance the Lives of the Smart and Curb the Weak

Drugs were placed and made for a specific reason:

to temporarily alter a persons state of mind and

When a smart person takes a drug, he thinks of all the possibilities
his mind will be open to he wouldn’t otherwise be able to come by
had he not taken it.

His mind expands, his emotions are racing, yet at the same time he
has a distinct sense of calm and a moment of clarity.

Suddenly, a lightbulb goes bright and seemingly out of nowhere, everything is going to be fine; and it’s for certain.

Conversely, when a weak-minded person takes a drug, everything
goes wrong.

Chances are they didn’t want to take it but were ‘pressured’ into
taking it from a mind of fear which automatically paves way for
anxiety and panic attacks.

Or, the person ends up depending on the drug to complete daily
activities where the smart person would have done the smart thing and take what was so great about the drug and learn to apply it to sober living.

Drugs aren’t addictive as much as coffee or chocolate
is addictive.

Weak-minded people who think they have ‘addictive personalities’
never stop taking the drug and end up screwing up their
relationships with people and money then have to go to some class for help.

I will be reviewing every single drug I have ever taken In my life.
I’ll give my honest critique on the pro’s and the con’s.

Keep this in mind though,

the point of taking drugs are to find the ones where
the pro’s outweigh the cons and help you improve in areas of life.
Then find a way to live that reality without the need of taking it.

I approach a new drug with an accepting mindset, I think:

“wow, I can’t wait to see what depths of my mind will be
opened and explored today!”

Knowing I’m under the influence of a drug
(and a little before-hand research) prevents me from ‘bad-trips’.

I let the drug take over, I don’t fight it. At the same time, I know I
myself, am more powerful than a drug and there is no way I’ll let it
control my fate / outcome. I’m always the one in control.

After taking a drug in a safe environment and figuring out how I
behave / think / act, I take it into trails. Meaning, I do whatever I do to meet my goals as usual, but this time, I’m on the drug. Then, after a
few times, I determine whether or not the drug helps me reach my
goals faster. If not, I’ll discontinue use. If yes, I find the things that
help and learn to apply it to my life when I’m not on the drug.

Eventually, I would feel like I have gained everything I needed from it
and leave it alone for as long as I wish.

This is how I don’t become addicted to drugs.

Definition of Drugs.
I don’t believe anyone can knock a drug (or talk good about it) from hearsay. Everyone is different. A drug that makes some dumbass act
more like a dumbass won’t mean someone else will react the same. And we all know media likes to exaggerate things.

Mainstream Drugs

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for any idiot who ruins his life.

Painkillers (Over the counter)

Im talking about stuff like Advil and Tylenol. If you’re over 35, take an enteric-coated aspirin a day. 

Note: some of these aren’t drugs at all but I’ll go ahead and say they are anyway. I didn’t go do any extra research to find benefits and
negatives of these drugs, everything stated is based off my sole
experiences with the effects. 


Sex definitely has a phycological effect on the body. It’s addictive, we can’t go against it, we need it. It could very well be the most
‘addictive’ drug we depend on.


Some people are addicted to chocolate, I have a bit of a sweet-tooth for it. Some girls become an emotional-wreck and overeat it, thus,
chocolate becomes a drug some people depend on.


Now we’re getting into all the hypocritical “Im drug-free” talk.
Caffeine is definitely a drug. Maybe not a narcotic, but a drug
nonetheless. It’s not likely, but it’s possible to overdose on caffeine.


“I drink recreationally but I don’t do drugs” Alcohol is drugs, you’re a liar. Here’s a tip, if you’re going to drink beer, never drink out of a
can, and always go premium. Stick to beer for the night. If you’re
going to go with liquor, stick with the same color, and don’t mix your
drinks. Pour it over ice or mix with water like a man. This also
prevents you
 from getting wasted, which is stupid.

Tobacco / Nicotine

I define cigarettes as drugs. Especially because of the ‘buzz’ you may
get from them. I shouldn’t have to tell you to stop smoking. No myth
here; cigarettes are terrible for your health. The only time I smoke them is when I’m trying to look cool at the club. (Outdoor area)

Fasting / Sleep deprivation

You may have never experienced drug-induced-like effects from
staying up for over a day on an empty stomach. It actually feels
pretty good. I’m tired, but ironically, I want to be productive; and my
body feels euphoric, it’s weird.


Dreams make you see / visualize things your mind never would
have comprehended in an awake state. (Much like drugs)
Sometimes I close my eyes and I see things or hear things that can benefit my life and bring me closer to my goals. Some of these things are subtle:

Last night I saw a vintage image of an orange winged butterfly with jagged edged wings on an all red background with hints of black but the image was all done in pastel. It looked remarkable and I would’ve forgotten it had I not made the attempt to remember it.

I try to write down all of my dreams. It’s fascinating to me how I can be in one dream world, and not revisit it for years later, the exact same beautiful place I’ve never seen in my life, only in a dream
year(s) ago.

Sometimes, the hints come plain as day. I had a dream I thought was real life this week; someone I look up to sent me a message on
Twitter with some information on how I can take the right approach with my writing. For some reason, I could’ve sworn he sent a
message which wrote “avoid using warm images, cooler images draw
the readers eyes more.”
 When I checked the messages to re-read this, I

realized I had just dreamed it up. I have no idea what it means but it sort of makes sense. I’ll keep looking out for these clues while my eyes are closed. One day someone may crack dream phenomena, it
makes absolutely no sense but intrigues me.




I don’t have much experience experimenting with Xanax because
I’m a lightweight. Just one would make me blackout and forget what

Fun story: My friend and I drove down a dark street with a little 9mm while ‘barred-out’. This wasn’t the first time we shot a pistol in the air down the street, but it’s the first time I was on drugs. Long story short, he says I was James Bond out the window; full body out the window shooting straight back as if we were in a movie chase. I don’t remember anything except for a muzzle flash from a pistol so im
positive I shot it, but I can’t know for certain about the James Bond

I recommend Xanax for people with injuries. (But you have to stay
I usually wake up the next day feeling great from the deep coma I was in.

For recreational use, I would not recommend it.


Took it once. It made me feel good. I can’t speak on recommending it
or not due to inexperience.

Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth

This one I’ve done quite a few times. It’s the drug that people really
look at me crazy when I told them I’ve done it. The media makes it seem life-ending.

I honestly believe anyone with a business can use Crystal Meth very moderately to complete a ton of work in a days time. (or Adderall)

It’s impossible for me to sit still and do nothing if I smoked meth, I’ll start writing or hit up everyone in my contacts to hangout. I can’t simply just sit down and ‘see how I feel’. It’s one of those drugs where I didn’t know if it was working or not until I tried to just ‘chill out’, it was impossible. I needed to be actively doing something; I don’t know where the energy comes from.

Also, I may have dropped some fat, but perhaps muscle as well. I’ll never know unless I get a DEXA scan, smoke meth, and re-scan but I’m not going to do that.

Negatively, meth makes me not want to eat, (I can force myself if I want) or sleep. The next day I feel exhausted. I wake up (if I had even slept at all) the next day knowing I did hard drugs and I need to rest.

I don’t recommend trying it.

For productivity, snorting had me more ‘wired’ and focused, but it burns like hell. Smoking it doesn’t interest me at all. I’m definitely not addicted.

I won’t ever use meth again and I’m glad I came to that conclusion on my own through using the drug rather than simply going with what everyone (who hasn’t even tried it) says.

Fun story: The first time I tried meth (snorted a very tiny bit) I couldn’t tell if it was working until I spotted a redhead on the phone about 60 feet away. Nothing was holding me back AT ALL from running all the way over there just to talk to her. I ended up giving her my email
(I had / have no phone) and I still see her today.



Cocaine is all hype to me.

Supposedly, to tell if it’s good quality, you look for ‘fish scales’
(shiny crystal-like specs) and it should smell ‘loud’ like gasoline and chemicals. (Basically you tell if it’s good by sight and smell just like
Tasting it I believe is hyped up in movies but I don’t know, I’m not a cocaine expert. Like weed, you’ll never know how good it is until you use it. People like to use the ‘drip’ (I have no idea how to
explain what this is, you’ll just have to try it)
to score how good it is.

Coke helps me focus (not as good as meth) and helps me sober up. If done too quickly, I may experience nosebleeds.

One night I shared a gram with one friend (the most coke I’ve done in one sitting .5g) and didn’t nosebleed until the morning after when I took a line. It was scary. I felt fine, but seeing my blood put bad thoughts in my head as if I was going to overdose or something. I started feeling claustrophobic in the car on the way to the Rodeo and felt like passing out but it was all in my mind. I was over it in
30 minutes.

