How to be a player.

How to be a Player

*This post assumes you have skills needed to talk to girls.*

You get better at skills through practice.

Simply Speak to Girls in Your Day to Day Life and on the Internet and Being a Player Will be Simple.

It’s probably a will thing :

Firstly, a Player is Something You Are, Not Something You Do.

(I didn’t talk to 100+ girls in a week because I wanted to be a player, I did it because I like pussy.)

You can be single and be a player, or you can be in a relationship and be a player.

You are not cheating if you let your girlfriend know you’re fucking other girls. 

(Convince her to do threesomes) 

Consider: Is it really cheating if she never finds out?


You can be a saint and just fuck a lot of girls when you are single.

My take on it is, we two are simply dating around.

She is your GIRLFRIEND not your wife.

Unless she is mother to your child you should not be monogamous with her if you have thoughts of sleeping with other women. 

It’s up to you whether you allow her to sleep with other men or you want non-monogamy to apply only to you.

(You are leading the relationship and make the rules)

Option 1Date Around

Option 2 – No Strings Attached Sex

I’ve lived option 2 my entire life until last month when I decided:


I am now living option 1.

I Wear This Same Shirt All The Time

If she’s ‘the one’ you should be willing to not have sex with another woman for the rest of your life besides her.

Until then, ‘date around‘ and don’t stress over losing ANY bitch.

(For a long time I viewed myself as non-relationship material and believed I should be just one-night stand / fuckbuddy material but this was largely me being stubborn and close-minded.)

Girls See a Player as This ⇓


You can fake confidence, some people will fall for it but when you genuinely have it people either hate on you or they are drawn to you like a magnet and try to please you, not just strangers, but friends and family too.

Understand what confidence looks like to girls:

Being yourself in every given situation.

Generic I know.

A girl actually wants you to be totally concerned with yourself so she can be herself around you.

She follows, you lead.

Ask yourself what YOU want to do, not her.


What it looks like to girls:

Assholes who have a cute / funny side (Me?)


Polite straight edged guys who are fit / edgy 

You’re not a typical character in society.

You can’t be labeled.

No one understands you fully.

You are hard to figure out.

You have to be confident enough in yourself

(or not insecure about yourself)

to open your mind and try different things to develop contrast.

Good Looking

You look good.

You look like you can get pussy based off looks alone.

aka, You’re not fat.

aka, You stand up straight and keep your chin up.

aka, You take up space.

aka, You prioritize the way you look


A lot of good-looking guys are are not getting as much pussy as they deserve because

they don’t lead the situation.

They place girls as their equal and quite frankly need to man up and lead the situation.

You need to feel 100% entitled to those girl’s pussy.

Girls are intimidated by guys (since they look good) but most are good at disguising it with humor, sarcasm, or plain rudeness.

Guys need to not buy into this behavior and realize

Men lead.

Women follow.

To be a player, your mindset literally is,

“Me > any bitch”

You are a MAN.

Men are NOT scared of women and don’t even consider the opinion of a woman.

You need women in your life because you need sex.

Sex comes first.

Make sex happen before trying to worry about how she feels because it’s about how YOU feel.

Girls who have a clue will respect you and follow you till’ you end it if you’d just do what ever the fuck you want without worrying about how it makes her feel.

She will learn how to please you.

⇑This alone is all most of you will need to hear to get over your fear of girls.

If you aren’t smashing pussy on the regular, you are either scared of girls, don’t look good enough, or have too high standards.

What to Do If You Are Scared of girls Rejection

Complete the AA program.

Do not skip a day of speaking to girls.

Player = touch every girl you speak to.

I Wear This Same Shirt all the Time

If you are scared to talk to ANY GIRL

(no matter how ‘sexy’ she is)

you haven’t spoke to enough girls without having a reason.

How many guys do you see talk to a girl for no reason at all but just because she looked good and he just had to go say


What Good Looks Really Is

Fancy clothing is a perk, but not necessary.

(Looks is more about features, clothing is a status thing.)

You want to look like you dont give a fuck about criticism and are super comfortable about yourself at all times.

(Regardless if you have a haircut, or aren’t wearing your ‘fresh fit’)

You should Prioritize your BODY.

Get ripped / jacked and it doesn’t matter what you wear, it will fit you nicely.

(The clothes don’t make you look good, you make the outfit with your posture, aura and presence.

Clothes might boost your confidence, but you want to be confident with no clothes on when you’re fucking a girl.

You will feel entitled to hotter women as your body gets sexier.)

Low Body Fat > Get Big

Girls love abs and a sharp jawline.

Guys admire men who are huge, girls, not as much.

Your Standards Are Too High

Don’t start filtering for flaws until you can get laid consistently.

(If you really have standards for yourself you’d be fucking something instead of saying

“My standards are too high.”)

You lack social freedom.

You run away from this problem by pointing out flaws in girls and this makes you no better than loser girls who blame men all the time.

All you need to do is tackle your fear of rejection. 

Pro tip:

 Girls LOVE to be hit on by players.

Just not losers. 

Back in the day (before Tinder) girls got hit on all the time and found it annoying. 

Nowadays men have lost their ability to hit on girls in public (thanks to the internet) so if you hit on a girl in person this automatically gives you clout. 

I Started off fucking 6’s. (Online Dating)


You’ll start off fucking girls not as hot as you so it should be easy.

After fucking so many 6’s you’ll start feeling entitled to 7’s, then 8’s, then you will feel like you deserve to fuck any 9 or 10 out there.

No shame nor guilt in a players game. 

Get Over Rejection

You may not be ‘scared of girls’ but

if you’re scared of getting rejected or being laughed at for getting denied, you are scared of girls.


Girls are emotional.

Some feel pride from shooting guys down. 

Some get an ego boost in making other people feel bad.

You are smarter than them.

You are stronger than them.

You are the DOMINANT gender.

They are the SUBMISSIVE gender.

Know your role.

Give a girl no other option than to please you or else you are on to the next.

So long as you fuck her properly, she will stick around forever. 

Stuck up girls who try to be intimidating do not know their role and should be laughed at instead of feared / admired.

(Fuck them tho)

Realize girls are super insecure about themselves.

They live their lives to look the best they possibly can to impress men whether they admit it or not.

So take pride in being a man and go claim what’s rightfully yours. (Pussy)

People are going to laugh at you and call you lame because you are going to get rejected a whole lot more times than girls they’d even converse with.

(Sad huh?

Since you’ll be fucking while they are worried about offending their ‘standards’.)

Move Too Fast

You will NOT be spending too much time on any one girl since there are too many of them out there to get stuck on ONE.

There is NO WAY you can smash every single girl you speak to,

but if you keep approaching new girls you will get laid frequently.

Consider a girl telling you “no” right away as you being efficient with your time.

Just walk away and talk to other girls until you find one who smiles back at you, stares back into your eyes and doesn’t flinch when you touch her.



The two factoring emotions you need to rid yourself of is guilt and shame.

I always preach logic > emotion.

In this case, the logical thing to do would be,

Do whatever possible to FUCK THE GIRL ASAP

The emotional thing to do would be,

text her all the time,

worry about what to type or say,

wonder if she wants to fuck,❌

be scared of getting shot down.

With logic, you rid yourself of all these pussy emotions and do what you need to do with no shame or guilt.


I don’t mean, be rude, I mean, be SELFISH.


You get her respect by being selfish, you get her to love you by giving her orgasms.

You do want to be a player right?

Being a player is so much easier when you think of these girls as just another # added to your list.

Player = you are a playing a game.

Treat sex as a game / sport and be a better competitor.

Like video games / sports, you don’t need to dedicate your whole life to it nor take it too seriously.

You get better at things you view as fun.

When walking up to a sexy girl becomes fun,

you are a player.

You may not be having sex,

but people will consider you a player anyway.


every girl you speak to is you trying to fuck them.

(as fast as possible and every single time you see her)

You need to let this be known either






By not making it absolutely clear the first time you met her

that you want to be MORE than just friends.

(You want to fuck)

How to do this?

Flirt. Touch her. Try to kiss her.

Just be aggressive.

It’s ALWAYS BEST to lose a girl by moving too fast

(she will respect you)

than to be friend zoned.

(She views you as a lil bitch)

This life aint’ for everybody,

but just remember these two phrases:

“nice guys finish last”

“no more mr. nice guy”

If you can get laid by a new female in 1 week, you’re there. 

No need to prioritize sex.

If not, keep reading.

You’re going to have to speak to every girl you think is attractive until you never pussy out.

Ask 100 girls for her #.

At least 1 will say yes; can’t get caught up on one fish.

(100 sounds like a lot now; take this seriously and 100 can be done in  mere hours spread throughout the week)

When you have all these numbers,

you will now ask each of them to chill with you.

When you are chilling with all these girls you will now be

pulling out your dick

once you’re hard and

proceed to fuck. 

Don’t take her number when she’s dying for you to make out with her.

Don’t tease her with a kiss when you can take her to your car and fuck her there with little resistance.

Don’t get caught up in the steps.

Just get laid.

Do it in as least amount of steps as possible.

Tips From Me

The only thing you should switch up with each girl you approach is your ‘level of education’.

(Always be aggressive as possible or do what you want.

I use the same lines over and over.)

If she’s smart be smart.

If she’s uneducated be that.

treat every girl the same way:

(as if she is barely on your level and you are cooler / hotter than her.)

Girls can sense when you feel like you are cooler than them (and they believe it) and vice versa.

I’m not going to give you a bunch of cookie-cutter lines to say to girls.

What you say does not matter and how you say it definitely does not matter.

What matters is how you look and how you carry yourself.

First Impressions Matter A Lot

Introduce yourself to her as a player who’s feelings can not be hurt and you now can do no wrong.

You don’t feel shame so she has no power over your emotions anymore.

She is reduced to only your fuck-thing and this

turns her on.

You not only want to look sexy,

you need to spew confidence.

(Take into consideration when I tell you to be ‘confident’

You are trying to impress GIRLS NOT MEN.)

Confidence merely means

never show her you are nervous or insecure or feel anxiety.

You should be comfortable enough in your own skin to be able to say


I still get shot down to this day.

When it happens I laugh and think in my head

“lmao what a dumb bitch.. she missing out on this SUPA DICK”



If you haven’t already noticed,

being a player is all about

changing your mindset to one which allows you to feel deserving of any girl you find attractive.

If you believe it, it will show.

You will get laid.

A lot.

All you have to do is make it happen and treat every potential problem getting in the way as a learning experience and quickly figure out a solution.



From now you will put in effort to fuck


you speak to until you get laid.

You have 14 days..

– Written by Brandon Ramlal