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How to Get Laid Online

Sure you’re good at talking to girls you already know like you, but it can be hard walking up to a complete stranger to find out.

For this, I recommend online dating apps for your smart phone.

Your time and emotions invested can be very little after you know what you are doing and you can repeat the process every single day.

Once you learn how to meet up with girls on the internet, learning how to chill with girls you meet in person will be a lot easier.

There are no guarantees that everyone will get laid online but I will show you what to do to drastically improve your chances. 

Disclaimer: I haven’t used online dating since 2014.

After that it got lame, I got pretty good at fucking girls who were not as hot as me and I didn’t want to spend anymore time doing that. 

I feel there is a lot of potential in online dating though, for guys who haven’t had much sex, if any, but it’s a lot more saturated now than it was back then (pre-Tinder days) when I did it. 

Nowadays there are more transvestites, prostitutes and fat feminists on there than anything and most of the girls have the app as another form of social media looking for text buddies with no intention of actually meeting with guys.

However, if you look really good, online dating apps will always be able to get you laid, so if you are ripped and stylish and know how to take some good selfies, it’s worth pursuing if you have trouble hitting on girls in the real world. 

I recommend online dating if you know you are a really hot guy with some ab definition and good style.

You have to look good or else girls are not going to meet up with you.

The amount of guys competing against you is insane so the only way you stand a chance at getting your profile viewed is if your profile is in the top 20% compared to the rest of guys.

I hate to tell you this, but if you know you aren’t hotter than 8 out of 10 average guys, you need to up your looks before you try online dating.

Before starting online dating you need to be aware of 3 things:

1. You are going to fuck girls not as hot as you.

Think about it, why would a girl meet up with a guy not as hot as her when there are so many thirsty guys hotter than she is, dying to meet up with her just as much as the uglier guy?

Lower your standards. If you are sexually inexperienced you need to just get some experience.

Use online dating to meet up with girls not as hot as you and get that experience with them.

If you have a ton of sexual experience don’t do online dating because it’s a waste of your time, focus on getting the hottest girls you can offline.

Good Looking Loser says if you haven’t slept with over 10 girls or can’t fuck a new girl in 2 weeks then you shouldn’t try getting into a relationship nor should you have high standards.

I believe the same.. maybe 20 girls.

As much as I bash fat girls, if you are a virgin or not getting laid at all, you are going to have to chill with some not so attractive, fatter than you’d like, girls at first.

At first, you are going to have to chill with girls that aren’t too hot so you so you build that player mindset and treat em’ like they are
replaceable or disposable.

It’s easy to chill with a girl you don’t think is hot and tell her to suck your dick because if she refuses what do you care?

She aint shit but a slob for your knob.

It’s hard to chill with a super hot girl you really like and do the same thing since if she ends up refusing It’ll probably hurt your ego.

Girl Who Hurt My Ego

After you chill with (and fuck) several not so hot girls and build that mindset where “a bitch aint shit but another number added to my fuck list” you will learn to take that mindset with hotter and hotter girls until you genuinely develop a real asshole-ish confidence that the
hot girls will like, and, you won’t be scared of them.

Online dating is really just you learning how to chill with girls and fuck them so when you do start talking to the hotter girls in real life, you’ll know what to do and won’t be nervous.

2. You are going to Ignore rejection.

I need you to understand online rejection (and rejection in real life) means nothing.

Don’t let it hurt you.

Brush it off, think of it as a girl letting you know she doesn’t want to waste your time so she will leave the interaction; that is fine; you’re on to the next one.

If you can’t get over rejection and realize that not every single girl is going to want to connect with you then you will not get far with girls.

In the mean time keep messaging girls, keep talking to random girls you meet in your day to day commute, keep working on your style, keep going to the gym, keep doing penis enhancement.

I got rejected more times than the amount of times most guys hit on girls. I never let it get me down.

Online Dating Rejection

3. Online dating can not be the only way you meet girls.

You must be out at least a couple times a week talking to upwards of ten girls.

You don’t need to try to get their number from the get go, but you should be doing what ever you can to get out of your comfort zone until you are comfortable with interacting with strangers (girls) then you can set your dates up in person and use online dating to
supplement your amount of dates a week.

Believe me when I say success with girls becomes much easier when you’re setting up dates in the real world.

My experience with online dating –

I’ve used online dating sites / apps from 2012 through 2015 and probably met up with over 40 girls from them.

