Fastest Ways to Increase the Size of Your Penis

If you still think the only way to grow your penis if at all is through surgery, you are wrong.

People say porn gives us unrealistic expectations in regards to how big their penises are and how long they last, but why?

Sure some people are genetically born to have abnormally large dicks just like some people are genetically destined to be the best at 
a certain sport;

however, most athletes and pornstars alike have earned their
positions through dedicated training.

The sad thing is, little is shared about authentic ways to increase 
penis size and endurance since it’s very profitable to scam people 
with pills and any other Ron Jeremy ad you might find floating around the net.

I do not know of any pills or powders which will grow your penis, but I know for a fact and from first hand experience ANYONE can add
AT LEAST one inch each to their current length and girth NATURALLY.

I know three ways to do so;

method 1 is the slow way (albeit, free)

and method 2 is the fast way (albeit, expensive, but totally worth it)

then method 3 is the fastest way which combines methods 1 and 2.

Method 1



You may or may not have heard of these protocols but here are the
ones I’ve used to add permanent length and girth to my


There is a normal kegel and a reverse kegel.

*kegels should be held for long periods of time

A normal kegel is performed by closing your anus as if you were about to lift a heavy weight and you squeeze your PC muscle located
underneath your shaft where it attaches to your balls.

You use this muscle when you stop your pee midstream and when you make your penis rise/lift while erect.

A reverse kegel is performed by ‘pushing’ on your PC muscle.

You perform reverse kegels every time you ‘push’ out your pee so by recreating that action when not urinating you would be doing a
reverse kegel.

Kegels are performed to increase endurance in the bedroom and are not really meant to increase size.

However, combining kegels with the proven exercises I’m about to mention will.

Stretching / Pulling

Every male has up to 3 inches of penis ‘inside’ of his body.
(Brining out these 3 inches naturally is in my opinion the equivalent of maxing out your genetic potential for building muscle. In other words, it will take YEARS but is do-able)

The goal of penis lengthening surgery is to simply ‘pull’ it out but you can achieve similar (and safer) results by manually pulling on your
penis yourself.


Simply grab your penis where the head meets the shaft, and pull in any direction as aggressively as you can handle and hold it for as
long as you can.

Rest for 15-30sec. and repeat in either the same direction or a
different direction until you’ve had up to a 60 minute ‘workout’.
(Work your way up, I started with 25min. workouts)

Before moving on I’d like to remind you why these protocols for method 1 are the slowest; 

like with working out (bodybuilding) you see results, but they do not come overnight. 

And like with bodybuilding, results are easier seen when you are
knowledgable in what works for you and what doesn’t and above all,
consistency is key.


The goal of jelqing is to trap blood in the chambers of your penis thus increasing girth and improving the quality of your erection.

Jelqing is performed by lubricating your penis and getting up to an 80% boner then you ‘milk’ your penis.

I do so with an ‘ok’ grip but you may use what ever grips you feel works best.

Start at the base and slowly (for up to 4sec.) milk up to the head.

You can also do reverse jelqs starting from the head and moving
down to the base.

Jelq for up to an hour for maximum benefits.

Sample ‘Manual’ Schedule:

Monday and Friday
Jelq – 1 hour. (hold kegels while jelqing as best as you can)

Stretch – 1 hour (hold kegels while stretching as best as you can)

*With each passing week rotate exercises for the days*
So next week, stretch on Monday and Friday; Jelq on Wednesday.

Remember to gauge your fatigue; if you feel you can handle more workouts go for it; if you feel like you’ve been going too strong, take
the day off.

Method 2


There are 3 penis-related devices I like to recommend.

The devices are less ‘boring’ than doing the manual exercises for

Fleshlight STU (Stamina Training Unit)

You’ve heard of this one before; I recommend this specific model
because it’s the most intense one you can buy and using it as a tool
to train yourself to last longer is a great idea.

This will automatically improve erection quality and boost
your confidence.

You’ll have to use a lot of lube with this one;

over time, fucking as hard / fast as you can (especially w/ lube)
drastically helps with lasting as long as you want.

Try to last 20 minutes for a good workout.

Phallosan Forte (Penis stretcher)

This device is totally safe (due to the condom sleeves) and definitely

I’m wearing it right now as I type.

I’ve already wrote all about it here:

If you do not want to manually stretch for gains this is a
no-brainer replacement.

Try to go 12+ hours wearing the device.
(Brief breaks like going to the restroom or switching sides is fine)

Bathmate Hydromax (Penis pump)

This device is totally safe since it uses water.

If you do not want to manually jelq, use the Bathmate for the same
effects in a quarter of the time.

The Bathmate does the most for you in regards to increasing flaccid size. 

Try to wear this device at full blast for 12 minutes.
(Or two 6 minute ’rounds’)

Sample ‘Device’ Schedule

Monday Wednesday Friday
Bathmate 12minutes (Full Boner)

Tuesday Thursday
Phallosan 12 hours

*With each passing week rotate exercises for the days*
So next week, Phallosan 12 hours M W F; Bathmate 12 minutes on
Tuesday Thursday.

On the weekends you can try besting your previous ‘personal record’ of how long you can last using the Fleshlight. (Make sure to practice
holding your kegels while using the Fleshlight and the Bathmate)

These devices are a bit expensive but I swear they are worth it.

With a one-time investment of a few hundred dollars, you can
grow a better functioning bigger penis.. WORTH IT.

Method 3


For the fastest penis gains, (1 inch in less than a year)

you should combine manual exercises with penis enhancing

You’ve already been briefed on how to do manual exercises and use
penis devices; all you need to do is combine them.

The beauty of doing both manual exercises and having access to the devices is that you do not need to follow a set in stone routine.

You may if you wish, or, you can play around with your options.

You could do a week of only manual exercises then a week of only Bathmate followed by a week of Phallosan and stretching and then a
week of everything.

The important thing is to always keep track of how fatigued your
penis is.

If you notice you are actually shrinking rather than getting longer or if you don’t think you can produce an erection, this means you’ve been overtraining and a full day off will get you back to where you
need to be.

I highly recommend taking at least 1 full blown day off a week no matter which schedule you follow;

uncomfortable soreness or having to use a lot more effort than
usual when urinating are signs of over-training. 

Sample ‘Combination’ Schedule

Monday + Friday

Jelq 1 hour + Phallosan 12+ hours

Tuesday + Thursday

Bathmate 12min + Stretch 1 hour


Bathmate 6min + Phallosan 6hours

 Phallosan Forte

What’s the average penis size?

Your penis and balls usually extend and retract simultaneously;

your dick is small if at any point your flaccid dick is the same length or shorter than the dead hang of your nuts.

You’ll be seen as hung once your dick is 1.5 inches longer than this.

The average erect penis size is 5.6 inches but 6 – 6.5 gets thrown around a lot so it makes sense to be bigger than that and girls will think you’re 8.

As for girth, 5 inches is average while below 4.5 is tiny.

For length, below 5 inches is tiny.

Smaller than average guys should aim for 6.5 – 7 inches (length) x 5 – 5.5 inches. (girth) << This is very do-able with the above methods.

Bigger guys aim for 8×6. << Any bigger than this and you might not fit in vaginas!

Measure your progress every 12 weeks.

Dick tip,

growing your dick is for you not for the girls.

They like a big dick but all you need is about 5in. and you can get them going.

So work on fucking as hard and fast as you can while being able to last as long as you’d like.

You’ll outclass bigger guys who cum in 5 minutes.


you should get your dick big because it’s cool and does wonders to confidence.

When u have a 7+ inch dick and can fuck hard and fast as possible while lasting upwards of 15min you’re a god.

(some dudes actualy have 8-10in dicks from surgery, IGF injections and manual+device training but it’s rare.. get your inches right)

– Written by Brandon Ramlal

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