If it burns pretty bad, it’s cut with a lot of stuff supposedly. I’ve had coke that felt like nothing, I’ve had coke that burned terribly.

It’s not as easy as I thought to overdose on. You probably don’t know
how much a gram of coke breaks down to, but it’s a lot. If you’re
doing more than a gram to yourself in a day, you have a coke habit.

Good coke doesn’t actually get me all hyper and superman-like as I see in movies. It actually provides me a sense of calm, and good mood. It can keep me up at night. (I sleep easier on better coke)

My front teeth get numb and my throat may become numb as well making it hard to swallow.

I’d recommend trying coke so you know it’s not what the media
hypes it up to be, and I especially recommend it if you’ve had too much alcohol and need to sober up. One or two lines / bumps is all you need and you’ll be fine. (Stop drinking)

I would try coke again, but I’d never buy it.

Marijuana (only drug I’ve ever been addicted to)


Everyone knows by now weed is safe; but they’re wrong when they say it’s not addictive. I don’t know if its weed I was addicted to or if
if it was just the act of smoking, putting something to my lips then
exhaling a ton of smoke, it’s fun.

I don’t use weed as much as I used to, in fact, I rarely smoke, I’m over
it. I’d prefer vaporizing or eating it over smoking now, (with friends, never alone) but still, I’d entirely avoid getting high, I don’t like how self-conscious it makes me. All drugs make me think, but weed gives
me “I shouldn’t have done that” thoughts while other drugs give me thoughts of abundance. Other drugs let me not care about other

people’s opinions and weed makes me think about it far too much, I
guess you can say it makes me ‘paranoid’. You probably smoke(d) and
have no clue what I’m talking about, but as I said, drugs affect people

UPDATE: I’ve learned to use weed to my advantage again, whenever I get in my head and ‘over-think’ I pretend I’m carefully analyzing and using this time as critical brainstorming to somehow profit. I realize most
problems in life are solved by simply adopting a superior mindset.

I’ve smoked, bought, and sold weed since I was 16, it’s the drug I have the most experience with, (other than alcohol) and I recommend
everyone try it simply because ‘they’ say don’t do it. Be a rebel, it’s just a little pot. Marijuana is everywhere these days; I doubt you’d have a hard time finding some.

Weed makes for a great mixer drug. By itself, it loses it’s kick after a while; or maybe I’m just a drug addict.

Now that I think about it, weed might have actually been a ‘gateway drug’ for me. Only, it took four years until I decided to experiment with other drugs saying I’d never do them.

Of course, I don’t regret it; if anything, I’m glad.

All drugs from here on out I recommend seeking out and purchasing with your own $. The former drugs are okay to try if offered but silly to actively buy and use.

Nootropics (smart drugs)



Modafinil is often considered the Limitless drug at the
top of the nootropic world. But is it truly a nootropic?

For me, the effects are very subtle. You can’t approach it with the
intent of ‘feeling something’ or trying to get high. It has me a bit calmer and nicer, it adds to my productivity, and has me more ‘awake’ but I feel Modafinil is entry-level; nothing too significant.

I’ve written a lot of words under 200-400mg of Modafinil and I would buy it again to ‘stack’ with other nootropics. I would
recommend everyone who has a desire to work to try it and I
believe it would make a great first time nootropic.

I discovered Modafinil on BoldandDetermined.
You can buy it (at the best price) here.

Back when I determinedly read BoldandDetermined everyday, I had a dream where I was in a room with someone else and Vic, (author of BoldandDetermined) I had just popped a 200mg Modafinil pill and then Vic hands me another one and says “200mg is for pussies.” When I woke up the next day, I contemplated taking two whole Modafinils at once, and I did do it eventually.

Dreams are crazy.



Kratom is super fun.

The way you have to rotate the strains to keep it going and weighing it before washing it down with water each morning on an empty stomach keeps it exciting.

Kratom will have me skipping / dancing down every single isle in the grocery store (looking at every product) smiling and making eye
contact with everyone in my path and speaking to every cute girl I see without fail.

I attribute Kratom with helping me get over anxiety, becoming
a happier person, and learning to hold a genuine conversation.

People can tell when I’m on Kratom by how gleeful I am.

