never be bored

I’m Simply Never Bored

I don’t get bored unless I’m in an unleavable interaction.


I’d simply go somewhere and not be bored.

I’m never bored because I can be creating or growing.

I’m obsessed with creating and growing like some super fun video game.

Creating simply means making art.

In my case, this site and other creative outlets I can monetize are  forms of creating. 

If I’m bored,

I’ll start writing or make a video for Youtube. 

I have fun when I make art.

Growing simply means getting better at life.

I grow by getting better at the things I want to get better at.

Just so happens,

all the things I want to get better at will make life better for me too,

which makes it fun.

If I’m bored,

I’ll workout or stretch.

As long as I have my laptop with me (and internet connection) there is no way I can be bored because I’ll always have something to do.

As long as I have my body and some open space,

I can’t be bored since I will simply find something to do

Brandon Ramlal
So bored I took a selfie. (2013)

I used to get bored all the time.

I’d smoke,

get extremely bored and have to find something to do and if I couldn’t decide on my own,

I’d have to ‘hit people up’ to see if they had anything for me to do.

How pathetic.

Thankfully I took control over my life remembered what
matters most,


I need to be doing the things that will keep me busy,

make me better,


have fun while doing it.

I’ve learned to turn my goals into fun. 

It’s funner to break a personal record or make art than to go out and have “fun”.

One of my goals was to “pull” a girl from the mall. (have sex)

I simply went to the mall everyday and spoke to every attractive girl until it happened.

I had fun doing it since becoming socially free was an important goal of mine..

and because I like sex. 

I did not have to rely on friends or spending money to have fun since speaking to sexy girls is entertaining and productive.

Ask yourself:

“What can I be doing right now to be productive / reach my goals?”

If you truly want to reach your goals,

nothing would satisfy you more than to do just that. 

It doesn’t matter what the goals are,

as long as you do something to reach it,

you can’t be bored.

Taking care of my morning routing helps tremendously,

those are all habits that will take me to the next level and I still have the rest of my day to play with.

Not taking life seriously till this.

It’s rare you see a man with every one of these qualities.

It’s genuinely fun for me to get better and this is why I can not ever be bored. 

My goals are built around achieving these bigger goals.

  • Money is abundant simply means having more money coming in  than I’d ever want to spend.
  • Sex comes easily is self-explanatory.
  • Time is for play simply means I have 24 hours to do as I wish with no obligations such as a job.
  • Dick is the biggest simply means I want my dick to be above 7.5 inches in length and above 5.5 inches in girth.
  • Body is respected simply means I want to weigh 175+ lbs at under 6% body-fat year round.
  • Fear is conquered simply means I will adopt a dominant mindset and never pussy out in things that are good for my growth. 

Life is simply a (fun) video game.

I’m simply trying for the top player in the world.

I simply don’t have the time nor desire to be bored since I have these things I need / want to be doing.

I simply found some stuff I care about more than anything else and learned to make pursuit of these things


How can I be bored?

If you are bored and can not come up with a few habits or a routine to follow everyday to effectively spend your time,

you may simply copy mine:


  1. Movement

    Take a walk, stretch, get a massage from your girlfriend.

  2. Whiten + Facial
    Teeth Whitening at Home
    Click here to see how i whiten my teeth.

    Facial Mask Ingredients
    3 parts clay + 1 part charcoal + water = best weekly facial mask
  3. Bodyweight + Iron Progression

    Break a personal record in a lift or bodyweight movement.

  4. Bathmate Progression

    Break a personal record in the Bathmate. How to progress in the Bathmate

  5. Post No Less Than 48 x Month

    I write, what type of art do you make?

  6. Phallosan Forte Progression

    Wear the Phallosan Forte longer than you ever have.


    I’m likely to get things done if I get up the very first time.

  8. Take All Supplements

    I’m using the cheap stuff right now.
  9. Cold Shower

    I’m likely to get things done after a refreshing ice-cold shower.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal