For You Guys Who Want To Be Healthy: READ THIS

Don’t Prioritize The Optimization Of Your Health

Don’t go fix your vision, just keep squinting and living life

Don’t maximize your Testosterone-levels so you can keep living like a

Don’t workout or eat enough protein, just eat soy and trans fat to build your gut.

*On a serious note, make sure you guys go get all the health
problems you have, or think you have, looked at and stop
putting it off.

I’ve put off getting my bad shoulder and knee looked at for too long.

But why?

Getting my shoulder fixed means I’ll be able to press more!

Getting my knee fixed means I’ll be able to squat more!

(Or I can keep putting it off until I have a severe injury preventing me from lifting heavy ever again… Is that really what I want?)

I’ve put off getting my vision corrected and fixing my teeth for too long.

But why?

Am I really that lazy I can’t make an appointment? 

Am I really that cheap and ignorant I won’t prioritize making the vessel of my mind and soul (my body) the best it can possibly be?

Eventually these problems will become so bad I’d be a moron not to take care of them right now while I can still easily do so.

Once these worries are taken care of I’d be so much more free mentally and physically.

All the problems I know I’ve been putting off in the back of my mind won’t be there anymore thus increasing the quality of my happiness and life.

The point here guys is to take care of all health problems you’ve been putting off so you can move past those pesky worries.

The first step is NOT HARD, simply call or go online and make an appointment. 

Maybe you have a little joint pain, would it kill you to buy
invest in a joint supplement?


Bone UpJoint Builder

Being healthy is about optimizing your body; maxing out your stats physically so you can have a healthy mind. 

Mind-body connection. 

To have clear thoughts, concentrated focus and fire burning inside you, your body has got to keep up.

For anyone who doesn’t know where to start I recommend first evaluating your symptoms.

How do you feel?

Do your teeth hurt? Go to the dentist.

Does your body feel fatigued all the time? Do you know your testosterone levels?

Does your shoulder hurt when bench pressing? Maybe make an appointment with a chiropractor who specializes in athletic injuries?

Maybe you don’t have any symptoms and health to you is
being fit and active while eating a healthy diet and avoiding
intoxicants. Great.

Still, go get a blood test and have your doctor let you know if
anything is wrong.

Don’t settle for “your fine” strive to be as healthy as you can be. 

Buy and read Get Serious and The TRT Manual to totally
optimize your health and watch everything else in your life fall
in place.

Mind-body connection. 

– Written by Brandon Ramlal