Once, I was at the courthouse to pay off a traffic violation. No one who’s in the courthouse is in a good mood because they don’t want to be there waiting in line;  but I was.

There always seems to be at least one or two ‘bad’ girls at the
courthouse in which I’ll skip the line by talking to them and talking to anyone else as well. This day, I skipped halfway up the line to speak to a shy tall blond, and the guy behind me was so pissed at that. The girl was smiling I could tell she was shy and the guy behind me kept saying “dude the line starts back there, it’s obvious she doesn’t want to talk to you, leave her alone.” (White-knighters make me sick) 

It was legitimately funny to me how mad I was making him. I never even looked his way, I ignored every word. Had I not been on Kratom
I probably would have told him off, I don’t know; but when I finally reached the lady behind the window, I caught her off guard by
actually trying to converse with her rather than stating my problem
in a rude way like everyone else. (I think I told her I like her voice) It
probably made her day for five minutes. Then an old man next to me
said “it’s good to see happy people” and I don’t remember what I said
to him.

You can learn all about kratom from the same place I discovered it and you can purchase (the highest quality) here.

Start with this, and if you like it, buy strains galore. Remember, you need at least 5 strains to rotate if you want to make Kratom a
daily habit.

I definitely recommend doing so.



Phenibut was also introduced to me by GoodLookingLoser.

I hold Chris (author of GoodLookingLoser) in high regard based
on his reputation and what I know of him. I’ve tried nearly every
single product he recommends and for that reason I recommend 
you try it.

However, in my experience, I did not like Phenibut at first, I never got the dose right, it was either I took too little and didn’t feel anything or took too much.

One day I took too much before work thinking I’d be happy to serve customers all day. Well, I was happy, a bit too happy to point of where I was drunk, and on top of that, I drank an extra margarita the bartender made on accident. This stuff does not mix well with
alcohol. Long story short, I felt like shit. I somehow made it through
the night and fell asleep on the bar at closing time and none of my
co-workers bothered me to do my closing duties like they usually
did. They could tell I was sick. I was sick for the next morning and
afternoon as well. I threw up a bit of clear acidic substance which
made me feel a bit better and passed out (went to sleep) for 12 hours. I
didn’t touch Phenibut again for a long, long time.

Once I finally got the dosage right (.75g) I started to like it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had a chance to mix it with other drugs / nootropics. I think it would make for a good stack and is
something you may want to look into.

Also, I hear if you have your girl take about .5g before sex, she’ll cum like crazy. (I’m not suggesting you drug her)


Maca is something I may continue using for as long as I live.

Simply put, it provides me with

  • Energy
  • Harder frequent erections
  • Stronger orgasms

…and I believe it may help with me lasting seemingly as long as I wish when having sex. (Mostly, this is due to the Fleshlite STU)

I definitely recommend taking Maca.



I just recently tried Rhodiola for the first time for a couple

It’s proving to be great for my energy and mood and I see no reason to discontinue use.

I will continue using Rhodiola until I find something that may better
substitute it.

I recommend it to all.


N-Acetyl-Semax spray.

Semax is a compound I discovered on @SethAFitzgerald ‘s blog.


I trust his information and have spoke to him back and forth on
Twitter about nootropic / drug use. He’s extremely knowledgable in
 and how they affect the body.

Semax allows me to better concentrate and articulate my words when writing. By itself, it’s not too special (for me anyway, it seems to be a hit or a miss for most) but, in-conjunction with caffeine, and
Rhodiola, I think I’ve found my favorite nootropic stack as of now.

I recommend trying N-Acetyl-Semax. 600mcg.


I haven’t tried organic kava yet. (I plan on it)

I have however tried Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea which my mom and
I enjoy.

The effects are subtle and calming, the tea has a unique taste as well.

You can learn about Kava here, I’m looking forward to trying this one
very soon.

Psychedelics (try them. No really, try them)



First, I want to say, aside from nootropics, psychedelics are my
favorite class of drugs.

They are significantly less harmful than alcohol and the effects are simply incomprehensible from a sober state.

It’s ludicrous to me how no one is scared to do coke but they won’t even think about doing ‘trippy stuff’.

When I’m on MDMA, girls look super cuter than usual. (Especially
their eyes)
Usually where I would just want to fuck them, I’d actually want to know about their life.

Malicious people stick out like a sore thumb, I can spot a good
person from a bad person; it’s impossible to be bamboozled.