Majority of the girls I’ve done anything sexual with have come from the internet, and I can say that I can land hotter girls in person than I can online.

I think this holds true for most guys, assume that girls you get online are not going to be of as high quality as girls you could get offline.

It took me at least five months after creating my first account to
finally land a “meet-up” with a female.

I think I remember it taking two weeks before I received my first
reply mainly because I was young and looked young.

A girl would never send a message to me first.

As I gained more experience with the apps I started to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t.

I first signed up for Plenty Of Fish sometime in october 2012 and didnt really start fucking girls off it till mid 2013.

I’d get on every single day for hours at a time and message every
single girl that was on the screen.

Eventually I got to the point where I could get on my phone and within 30 minutes, have a date set up for sometime that week.

Girl From OkCupid.

Here’s a list of the apps I’ve gotten laid with:

Pof (Majority of lays came from here)
Badoo / Hot or Not (Majority came from here too)
OkCupid (Got quite a few from here as well)
DateHookup (Don’t bother trying this)
Skout (Works good for my friend not me)
MeetMe (Works good at first, then slows)

White girl text

Nowadays there are way more apps and I suggest downloading all of them and finding the ones you like the most.

I wouldn’t pay for any apps unless I fucked a few girls off the free versions first. (I never payed)

Thirsty girl.

After a year or more experience with messaging every girl, I switched focus to specialized methods to attract what I like or what likes me.

I might only use one app for a while and mod that profile into the best ‘hook’ to catch what I have higher success at catching, for
example, black girls and smokers like me, so I’ll change my profile into something that best suits them and master this one app before dong the same to another app.

Example- Plenty Of Fish was a bit more ratchet than OkCupid which was way more hipster; I’d look a bit more hood and wouldn’t make my profile ‘educated’ on Pof while on Okc I’d try to look a bit more intelligent but still be aggressive.

It’s a good thing to be perceived as a player even if you’re not.

Girls always accused me of having sex when I wasn’t  with them, or being a player / good with girls but really I was inexperienced, but, moving very quickly embracing stretching my comfort zone.

To them, there was no way someone who’s not a player would kiss a girl 10 minutes after meeting them like I was doing.

I was trying to get out of my comfort zone.

Fucking girls came easy to me because I didnt put pressure on myself thinking about all the mean things she’d say to me if I tried to kiss her too soon or how bad rejection would hurt me since at the end of the day, I was focused on learning how to push my comfort zone.

They saw that I wasn’t nervous and didn’t let their intitial rejections put me down and that gave me some clout, I seemed cocky and
confident and they ate that shit up.

Even when texting them, even if I knew I wouldn’t meet up with her, I’d text outrageous stuff just to get out of my comfort zone and build that “not giving a fuck” mindset.

The most valuable thing I learned is that being bold usually goes
better than what you’d expect.

Be Bold When Texting.

Be Bold, It Works

Eventually after a lot of practice with the apps I had so many dates set up I couldnt meet up with every girl even though most of them would have flaked anyway.

It felt good to look at my messages and have 5 different girls hitting me up at the same time.

Online dating


How to set up your profile

Don’t come off nice, come off aggressive.

Aggressive doesn’t mean look angry or mean, it means look like you want to fuck the girl you’re talking to instead of just being friends.

Online dating apps are basically  huge filtering platforms.

By that I mean people click on other users who’s profile pic interests them and filter out the rest.

Therefor, your pictures must be really good. Like really really good.

You have a lot, a lot, of competition on there and the only way to rise to the top is if your pictures are getting clicked on more than the other guys’.

Therefor, you need to be sexy; if you know in your heart you aren’t
as sexy as you should be, maybe you should work on that first.

I didnt look so sexy, but I dressed good and took good pictures and looked like a player so it seemed to a girl that if she chilled with me I probably wouldn’t be boring.

It also is not a bad idea to up-sell your pictures to portray you as “cool” or “sexy” whether you feel that way or not.

Most of the time you want your profile to filter out what you’re not looking for and lure in what you are looking for; but this takes time to get better at.

I tell you to be aggressive because you want to filter out the girls looking for a relationship (don’t get your girlfriend from the internet) and look for the girls who want to chill right away.

Understand that majority of male profiles give off needy nice guy or average guy vibes with boring closet mirror photos.

I suggest you have no more than four pictures.

Make these the best four pictures you can possibly have.

Remember, girls are filtering out all the average guys but it’s not hard to stand out if you look sexy.

I can’t tell you how to choose your pics but I can give you some
examples that would definitely make you stand out;

have a photo with a hot girl in it,

have a photo portraying you as cool and with the current fashion dressed to kill,

have a photo portraying you as sexy, maybe your 6pack,

have a photo that shows you are cool and don’t sit at home and play World of Warcraft on the weekends; maybe at a bar / party

These are some pics I used back then and got laid with:

Online dating pics

Your username is not super important but it can help screen out girls you don’t want.

For example (not a good one) if you’re not looking to meet up with a girl looking for a relationship, put 69 in your username.

Not once have any girls asked me to prove my age and they have never confronted me about my incorrect height.

With that being said, it’s okay to lie a little about your age and list yourself being a few inches taller than you really are.

No need to make your “about me” long or try hard.

Just state what you are looking for and somewhere in there put something along the lines of “dont be afraid to hit me up if you are
interested, ill take it from there :)”
credit to goodlookingloser.

You don’t have to word it like that, just word it to match your
personality and make sure you get the point across that you will
handle everything once you see she is interested.

Once you are confident in your profile do what ever you can to make it better.

Go out in your coolest outfit and have a friend take a pic of you doing something wild, hit the gym to show off your ripped abs, get a
masculine tattoo, whiten your teeth; make sure you’re looking your
100% best in all your photos.

How to send messages efficiently

I recommend the douchey spam method (as long as you look good and have a clickable profile) rather than the nice guy method.

Douchey spam method = send the same messages over and over with slight variations (so you don’t get banned) and get the number as fast as possible.

Nice guy method = change up your messages with each girl based on the type of girl you think she is, try to connect with her and get her to like you.

With online dating expect to fuck lower quality girls than you could if you talked to girls in person.

You really cant be picky with online girls you just have to message all of them and treat them like a number or a piece of meat literally.

The reason I put so much emphasis on having a really good profile is so you can send the same cookie cutter messages to each different girl, it won’t really matter what you say, you won’t have to put thought into your messages, the girls will reply anyway since you look good.

Don’t spend too much time or emotions on one girl, just get her
number quickly.

Every time I hear a guy say “man I’m talking to this fine chick right now, look she’s texting me right now” I would just laugh at him for not going to fuck her right this instant, I’d ask him what he was waiting for and he couldn’t give me an answer.

Don’t get caught up in one or two girls, stick to the plan which is to get her number, call her, set up the date, go on the date, and fuck her while on the date.

All that extra texting stuff is just fluff and gets in the way of you
talking to more girls, setting up more dates.

Your life will be so much easier when online dating if you just look at the pics and don’t even read the words on her profile.

If you’d fuck her, send “sup sexxyy” (OR WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE SAYING) to her and every other girl you’d have sex with.

Same thing in the street, if you’d smash, say “what’s up u look sexy.”

When you start inferring or assuming things (judging) based on what you perceive about her, (based on what she puts out on her profile, or in real life, her conversation) you fuck up.

Read that again.

When you start assuming things based on what you’ve read about her or based on what she has told you, you don’t stick to the routine, you try something different, you try to please her or get her to
approve of you.

You are chasing her now.

You are now investing too much time and emotions.

Just keep the exact same 1 or 2 lines with every girl.

Sure you’ll lose some, but you are 100% guaranteed to get at least 1!

DO NOT stress over 1 fish. You’re a big shark.

You can tell you’re doing this when you start prioritizing a girl over other girls.

You can’t force a girl to like you, it’s either she likes you or she doesn’t.

You want to have the same non-nervous asshole attitude you have with unattractive girls, when you are with attractive ones.

They should all be treated the same.

Use the same lines, “hey sexy” or “whats up you look good” (those are what I use, you can use whatever you want) if she doesn’t want to chill don’t find a solution to get her to chill just find someone else who will.

Your time shouldn’t be spent on trying to talk a girl into liking you, you should focus your time on boosting your looks, style, confidence, and social skills then more and more girls will find you attractive and your lines will be more effective.

“Not sure if I messaged u or not, but u look good I’m brandon”

Say whatever you want to say, the main point here is to keep the lines the same every time to save you the mental stress.

It’s simple statistics, if you have a different opener for every single girl, you’re not being efficient (as just having 1-2) and your reply
percentage goes down.

