Just me again.

Keep Your Sanity When the World is Against You With Certainty

There’s a reason why celebs and famous people don’t reply to
comments under their Instagram or Twitter, it’s because

opinions have no value.

In fact, if they were to try to listen to rustic opinions, it would
distract them from their main focus, main obsession, that got them
to the point of riches in the first place.

The rare cases you do see them reply is to educate; they will either point out the ignorance in someone’s thinking or they will show that they appreciate genuine support. For this reason, I don’t use
Instagram often. I think it’s fun, but I have no way to disable
comments. I used to just delete comments whenever people would post it but it made no sense to do so because once I saw it, I was forced to read it meaning it already entered my mind thus, no point in deleting it.

French Montana tweet.

Opinions are something everyone is entitled to but only your
opinion matters,
and it matters only for you. You must be able to
behave and think rationally as you usually would even if you hear

someone’s opinion.

I feel like when I hear someones opinion I didn’t ask for, I get
dumber; their thought enters my head and unless I do my very best to completely toss it, it will infect my thoughts with his.

This is no good. I have my mission and I can’t allow other people’s thoughts to control my own. Unless of course it is someone who’s
thoughts I’d like to hear, but these people are scarce, majority of the
world’s population are trivial.

I do not want to hear the opinion or critique of anyone unless I ask someone worthy.

At the time of writing this, I am low on funds, my family doesn’t care about my mission, I look lost. (I’m not) It should be very easy for me to give up on this pipe dream and get a job or go back to school and ‘make my family proud’.

Still, this is just their opinions on how I should live my life and it is of little value to me since I never asked them to impose their views on me.

Now, if I legitimately wanted to live my life to please them (I don’t) then of course their opinions would mean something.

Certainty (and growth) is a strong motivator of mine. As long as I
continue on with action, I’m bound to get X. Also, I’ve learned to not place a deadline on longterm goals; time is no longer a stressing

factor. I’m not in any rush. It doesn’t matter how long it takes since I know I’ll get X regardless of anything because I won’t stop taking

How do I keep my sanity with no support, no job, no phone? (And all I’m doing is working out and growing my dick and “fucking around on the computer”)

  • I know I can be a stripper / online entertainer with my new body
  • I will always be able to charge others to show how I got my body
  • I can become an Uber driver or get a job as a waiter

…and I simply have less distractions since I don’t value material things and status anymore. I value getting better as a person and I’m doing it with or without a job either way, so why do unnecessary work I don’t want to do? Sure the extra income will be useful, but I won’t enjoy myself while I’m at work so I choose to not have one.

I have other goals besides monetizing this site after building a steady
readership. I have social goals, physical goals, even mental goals; and being unemployed for over a year to work on these goals has paid off tremendously. Had I diverted focus (hours) to a job or a classroom lecture, there’s no way I would’ve made the strides I have now. I can not relate to the person I was last year, I’ve grown so much in the past year since letting go of mainstream things young-adults value these days. And even though my financial goals are not where I want them to be, (I don’t expect them to be reached this soon) I know with every passing month, I’m becoming better. I’m at peace with this

Note: People love to tell me I’m a bum, but who’s more free? I have no monthly bills to pay, while they are ‘forced’ to keep showing up to work or else they won’t be able to keep up with all the ‘stuff’ they’ve financed. I’d rater be a ‘bum’ than a slave 🙂

I highly doubt I’d quit, but even if I decide to quit spreading my
message and trade hours for money, I’ll always have something I can fall back on. (A job will always be there for me)
I’m not placing a lot of
emphasis on that though,
because obviously, extending my message is the most important thing to me. (And that’s how I know I’m doing the
right thing) 

I know that a job is always going to be there no matter what so why not do what I want, make mistakes, find success and be happier
doing me? Later on if I decide to cut my losses (I won’t) the job is still
there to be had.

Why does Nikki Minaj make so much money / famous when she’s

She’s had multiple songs near the top of the Billboard 100 (thats all
genres not just hiphop)
for multiple years in a row. Talentless? Maybe. Maybe superior effort. Talent isn’t the only thing needed to be great, but courage and bravery to go out and get what you want is what separates the ‘lucky’ from the average. Also, a crazy dedication and ambition to succeed at all costs. Talent doesn’t mean much these days unless it’s coupled with an unbelievable work ethic. (Skill) Often times the latter is all that is needed. These type of people don’t talk, they do. If they say they’re going to do something, they get it done swiftly. A whole lot of self-confidence and no time for bullshit. They realize theres no such thing as a handout and nothing in life is free, no one owes them shit. People who play it safe with a job have no courage and love to talk down on starving-artists trying to find their way. People who create their own jobs are brave.

I keep sane by knowing my efforts are bound to pay off and when they do, I’ll still keep on going. There is no way I’ll allow myself
anything less than great achievements. I’m certain of it. 

– Written by Brandon Ramlal