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How I Killed My Approach Anxiety In 7 Steps

No one is 100% anxiety-free.

That’s just the way the human body works. We feel fear so that we can take the necessary steps to overcome it.

This is not a ‘how to get girls guide’.

(Though, having as little anxiety as possible definitely helps)
This is merely a ‘how to walk up to the hottest girl and have a
guide. (Or hit on her, whatever floats your boat)

By definition, to feel anxiety is to feel nervous about something or worry about the outcome.

Anxiety definition

In our case, we feel nervous to walk up to random strangers because we have no reason to; it’s unlikely you walk up to random people just because you feel like it. Next, we worry about getting rejected; our egos can not handle rejection so we come up with any and every
excuse to not get rejected. This is scarcity mindset at play.

Approach a girl with the thought of her wanting to fuck you rather than otherwise. This isn’t necessarily setting yourself up for failure should she actually reject you, but it will hurt a lot less than knowing you were right in thinking you’re not good enough.

You are a man. She’s just a girl.

Can she hurt you physically? No. Do you get hurt by words? No.

The first step I took to get rid of my approach anxiety was to get out of my feelings. Toughen up your feelings by voluntarily placing
yourself into prime ‘abusive’ situtations where your feelings could
potentially be hurt. You’ll notice you’re an idiot for letting feelings
rule your actions then you’ll start doing what you want with no
concerns of getting butthurt by things.

I’ve never been one to get hurt by words, but having a girl strike me down made me mad. Not at her, but at myself, thinking I wasn’t good enough. I did the right thing and used rejection to improve myself.

Eventually, I realized there is no possible way I’d get every single girl to like me so there’s no point in beating myself up over rejection.

That takes care of the worry part.

How did I get rid of the being nervous part?


I talked to a bunch of girls everyday until it became a piece of cake.

Like anything else, after you do something over and over, it becomes
second nature.

To get rid of approach anxiety you must realize getting rejected by a girl means nothing since theres bound to be more than a few who won’t reject you.


Simply talking to more girls makes things a whole lot easier.

But you already knew that right? It’s common sense right?

So then why do 9/10 little boys still have
approach anxiety?

You know why girls these days are so tough?

Because the men around her are all spineless; so she
takes advantage of that.

If every guy in the world wasn’t a huge pussy, every girl would be

  • Timid
  • Shy
  • Polite
  • Loyal
  • Willing

But that’s not the case is it?

Luckily you have found this guide and are well on your way to being superior to a piece of pussy. That’s all it is, meat.

(Put aside trying to get pussy for now; all your efforts will go
toward beating approach anxiety so that when it’s beat,
you’ll be vastly proficient at getting pussy.)

How to stop worrying about everything that can
go wrong:

1. Get good at ‘being weird’ and embarrassing yourself
2. Learn to dismiss hate without showing emotion
3. Laugh more

Criticism means nothing unless used to get better.
There’s a difference between criticism and hate.

When people confront you, ‘talk shit’ about you, or show disapproval,

Go back to being you.

I’ve been shunned from social circles, I’ve been kicked out of malls and stores. I love making a ‘fool’ out of myself in public.

People call me weird, I don’t care.

Theres a reason I place myself into these seemingly awkward
situations; my life is a constant mission to see just how far I can push my boundaries until my boundaries are non-existent.

“It’s my world and you all are just living in it.”
That’s the mindset I want you to have.

I’ve mastered not letting words get to me. People try to hurt my
feelings only to end up frustrating themselves after I genuinely laugh where I should feel anger.

I will be listing ‘steps’ to follow, the numbers are there to keep the post
organized, you may take each step in whatever order you like.

Brandon Ramlal is weird.

Step 1 to beating approach anxiety is to genuinely laugh at people who try to defame you because they are beneath you.

If a girl is super rude to you, you have a few options to choose from:

  • Laugh at her
  • Hurt her feelings
  • Walk away

Getting mad is not one of your options. 

You know you’re not the problem, she was.

On to the next.

My biggest fear was being defamed on social media.

Someone twice my size could be charging at me ready to beat me to a pulp and I’d feel less fear than if someone with ‘Twitter rep’ called me names.

I learned, fear isn’t real, it’s a mind game I can beat and it is not
meant to be suppressed.

You have to leap into it until it is fear no more.

Step 2 to beating approach anxiety is to develop a huge sense of
confidence in yourself.

When you know you’re the shit, people can’t tell you anything.

If a girl dares try to disrespect you, she fucked up.

  • Set some goals and achieve them
  • Build momentum in being successful at (Getting good at) stuff

I have built self-confidence by:

  • Transforming my body into one girls find attractive
  • Getting good enough at basketball to get called ‘good’
  • Learning to ride a longboard 
  • Not being afraid to go a friendly round with anyone in the gloves

Self-confidence is knowing you can do something if you tell yourself you need to do it; and it grows by repeatedly doing the things you told yourself you were going to do.

Eventually, you’ll convince yourself there is nothing you can’t do, and that is the ultimate confidence.

Step 3 to beating approach anxiety is to look your best.

I’m not going to feed you bullshit. If a smoking hot girl with a nice round ass and a flat stomach had to work her ass off to get that body,

why would she waste her seconds with an
overweight slob?

Love yourself yes, but don’t accept yourself as is.

Constantly get better.

When you feel like a zillion bucks, people can sense it too.

Likewise, if you feel like a loser, people will treat you as such.

However, someone who has truly beaten their approach anxiety doesn’t let perspiration or shitty clothes or an overdue haircut get in the way of talking to girls; but,

he isn’t naive to believe these things don’t matter either.

Step 4 is to completely destroy social barriers.

Your mission is to completely embarrass yourself and expose
yourself to ‘danger’ until it doesn’t phase you.

Take the weirdo thing to the extreme and be ignorant. (Temporarily)

25 item social anxiety checklist
You must be able to complete this 25 item checklist.

Go to the mall and do every single one of these before moving on.
My standards are high, I won’t accept not being able to do at least
one of the listed commands.

I’ve completed the checklist and I will record myself doing it
if there is interest. Drop a comment if you’d like to see videos.

Heres the link to the post.

Approach Anxiety Program (all 8 weeks)
(take as long or quick as you’d like)

This is GoodLookingLoser’s famous Approach Anxiety Program
which I completed all 8 weeks in just over 6 weeks.
(Scroll to the bottom of the page for an 8-week index)

The first week is the hardest, then, it becomes fun.
It becomes addicting.

It took a year for me to actually do it because I either thought I was too cool for it or I could easily do this silly stuff; but when I actually did do it, it was one of the smartest and funnest life-changing things
I’ve ever done.

I was so ecstatic about it, I did up to three drills in a single day,
but I always went in order and didn’t skip as recommended.

If you’d like to see me on video completing the drills,
let me know in the comments. I’ll do it.

Prototype Ignorance Checklist

This is something I’m currently in the process of designing
to completely shred social / approach anxiety with the intent
of being more difficult than the original approach anxiety program.

Heres what I have so far: (and yes I’ve done them multiple times)

  1. Walk up to a girl from behind and grab her arm and turn her around then say “hi.”
  2. Start a conversation with a girl and run your fingers through
    her hair.
  3. Walk up to the hottest girl around and stop her from walking
    and start talking to her.
  4. Give a girl an extremely nice compliment and when she tries
    to respond, turn your back and walk away.
  5. Use the women’s restroom.
  6. Go to a club and grab every girl’s arm and smile at her but
    don’t speak a word. If she leans in or tries to speak to you,
    attempt to kiss her lips, if she pulls away, get her on the cheek.
  7. Slap a girl’s ass before or after speaking to her, your choice.
  8. Find a group of girls sitting down and sit with them and start
  9. Go to a club and lay flat on your back on the dance floor.
    (I haven’t done this one, but I have climbed into the dancers cage
    and started dancing.)
  10. Order an Ice cream cone at McDonald’s drive thru and when
    the person at window hands it to you, karate chop it in half
    and stare at their facial expression.
    (Haven’t done this one)
  11. Walk into a crowded store and howl like a wolf as loud as you
    possibly can and once you’re done, take a bow to your audience
    and calmly walk out of the store.
  12. Grab a girl’s hand and walk her somewhere for at least 30
  13. Walk right up to a girl you’ve made eye contact with and
    attempt to kiss her on the lips, try your best to get her lips,
    if she pulls away, get her on the cheek.

Once I have this completed (around 25 items) I WILL record it
on video. It’s the right thing to do since it’s my program, I have to 
show I am able to do it.

Step 5 to beating approach anxiety is to have rough sex.

I know if you have approach anxiety you probably don’t
have a stream of pussy waiting on you;

all you need is one girl you feel comfortable with, and fuck the living
shit out her in every position you can think of.

Focus on going as fast and hard as you can.

If you don’t have access to a girl or cum too quickly,
buy the Fleshlite STU.

Please, do not use it as a pocket pussy. Use it as it was intended, a tool to improve your stamina / endurance when having sex.

Brandon Ramlal's Fleshlite STU

Build confidence knowing however long you last in the STU,
you’ll last twice as long with a girl.
(I started not being able to last one minute in the device, I’ve since
lasted over 20 minutes. I attribute being able to last extremely long 
when having sex to this device.)

Once you know you can give a girl ‘good dick’ your approach anxiety will crumble.

When you see a hot girl, the first thought that goes through your mind is

“I wonder if she can take dick good?”

Step 6 to beating approach anxiety is to always win the
eye contact battle.

With girls and guys, never be the first to look away.

To make it less awkward for yourself, nod your head and smile.

Most guys will look away right away because it’s ‘gay’ to stare a guy in his eyes for too long, and if not, then nod your head and say
“what’s up?”

Most girls will look away right away because they are shy or trying
to act like they don’t care about how good you look.

You can smile and say hi if you want.

Some girls (I love this) will stare at you for a full 5 seconds, usually with a ‘mean or I’m cooler than you’ look on their faces.

Either mean mug her back until she looks away or smile and see if she smiles back.

Obviously, you should go talk to any girl that smiles at you when you make eye contact with her. She likes you.

Step 7 to beating approach anxiety is to enlarge your dick.

When you know your dick is bigger than average(5.5in) it gives you a
confidence I can’t explain in words.

Actually, it’s not even confidence, it’s more like relief, being glad you don’t have that problem.

You know life could be a whole lot worse, thus, you’re able to relax a little and pull out your dick whenever or wherever you please
without the slightest bit of embarrassment.

Brandon Ramlal's Bathmate & Phallosan

Start by mastering the manual exercises (which I will write about in the future) then buy the Bathmate, and the Phallosan Forte.

Step 8 (recommended) Create multiple online dating profiles.

I recommend:

  1. POF
  2. OKcupid
  3. HotorNot / Badoo
  4. Tinder

Brandon Ramlal Badoo Profile

I don’t have much experience with Tinder but I hear it’s ‘popping’ on the west and east coast. Not so much here in Texas though.

However, I do have a ton of experience with the others. With online dating you’ll have access to hundreds of girls in your city.

Don’t waste time trying to message girls significantly hotter than you, why would they chill with you?

Message girls as hot as or not as hot as you as they will likely want to

Don’t waste time reading profiles either, simply decide if you would fuck the girl by looking at her pics and send the same cookie cutter lines to every girl but change it up a little because you’ll get banned if you spam the same messages over and over.

In my experience, 4-5 top notch pics is all you need and you should attempt to get the girl’s number or agreeing to chill after around the
4th message.

This is one of those things that will only benefit you once your body is on point and you learn how to play the numbers game effectively.

I’ll do write ups on how to get girls through online dating apps in the future but until then, you can learn here. (There is also a whole forum dedicated to the topic)

Going on dates with girls you meet online will build confidence
and will help a lot with killing approach anxiety.

Step 9 (recommended) is to take drugs like Phenibut and Kratom
to help with killing anxiety and get you wanting to speak to girls.

Kratom & Phenibut
Happy Hippo Herbal’s quality is the absolute BEST.

Eventually you won’t need the drugs but you’ll want to use
them anyway since they work so well.

I can vouch for MDMA. I believe if you have the balls to
try real MDMA, you’ll crush your anxiety almost immediately
so long as you make it a priority while ‘rolling’.

I just gave you 9 steps you should take to absolutely obliterate
approach anxiety and get you talking to the hottest girls
without feeling nervous.

Hopefully you take my advice because this is something
you need to get handled right away. The quality of your life
will dramatically improve once it’s beat.

Here’s a parting tip and yet another tip I’ve taken from

When you see a girl you’d like to talk to, turn your hips
toward her and immediately start walking to her before
your mind can talk you out of it. Before you know it, you’ll
conveniently be ‘in her way’ and forced to interact with her.

UPDATE* STEP 10 (MANDATORY) Quit watching internet porn. 
Take Maca and stop watching porn. You’ll be forced to leave your 
house to go talk to some chicks. When you want to orgasm, don’t
run to your computer, find a girl and have sex with her. In order to do 
so, you’ll have to go out there and talk to them.

(Nothing wrong with masturbating from time to time, just don’t
masturbate to porn. You know you feel disgusted afterwords; because it’s

– Written by Brandon Ramlal