Message 100 girls every single day using your same openers. (When you genuinely feel like it, if you’re just not feeling it, dont even waste your time it won’t go well)

“What’s your number i dont want to text on here”

It’s like flipping a coin, the previous result has zero effect on the outcome of the next one.

Your chances are 50/50 using the same lines over and over.

Either she’s down to chill or she’s not.

You will need to be on the apps every day for 3-4 (or more) hours like it’s a part time job.

Your goal for now is at any given moment to have a date setup in less than 30 minutes from the time you open the apps.

You should be sending a hunderd messages a day and maxing out the amount of times you can heart or dislike people.

The more messages you send the more chances you have of getting a bite.

Don’t spend too much time reading profiles; ideally you will just be filtering the pictures to determine if you would or would not have sex with this person.

Do not message someone you wouldn’t consider having sex with obviously.

Lower your standards, if you would at least let her suck your dick, message her.

I usually just sent variations of “hey”.

You have to mix it up a bit; I believe if you send three identical
messages in a day all of your messages after that will not send with
no warning.

Your first two weeks will be trail and error figuring out what works and what doesn’t, what to filter for, and how to improve reply rate.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive any messages after a long time; I did, and as a result took way longer than I should to become successful with the apps.

After you get a reply your goal is to move the conversation to phone as quickly as possible.

Some girls like talking on the phone and will have no problem letting you call them; some are a bit shy and will make up some excuse and have you text them instead which is fine too.

I suggest moving very quickly and getting her number by the forth message.

This is just a guideline, sometimes you will get the number after eight messages, sometimes after two.

Here’s an example message.

me: hey

girl:hey 🙂

me: i thought u were cute and wanted to see if you were cool 🙂 im brandon.

girl: thanks 🙂 im stephanie

me: nice to meet you stephanie, whats your number ill call you in a few minutes

girl: okay (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

How to get her number

This would be a good scenario which will happen often once you have an above average profile.

A lot of things can go differently here, just keep the small talk to a minimum and get the number.

If you have a long thread of 15+ messages and still haven’t got her to give you her number, either you’re moving too slow or she’s too
conserved and you may want to consider filtering her hard with a
message like “you seem cool and i really wanna meet you, give me your
number so we can set up a date, ill call you in a little bit”.
(In your own
slang however you actually talk in real life)

Whether you’re texting her or talking to her over the phone, get her to commit to a time and place for your date.

Ideally, pick her up or have her come over.

You don’t need to explain what you will be doing just make sure she knows when you will be seeing each other for the first time.

At first it was too much for me to call a girl over the phone so I would just text.

This made me learn very slowly from any mistakes I was making.

After more and more exposure I was able to not think twice and call immediately after receiving the number.

A lot of times I’d have the date set up but I wouldn’t commit (I was pussy) and I’d leave the girl hanging and never speak to her again probably making her feel really bad.

This also held me back from reaching my potential.

In the beginning I was meeting up with fat girls who I weren’t all that attracted to if at all but I’d make them give me head.

This got me comfortable with the process of setting up a date and following through, and commanding head from a girl.

Setting Up Date via Text

Other tips are to use the search functions when you can to filter for girls you know are going to like you and make sure you avoid getting catfished.

If it seems too good to be true, 99% of the time it is.

It’s either a fake profile, prostitue or tranny.

Make sure you look out for ‘TS’ or overly hoeish profiles and stay away.

Bold Texting
This is the first girl who’s mouth I came in. Thanks to some online dating app.

As you get better you will want to start filtering just for sex.

Not everyone can do this however.

You must be better looking than 9 out of 10 guys, and you must look cooler than 9 out of 10 guys.

Then you can just start saying “hey your hot” “wanna chill” “cool gimme your number”.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Unless you truly feel you can filter for sex, stick with setting up dates which can easily lead to sex if you stick to your game plan.


Once you master online dating and get your body on point you can take your skills to facebook and Instagram where you can meet up with higher quality girls expecting to “hangout.”

Since these aren’t dating apps they will be blown away by how fast you escalate. (I haven’t done so, but my friends who are way better looking than me have)

Once you’re finally on your date, you must’ve decided beforehand what you want the outcome of it to be and you’re working toward making it a reality weather it be having lunch with  a female
companion or getting oral sex in the back of your car.

Just remember that the outcome of one date is not too significant since you are working toward having so many other dates set up in a week you simply can not attend them all.

This is when you know you have reached success with online dating.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal