FREE 7 Day Approaching Girls Program

FREE 7 Day Approaching Girls Program

This program was inspired by the GoodLookingLoser 8-week
Approach Anxiety Program.

I designed this 7 day Approaching girls program to set guys up for
success once they start hitting on girls in higher quantities and

I don’t expect anyone with any kind of responsibilities to go at this 7
days straight, no days off; but if you do have the free time, complete
the program as fast as you can. 

I don’t know where you live so you’ll have to figure out locations
near you highly populated with females; I recommend going to the


The one and only pre-requisite for this 7 day approaching girls
program is you must have AT LEAST a barely visible outline of a 4
pack when you flex your abs. 

I know for a fact (personal experience; not to mention common sense)
the better your abs look, the better the reactions you will receive
from girls.

This program is for guys who “should” be able to talk to girls; guys who look good enough to have a girlfriend but are too nervous or shy to walk up to strangers.

To be frank, if you are over 20% body fat I forbid you from doing this program; girls will think you are a super pedophile and treat you as such.

I don’t want you to do that to yourself and blame me or this program for it. 😘

Body Fat Percentage
The 4th pic is pushing it…

If you feel weird about going out alone, it is okay to bring ONE
friend along who doesn’t make fun of you nor does he get in your
way, do the drill solo, not as a tag team.

Ideally, make him do the drills as well, on his own, and you both meet
up later on and compare results.

(Really though, the guy is there to hold you accountable, he is not there to
talk to you the whole time and both of you end up not completing drills; if
that happens you need to drop him.) 

Before I set you on your way lets preview Day 1. and the structure of the program.

Day 1. Walk up to 10 girls and ask what kind of phone she has. (2 steps)

Step 1.  Ask girl what kind of phone she has

Step 2.  Tell her what kind of phone you have, tell her bye, followed by walking away. 

You will only move on to step 2 if you complete step 1.

If she ignores you or doesn’t let you know the type of phone she has the drill does not count as a girl, try again. << this means you may
end up approaching more than 10 girls, this is a part of the design
and beneficial to you!

Once you complete step 1 (she tells you the kind of phone she has) you complete step 2.

If it were me doing the drill I’d probably walk up to the girl and say “hey” (smile) “What kind of phone do you have?” 

You may add “I was wondering” or “this is random, but,” to the
beginning of the sentence if you wish.

She might say “an iPhone 7” with a confused look on her face, and I’d
say “cool, I have a broken iPhone 6” and pull it out and show her
followed immediately by saying “bye” and walking away. 

Troubleshooting: some girls may give some trouble and say “why do
you want to know”
etc. I would say “just curious” or “I’m doing a social

You will notice most girls will tell you what kind of phone they have
and will probably want to talk to you.

Some girls will be rude and unresponsive; if they are, walk away and
don’t count them.

If literally no girl will tell you what phone they have then you need to
work on your looks and stop the program. (Sorry)

Once you successfully complete steps 1 and 2 ten times you are
done for the day.

Make sure you set a timer before you start the drills and  take note
of how long it took you to complete the day.

Don’t move on to day 2 until you can complete day one in 30
minutes. << this means you may end up approaching for more than
7 days, this is a part of the design and beneficial to you!

You are an Extreme Pro if completed in 15 minutes or less.

How is this drill helping me to approach girls?

This is a very simple and basic drill to gauge where you are at.

You will learn walking up to girls is not as scary as you thought it was. 

After you complete day 1. reflect on it.

Think about how easy it was and how nothing bad happened at all.

Get excited to move on to day 2.

Now you know how the drills are set up, I will proceed. 

By the time you complete this program you would have approached
over 120+ girls which I’m willing to bet is more girls than you’ve
approached in your entire life.

If you can’t relax or be in the moment try Red Monkey at least 5 hours beforehand. (My sweet spot is usually 5-6 capsules)

Or pump your dick up before going out, for most guys this is a huge confidence booster.

Red Monkey Pills

I want you to talk to girls of all ages; older and younger than you.

Talk to girls who don’t fit your ‘scene’ either.

Especially talk to girls who at first intimidate you.

Day 2. Walk up to 20 girls and introduce yourself
and ask how her day is going. (2 steps)

Step 1.  Walk up to girl and introduce yourself, ask how her day is going

Step 2.  Ask her what kind of phone she has, tell her what phone you have and show it, then say bye

You will only move on to step 2 if she tells you how her day has been
going; if she ignores you or will not tell you how her day has been
going she does not count, try again.

Step 2. is only completed if she tells you the type of phone she has; if she tells you how her day is going but will not tell you the kind of phone she has, she counts as half a girl.

Your day is complete once 20 girls tell you how their day has been
going and also lets you know the kind of phone she has.

I would say “hey” (smile) “I’m brandon I just wanted to know how your day was going so far?” (smile)

She would probably say “good” 

Then I would say “cool, hey, what kind of phone do you have?” (while showing her my broken iPhone 6)

She would say “iPhone 7 plus” and I would say “bye nice talking to you” and walk away.

The walking away part is crucial.

Most girls will wonder what that was all about and you may be
tempted to tell her why you walked up to her and how you’re doing
this program thingy… don’t do it.

Just walk away, and focus on the next girl. 

You’ll notice most girls are happy you walked up to them and will
introduce themselves to you as well, (unless you live in the ghetto or look like a slob) so by now you should be comfortable walking up to
any girl if the interaction is friendly.

This is another simple and basic drill that will get you used to talking
to more and more girls.

20 girls as of now might sound like a lot, but after completing day 1, it likely won’t be.

If you have trouble with this one, don’t think as if you are doing a
program, in fact, genuinely get to know the girl you are talking to and
take interest in what she is saying.

Don’t move on to day 3 until you can complete this in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Extreme pro 30min 

Day 3. Walk up to 15 girls and introduce
yourself with a handshake. (2 steps)

Step1. Walk up to girl and introduce yourself, extend your hand for a handshake
Step2. After holding her hand for 7-10 seconds, ask her what kind of phone she has


If the girl doesn’t shake your hand it does not count. 

If the girl does shake your hand, hold on to it and don’t let go. 

Make her pull away and still don’t let go. 

After at least 7-10  seconds (count in your head, 1 miss-is-si-ppi, 2 mississippi, 3 mississippi etc.) of holding her hand let go and ask what kind of phone she has while showing her yours.

If you break the handshake within 7 seconds the drill does not count.

If she will not tell you what kind of phone she has but you were able to hold her hand for 7-10 seconds she counts as half a girl.

Those 7 seconds of holding her hand may seem like hell or it may seem very exciting, I suggest you learn to smile playfully.

If you look good she won’t think you’re a creep as often as if u looked gross.

hey I’m brandon,” *extend hand*

**during the handshake she may pull away; grab harder forcing her to hold on** << at this point she will either keep a dead hand and let you do as you please or may even start a conversation with you. 

OR she is trying to free her hand but you are not letting her but the situation is still playful, it is not tense and there is no chance of her panicking for any reason.

Worst case scenario the girl is freaked out and says STOP LET GO OF ME AND/OR FORCEFULLY PULLS HER HAND AWAY AND WALKS AWAY. << if it comes to this point (which I doubt it will) just leave the area and make sure no security or anything like that is looking at you. (You are liable to get kicked out of malls, in fact, I’ve been kicked out of a couple but it’s okay.)

MORE THAN LIKELY the situation will be scenario 1 or 2 where your interaction is playful and the girl is just trying to figure out why you won’t let go of her hand.

“So what kind of phone do you have [enter her name here if
 I have this shitty iPhone 6..”

She might say “me too haha”

“Ok cool bye.” *Walk away*

This drill is very important.

You’ll realize awkwardness only happens if you allow yourself to feel that way and only a pussy lets a girl’s rejection bring them down.

Don’t move on until you can complete in 3 hours.

Extreme pro 30min

Day 4. Walk up to 30 girls and say “hey you’re
and wink at her and smile and wait for a
response. (2 steps)

If the girl thanks you and/or is not rude and leaves, it counts as a completed step 1.

Step 2. Say “nice to meet you” and introduce yourself then leave.

I would walk up to girl and say “hey you’re sexy” while smiling at her
and wink at her when we make eye contact.

I would stand there (or walk with her) until a response is given.

She may say “thanks…” and I would Say “I’m Brandon nice to meet you” *wave bye* and walk away.

Don’t move on until done in 3 hours 

Extreme pro 1 hour

(Moving on pretty fast here; most girls will thank you if you look good; a lot of girls will also ignore you if they have a boyfriend.)

Just get your 30 girls as fast as you can.

Day 5. Walk up to 15 girls and introduce yourself
and ask “what are you up to today?” (3 steps)

Any reply by the girl is a completed step 1.

Step 2. Give her 2 genuine compliments.

Avoid using “I” instead use “you” e.g. “You have a pretty smile”, “You dress good” > “I like your smile”, “I like your fit”

☟ If you don’t know what to say use at least 2 of these ☟

You are really pretty / beautiful / sexy / attractive

You have great  eyes / smile / hair / style / personality

Step 3. Go in for a Hug

The drill does not count unless you hug the girl for at least one second. 

The day is completed upon hugging 15 girls.

“Hey I’m Brandon, what you up to today?”

“uhh.. nice to meet you, just gonna go home after this”

“You look really genuinely nice, You have a pretty smile.”

“ummm okay.. “

*hug her* (briefly)

“whoa what was that?”

*walk away* (probably laughing the whole thing off)

^^^Totally hypothetical situation but I’ve been through it more than a few times.

Finish in 3 hours to move on.

Extreme pro 1 hour 

(If you hug a girl who is obviously hugging you back hug as hard and warm as you can without suffocating her. 

Most girls will just stand there until you stop hugging and or it will just be a quick hug. 

Any hug counts.)

Day 6. Walk up to 15 girls (at night) and say “hey how do you like my outfit?” (With pose) (2 steps)

*Walk up to girl* “hey how do you like my outfit?” *Strike a pose* (MUST STRIKE POSE)

Any reply from the girl is a completed step 1.

Step 2. is completed by giving a compliment using “I” not “you” AND simultaneously touching her or something she is wearing. 

“I like your smile” *run fingers through her hair*


*walk away* (might say bye, might not)

(You can grab her hand and say “I like your nails / bracelet / rings”)

No matter what the girl’s reply to step 1. is, touch something on her,
and give a flirty compliment and then say your goodbye, and leave.

This is obviously a helpful drill since you are now able to touch a girl while flirting with her at night time.

Doesn’t count unless you touch her or her clothing and give a compliment.

Finish in 3 hours to move on.

Pro = 1 hour

If you’re not old enough to go to bars or clubs, go to the movies,
malls or arcades.

If you absolutely can’t or won’t go out at night it’s fine you can
accomplish everything you need to with daytime approaching.

Day 7. Walk up to 5 girls and lead them to a nearby sitting area (1 step)

Walk up to as many girls as it takes to complete today’s drill.

You will be walking girls over to a table or bench, (or anyplace you
can sit down) so plan your setting ahead of time. (Find a spot close by
with an open table or a bench up to 10 seconds away walking

Step 1. Stop a walking girl dead in her tracks and make eye contact and introduce yourself with a smile and a hand shake.

At some point extend your hand again while saying “I wanna get to know you a little better, follow me” and start walking her to a table or bench.

Step 1. Is completed upon sitting down with her.

*If the girl won’t grab your hand again after the handshake, you must grab her hand; expect to be rejected a lot. (Good thing)

How To Hold Girls Hand
Proper way to hold a girl’s hand, walk IN FRONT.

If she asks “what are we doing?” or “where are you taking me?” say
“just talking at this table over here.” (Don’t walk along side her holding her hand,  literally lead her to the table or bench and sit down.)

*Do not let go of her hand even if she gives you some resistance; force her to either walk with you or forcefully pull away.

Once you’ve walked a girl over 5-10 seconds and have sat down with her, it counts. 

You may continue with saying whatever you want, or leave. 

Any girl who pulls away while walking her and/or does not sit with you, doesn’t count. 

Get 5 girls to sit down with you (you must be holding their hand and leading them) and you’ve completed the program.


Extreme pro = 45 minutes

Smiley girls (nice girls) may give in to your persistence; this drill
teaches you to persist on and realize a girl’s “no” can easily be
changed to a “yes” by simply not immediately giving up. 

This drill will get you accustomed with being rejected; you should have gotten over the fear of rejection by Day 4. but if not, this drill
will destroy it.

Also, you will seem confident to these girls, (even if you don’t feel that way) and this will translate into real confidence being built. 


A note to guys who can’t do this or think they are too cool to do this or think this stuff is for clowns and
(I know plenty of guys feel this way about
the AA program on GoodLookingLoser, even I did at

Any man who views himself as a man can do these drills in a serious manner quite easily. 

If you view yourself as a kid you will struggle. 

You need to build a mindset where you are a man who doesn’t feel ashamed of your actions and especially could care less what a female who is not your wife or daughter thinks of you. 

Your goal isn’t an approach anxiety cure or learning how to get laid, your goal is to view yourself as an independent grown-up who can handle any task.

Leave comments with general program related questions; DM me on Twitter for personal questions.