Social freedom is up, emotions are enhanced, I legitimately want to be nice to people and get to know their lives.

Life becomes about helping people and having experiences with
others rather than consuming stuff to fill my ego.

MDMA shatters your ego but you get to keep your pride which is the greatest thing in the world. I’ll always preach pride over ego. No one is important but their accomplishments are important for
themselves since
it’s not about being better than everyone, it’s
about getting better.

If you can not comprehend what I just wrote, I feel sorry for you
because you may be a simpleton who believes the world is all about status and fucking the most bitches; who has the fastest car, biggest house, hottest wife. These things are great, I’ll never tell you to
settle for anything less, but the world has multiple dimensions,
money is freedom, and MDMA allowed me to realize this.

You may already know that people who take MDMA sweat a lot, I don’t sweat a lot normally so I don’t sweat much while on MDMA

Everything looks brighter, bright lights and music are a bit more stimulating than when I’m sober, but it’s my sense of touch that
really becomes enhanced. I touch everything while
‘rolling’, and I love touching people and having people touch me. It just feels really good. Sex on MDMA takes some concentration but it’s lovely. I’m also a lot more flexible while on the drug.

Watch out for fake ecstasy pills (probably coke or meth based) and MDMA shards that may actually be meth. MDMA crystals are cloudy, meth is clear. You can spot a fake pill just by looking at it, it will just look off. If you can’t tell if it’s fake or not because the press of the pill is really good then it may be real but the only way to know for sure is to take it or get a MDMA test. Also, remember to stay
hydrated. Most MDMA related deaths
(less than alcohol or tobacco)
were caused due to dehydration, fake pills and irresponsibility.

Fake ecstacy
You can just tell these pills are ‘off’

I don’t get the eye flutters but I do get lock jaw pretty bad.

No one can tell if I’m on MDMA if I control myself but I usually don’t care and let it be known. After I tell them, they’re like “oh yea I can totally tell now dude!” 

If you haven’t already noticed, I want you to try MDMA.



I have yet to try true LSD, so far everything I’ve taken have been
‘NBOMEs’ which I hear is nothing like the pure form of
LSD. (Tasteless)

Update: I have tried real tasteless LSD. It lasts longer than the research chemicals but is not as visually stimulating. Definitely easier to ‘hide’ that you are on a drug and feels a lot ‘cleaner’.

Real LSD is the truth.

However, whatever I’ve taken has been pretty good, I like it a lot. I don’t think it’s as good as pure MDMA or ‘Shrooms’ but maybe that will change when I try the real thing.

Acid allows me to see society for what it truly is and for this main reason is why I think everyone should try dropping a hit of Acid.

Watching a movie on acid is noticing flaws in humanity and noticing the people are just acting, it’s pointless, “why am I wasting my time watching this crap.” It brings me to a primal stage where consumerism is a load of brainwashed bullshit.

I can listen in on everyone’s conversations almost effortlessly and
everything they’re saying is totally selfish and irrelevant; I realize
majority of people are of no value. I realize the government is a hoax.
I’m not one of those ‘Fuck the system they’re out to get you’ type of
people, but being on acid really allowed me to see that government
is not in my best interest, not even a little bit. The fact that I’m told
to believe LSD is horrible and knowing it’s a load of dogma and lies,
makes me feel like I can not trust one word my government tells me
and I’m fine with that. I’m glad I’ve opened my eyes to this
realization. Call me crazy, but I would say psychedelics equal
awareness and our government doesn’t want us becoming too
mindful. They like us being the ‘free’ modern day slaves we are.

(They say drugs are hallucinogens meaning the effects aren’t real I’m just hallucinating and I may be driven to suicide. Bullshit. If Steve Jobs were still with us you could ask him if he was hallucinating when he dropped acid the for the first time)

Effects of Acid are hard to explain, I threw up the first time I took it
out of fear. Psychedelics seem to enhance the state I was in right
before taking the drug so if I take the drug in a bad mind or try to
fight the effects, I may end up having a ‘bad trip’. I threw up due to
the anxiety of not knowing what was going to happen. My body was
trying to fight the drug because my mind didn’t like what was going
on. Now, when I take a psychedelic, I approach it from an accepting
mind, “I will be taking a drug, shit is going to get weird, do not be scared,
let it take over and run it’s course, just observe from within.”
Now I never

have ‘bad trips’. 

After I threw up, I immediately felt different. Literally out of nowhere in a second, my mood skyrocketed; it was the happiest
I’ve ever been in my life. It’s definitely something I
 won’t ever forget.

The poster behind me tripped me out when I realized it was melted crayons.

Again, trying to explain the effects of acid is difficult as no trip is the same, so I’ll explain some common characteristics I encounter while on the drug.

My vision on acid is like putting the best filter on an image to make it look its best or trying to find the perfect lighting before taking a
photo so it stands out in the best way. Basically, it’s like having the
most beautiful filter over my eyeballs. And yes, sometimes if I stare
hard enough at something it starts to move or rotate a bit.

No fucks given. I say the least possible, I don’t care to explain myself
to people; it’s either they get it or they don’t. Sometimes I don’t even waste my breath on someone, I communicate with head nods and hand gestures. People trying to make small talk with me makes me dismiss them immediately as I will get no where in life with small talk. I’m happy though, the whole time. My mood is always great on acid and I always end up wanting to do something outside of my comfort zone. One time, I went into Target and howled like a wolf as loudly as I could. It felt great.

I get tingly pangs not necessarily painful, but stimulating enough to where I have to make a weird face and stretch my fingers in
awkward directions. (Vasoconstriction) Like MDMA, I have to stay
hydrated and I get thirsty quickly and it’s very difficult to fall asleep on. The thoughts are more likely thoughts of realization, ‘I get it now’, ‘it makes perfect sense now’ type of thoughts. Everything I come across is
 deconstructed to the core as I weed through what is real
and what is not. There’s a lot of bullshit in life and acid helps me see
through it.

Major vasoconstriction here (MDMA)

*Do not take any ‘research chemicals’, find pure LSD. If it tastes like
chemicals and numbs your tongue, spit it out, it’s not worth it. I was not
educated well enough when I took ‘acid’ and from now on will only take
real LSD.

MUSHROOMS (Psilocybin)


Everyone’s psychedelic of choice is different, my friend Chuy’s
favorite is MDMA, my friend Chris’ favorite is LSD, and for me,
Psilocybin mushrooms or commonly referred to as ‘shrooms’ are
by far my favorite drug in the world, and you should try them.
(Dried man-grown, not freshly picked wet ones)

Remember, I use drugs for their benefits like

  • Mood
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Intellectual insight
  • Productivity
  • Focus
  • Creativity

I don’t use them ‘to get fucked up’ and I’m certainly not addicted to them.

(I haven’t eaten shrooms for over a year, but I will admit, I really want to, I just haven’t tried hard enough to find access to them) 

My first time taking shrooms was in a safe place with a good friend (Javier) who had previous experience with them.

We both ate 2g and put on the movie Akira. <<(Highly recommended)

In my experience, shrooms are the most intense drug of them all. I had to relearn how to walk and breathe and talk.
(It only took a few moments, don’t freak out) 

While I was watching the movie, I was freaking out because I
kept seeing black and wanting to pass out. I realized that I had been
so into the movie, I was forgetting to breathe. Javier handed me a
cold glass of water with some ice and as soon as I chewed the ice
cube, instantaneously I felt super-human. I felt a sense of security
I’ve never felt before in my life. All of my senses were heightened;
my vision becomes better than 20/20, everything is zoomed out but
in full crystal clear high definition. The lighting is perfect at all times
so no matter what I look at, it will look beautiful. The enhanced
vision is my favorite aspect of shrooms and I wish I could have this vision 24/7. My hearing is dramatically improved, I can hear any movement around me, and if I walk into a crowded room I can hear everyones words, if I listen to music, the sounds are slowed down to where I can distinguish each instrument clearly.

Note: Nature looks exceptionally beautiful on shrooms and It makes me want to be around trees and grass as much as I can. Also, shadows are
visually enhanced so I may see ‘silhouettes’ in the corner of my eye
thinking it’s a person but no one is there. I can imagine this would freak
someone out but not me. 

My body becomes a temple, I can not stand to put harmful toxins
(alcohol, cigarettes) or junk-food into my body. Food, especially fruit,
becomes something of a godsend. Every bite is an intense explosion
of flavor as I feel the food going down my throat into a bottomless
pit. For some reason, I don’t feel my stomach on shrooms, I can drink
water almost endlessly, it feels like after it goes down my throat it
goes nowhere.

