Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Last Longer in Bed With The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

First of all the Fleshlight STU feels good but you’ll never be able to
get it as wet as the real deal.

However, it is MORE stimulating than a real vagina which I find crazy.

I think the reason is because it doesn’t get as ‘wet’ (regardless of
 much lube you use) so there’s more friction, but it feels great.

It doesn’t expand as well as a real pussy so it may be tighter than most girls which also leads to greater stimulation.

So, it will only lead to you lasting longer inside of a real girl.

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Real life sex is way better. This Fleshlight STU is fun but you should use it to improve your stamina and overall sex life.

How to use – warm it up, get a boner, put lube (water based only) on your dick and in the sleeve, (you can mix with water or spit) and fuck it or jerk yourself off with it.

You can cum in it, or not, doesn’t matter, but run it through warm
water afterwords and let it air dry.

Don’t use paper or towels to dry it because you don’t want any lint or residue on it.

The bottom base has a twist off cover/cap which when loosened makes the sleeve looser, and when tightened makes it grippier.

At first you will be going slow, this Fleshlight is intense, when you’re
with a girl there’s pressure to last long, so you do your best to last

With this STU, there’s nobody around so it’s easy to just get your feel good nut off.. don’t do that, go for as long as you can.

After a while you will focus on speed and power strokes.

I suggest keeping a time-log to hold yourself accountable.

Maybe your initial goal would be 10 minutes taking your time, then 20 minutes taking your time, then advance to 5-10 minutes going
full force no breaks just changing speeds but never pulling out of it.

(Hard to do)

After a while you’ll notice you start getting random boners often, your boners are harder, your dick might even grow a little, you’re more likely to pop one around girls just by thinking dirty thoughts, you will shoot your load further, and orgasms feel amazing!

I see no reason why any guy shouldn’t own one of these things. Even if you already last long, it’s good for penis health in general.

I suppose if you’re already having lots of daily sex and have no need to improve penis health then don’t buy it.

It’s worth it in the long run; take care of your PC muscles now, so when you’re older you’re immune to erectile dysfunction.

I’ve had mine going on 3 years now so it’s durable, just be sure to let it dry or else it will build mold and render useless.

You probably have seen these things on porn sites like I did back in the day, if you buy this you won’t ever need porn again.

Plus, porn kills ambition, stop watching that bullshit.

Just ‘practice’ with this thing.

It’s way better than beating your meat to some other guy fucking the
girl of your dreams.. Plus, you’ll become your own pornstar.

The average duration of straight penetration is approximately
7 minutes.

All you have to do to be one of the best she’s ever had is penetrate her (hard and deep) for 10 minutes straight without breaks. (Quickly switching positions is fine, and helps with not cumming)

If you can already fuck for 15 minutes straight (and I’m talking non-stop, no foreplay included) then this device isn’t necessary but will still improve wherever it is you are currently at.

If you’re not a shooter, or don’t bust big thick loads, this is your
device. (Might want to use some C vitamins and Garlic as well)

You WILL gain ultimate control over your orgasms and she will love you for it.

If anything, buy this to improve your confidence in the bed room.

Ultimately, the key to lasting long is confidence + experience.

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit was made specifically for this

Sex should be super fun. You should fuck her like a wild beast going ham, your absolute hardest, the entire time till she cums so much she has to lay there for a while before getting up.

If you’re a slow-sex kinda guy, this ‘toy’ will help you spice it up.

Bonus* If you hate condoms like I do, this thing can help you get
comfortable putting them on in the moment and fucking while
wearing them without any issues.

Bonus** It’s made in the USA so buy it to support American
companies. 🙂

It’s always best to be prepared for any situation, buy Fleshlight STU
for peace of mind knowing you can take any girl who comes your way.

It’s 9 inches long. (not sure why people call it ‘pocket pussies’)

Fleshlight STU
I mean, I guess it fits..

The inside measures half and inch in width but stretches like a real vagina.

The extremely ribbed texture on the inside is what makes it more
intense than an actual pussy which is much smoother.
(And better lubricated if she’s not on her period)

Get creative! You can come up with your own routines, rounds, workouts, whatever you want to call them and eventually (within a few months depending on how serious you are) you’ll be a sex god.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal