Connected Relationship.

3 Tips For Guys In Relationships

The point of dating is to find a girl who is compatible with your plans and you should believe she is a great candidate for a lifetime partner.

Dating is necessary before marriage since the average marriage that ends in divorce is 8 years so, if you can make close to 8 years dating
your girlfriend, chances are your relationship will last until death do you part.

1. Minimize Arguments, Maximize Connection

It’s okay to break up with your girlfriend while you two are dating; that’s the point of dating, to find out if you two could last forever.

However, you should be very selective with whom you date and be pretty darn sure she’s a keeper before even going down that road.

There will come times when you argue of course; this is where challenges rise and if you are a man who strives to better himself, accept and overcome your challenges.

Young people in relationships are childish; they fight, they break-up, they make-up, wash rinse and repeat.

Maturity is key to a lasting relationship.

Each time you fight or argue or have some kind of emotional disagreement, strive to make it better, and you both will become closer and move past the situation with a stronger bond than you had going into it.

Don’t be a child and don’t encourage childish behavior from your girl like you or her ignoring each other or being mad for long lengths of time; resolve the issue as soon as it appears.

(Especially don’t argue over the phone / text, it’s childish, besides you two should be spending most of your time face to face with each other rather communicating over phone.)

Relationship means being connected, every invisible fiber of energy being put out from you or her must connect in harmony, once something is off, you fix it immediately.

You two are in it for the long run, LIFE-partners, (Right? Because, if not, then what’s the point? Might just well call her your fuck buddy) so it makes sense to spend that time together exclusively connected with your plan; don’t let things stay “off” for too long.

2. Get Under Your Emotions, Think Strategically

Men do stupid shit when they get angry and regret it later.

You should always be cool, calm calculated and in control of your emotions and think smart, think EV.

Do what is in your best interest, if you feel like your girl is not bringing you up, quit it, but do so only when your mind is right, never act on emotions.

Get your mind clear and focused on the benefits, then make your ‘smartest’ decision.

If your girl is beneficial to you, stop getting mad and make her stop being mad and encourage her to overcome anger once it arises.

You can be stern and lay down rules but never let your head be clouded with anger or doubt, just cold profit
based calculations.

Of course love is complex and there are going to be times when your significant other makes you feel down, or you may make her feel so, but strive to minimize if not eliminate these situations by being more aware of your mind.

Every time you feel one of these negative emotions,  train your mind to negate the negativity and focus on the positives.

Once you and your girl can master this, arguments are now agreements.

I can’t give you a step by step plan to stop an argument in it’s tracks, due to infinite variables but I will advise you to always solve it completely with your girl so she see’s you as a problem solving man.

This will encourage her to solve problems on her own without a need to argue with you.

You are a testosterone filled man who acts on your mission, your plan, and you mustn’t cloud your head with feminine, emasculating nonsense like worry, doubt and lengthy pondering.

You won’t be in a “life sucks” state of mind when the going gets rough with your girlfriend but rather make it work and come out of the situation better than it ever was, this ‘problem’ you just solved with your girl will never happen again.

Doing this should keep you from being an emotional bitch wanting to quit the whole thing off every time you both get mad at each other.

  • Have Civilized Debates As Emotional-Friendly As
    (think love not anger)
  • Come To Resolutions Always (think solving your challenges like a man)
  • Avoid Having The Same Problem Twice (never leave things to settle on their own, fix it together as a connected couple so problems never re-occur until one day you’re both too
    focused on growth to have any issues or childish arguments
    over nothing)

Strong Relationship

3. Know The Plan, Complete Missions Every Day

You can’t get too comfortable thinking everything is ok all the time.

Girls are emotional and will subconsciously find or make up problems that could (but didn’t) happen.

You need to be sure to notice when your girl isn’t happy or something is ‘off’ and correct it right away so you
don’t get broken up with out of nowhere thinking y’all
were fine.

That happens to guys all time, they get broken up with and don’t have a clue why.

Likely she wasn’t happy with him for a while now but didn’t know how express it, and he failed to notice and fix what was off.

This is where having a plan / mission together as a couple can be used to keep you both focused and minimize thinking negatively or focusing on doubts.

Know from the get go what your plan would be if you were to be single; don’t plan on splitting up but know how your life would still progress positively should she have to for some reason not be apart of it anymore.

Having your plan should keep you calm and you won’t be quick to call it quits over a little argument because ideally, having her as your girlfriend benefits your plan.

Make her a part of your plan and get her motivated to
complete missions (the plan) everyday with you.

If a fight can’t be helped, the best thing to do is stay calm and make it better, if she loves you she’ll make it work.

Worse case scenario, you break up and you wasted time and finances; oh well, move on.

Your life is going to get better with or without her but having her there in the first place was worth it because it was benefiting your mission or plan.

Breaking-up should only be done if it is the smart thing to do, don’t do it just because you’re emotional.

If she’s bored of you or you’re bored of her it may already be too late, you could look for ways to “spice up the relationship” but that’s too time consuming and it shouldn’t be that way.

You two should plan together and be working on the plan at hand you both need to build together.

If you are looking for ‘fun’ things to do more than once a month you’re wasting each other’s time when you should be working on a team goal.

(Most relationships are based on going out to eat or travel which is cool, but pointless. You will eventually get bored of doing the same things over and over on a budget. The best thing to do is build something
together.) [start a business, make art, start a family etc.]

You two are a team and inseparable, she doesn’t go out and do her own thing nor do you go out and do your own thing.

Doing so can promote divorce / “doing your own thing” when things get tough between you two down the road.

You should do everything together because that’s what you both signed up for with each other; a relationship is
a big deal and not something you use just for ‘fun’.

(Also why I recommend having plenty of no-strings-attached-sex before getting into a relationship, sort of to get the fun out of your system so you can focus on building.)

She should put you before anybody else. And the same goes for you.

Who’s the person you spend the most time with on a
daily – monthly basis?

Who’s the person your girlfriend spends the most time with on a daily – monthly basis?

If you are not a team it’ll be too easy for you two to lose trust for one another or go your seperate ways over a silly argument.

If you answered correctly to the above, meaning you both spend the most time with each other, then the time you spend together had better be on building something.

(Hint, you shouldn’t be trying to build the relationship after your first year together. You don’t have to try to get your girlfriend to like you more or do things to impress her lol she’s already your girlfriend. If you have to keep up with ways to make her satisfied or please her
complaining, you are a bitch. Build a business together, if you succeed I doubt you’d ever break up.)

– Written by Brandon Ramlal