I can speak my way out of any confrontation if I’m on a psychedelic, shrooms especially. Though, they’re so intense, I can not bring
myself to try to conform and be normal when I’m around people. I
say fuck it and continue what I’m doing knowing full well the people
around me are staring like “what the fuck?” Shrooms definitely
helped me with not caring about disapproval and doing what I want
whenever or wherever I want.

The first night I took them with Javier, we had already been tripping for four hours, I walked home thinking I would begin coming down, but when I got home, somehow I ended up completely naked staring into my soul. (Bathroom mirror) 

Usually when I look at myself in the mirror on drugs I don’t like what I see, I look tired and weird, but when I look at myself in the mirror on shrooms, I love what I see.

Shrooms does wonders for my self confidence. I couldn’t help but narcissistically stare at myself with an I’m so fucking cool grin on my face like I was better than everyone on the planet.

(This isn’t a bad thing since I don’t go around telling people they are
inferior to me.)

Anyway, after 20 minutes of staring at myself, I started thinking about my life and what I’m doing and what I want and how I can get it. I came up with an absolute 3 step plan to live my life and get what I want in about three minutes.

Until then, I was lost. I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t know how I was going to do it. Shrooms had changed my life completely for the better.

After that day I live with a certainty that my life will work out
and I needn’t worry.

Drugs I want to try

Actavis (Promethazine + Codeine) (Cough syrup)
DMT / 5-MeO-DMT /4-AcO-DMT
Racetams / ‘Finils’


Timothy Leary
The Drug Classroom
Psyched Substance

– Written by Brandon Ramlal

  • Nowun

    Hi, I thought I’d sort of summarize my thoughts about your article here … i haven’t read any others so im not able to offer an opinion of this article compared to or in the context of the others. But I did enjoy this one.

    I mainly just kind of liked your approach and writing style, it seems very honest, like without really getting into a discussion about yourself or some specific aspects your life, the person you are nonetheless comes through in your writing; as you use examples of personal experience the reader gets a glimpse of your personality, due to how honestly you write. By that I mean you don’t seem to be holding anything back – details of things like vomiting, flirting with girls, intimate self-study in a mirror while on drugs – yet you are not gratuitously self absorbed in your writing, you are not writing about you, just about the experience, without even feeling its necessary to provide background info… So the picture of you is painted clearly, albeit minimally, and I liked that because many blogs like this are very self important.
    It probably wouldn’t hurt to do a little more research on some of the drugs that you aren’t very experienced with or didn’t like. Xanax was one example, but i can’t go back and reread it now that im commenting (which IMO is a flaw with many of these sites, btw) so im having trouble remembering other examples. But overall the way you approach the drugs is cool, just a straight-up, honest, no BS, “my experience with and my opinion of this drug”. You seemed particularly knowledgeable about the smart drugs, and definitely less so with the psychedelics and so-called narcotics, but not absolutely inexperienced with any of it – more like you have experimented just enough to have a clear idea of what they can do, and look forward to more experiences.
    Overall you seem confident but not smug, and its interesting to get your take on the things you cover – you don’t at all try to reproduce or agree with other opinions that you have heard, which is very respectable in my book. The writing, in itself, is not bad at all… I come across some of these by people who think that they can write, probably just because that was their major, and really they should actually be embarrassed if Journalism/English /Literature was indeed their major, because they’re writing is pretentious and superfluous… which accentuates their obvious lack of skill and /or knowledge (OTOH I was not an English major, so i realize my opinion isn’t worth much, but take it for what it’s worth anyway :))

    So not bad at all, and I see the drugs are just one topic, IMO it should stay that way, continue to come back to it but I have the feeling you have more to offer than just one more opinion on drugs. Oh yeah, and the part about meth… again, very admirable, your honesty, and it just so happens that I couldn’t agree more, its about time someone stood up and said “I like it, there are undeniable benefits, and if all youre gonna do is mindlessly repeat the judgements you have heard on tv, from your peers, etc, then you don’t really have your own educated opinion, do you? So fucking keep it to yourself buddy!”

    Thats it, though… I just thought if im gonna take the time to follow the link on Youtube and read it I may as well put down my 2 cents about it. Good job dude, keep it up!

    • Thank you for this extensive and honest input, glad to have you on board!