How I Know I Have Great Friends

I don’t see my friends everyday. If I’m lucky I’ll see them once a week. I do get lonely sometimes and that’s why I have them in a group chat as a slight distraction which keeps me from burning out or craving human contact.

So I may not see them everyday but I read a text from them everyday that makes me bust out laughing wherever I’m at. (Mood Control)

Friends group chat

Back to loneliness, I embrace not leaving my house for days at a time because I know this is how I’m going to build the life I want.

I can’t go fucking ‘chill’ (or to work / school) every day and expect to
do great things.

Now that I’ve moved on from ‘going out n having fun’ I realize I
probably won’t make another long term friend just short term
acquaintances for my benefit and if they truly are genuine people
then I’ll visit from time to time.

I’m not telling you to be fucking loner with no social life, I’m just
saying don’t over do it unless it’s adjacent to your goals.

My friends are not perfect, everyone has their flaws so I choose my friends based on 3 things,

Manly Feminine

Gender roles are becoming more and more reversed, if a nigga starts doing female type shit around me or is overly emotional we can’t be friends.

None of my friends are pussies meaning they are not going to side with some random over me (especially not a female) and if a fight broke out they’d let me get my 1 on 1 but there is NO way I’m getting jumped if they are around.

We give each other ‘daps’ when we see each other (and when we leave) without fail, no “hey man hows it going?”

We definitely aren’t scared to say nigga.

We don’t give a fuck if someone talks shit.

We treat people with respect and use our manners where


I don’t do fakes or liars.

If someone switches up on me or is cool one day, and one day a
fucking idiot, we can’t be homies.

Trust Factor-  I need to be able to trust them with my bank account, I can ask them for favors and they will expect nothing in return.

They have to also have withstood the ‘time test’.

I’ve never fell out once with any of my friends in 8 years.

We make each other want to do better, we hold each other
accountable and are genuinely proud of each other.

Not everyone has friends like these (authentic + committed to
excellence) and I consider myself blessed.

*I’ve been making plenty friends on the internet and I love you all but nothing can replace a genuine in-life friend who understands and doesn’t judge me (too hard) that I can depend on should I need their help.

Not Insecure

You need go getters as friends not misguided people no matter how ‘nice’ they are to you.

I don’t want to have to censor myself around my boys, if they can’t take a joke or find shit I do or say offensive, we won’t get along.

I want to be like them, they know the difference between right and wrong and don’t try hard to impress.

We just be ourselves, we respect each other’s views even if we make fun of it and don’t agree; we niggas.

*Their lifestyle choices have nothing to do with it, they are allowed to like shit I don’t like. (I don’t have female friends, I fuck girls not ‘hangout’ with them)

What’s the difference between a friend and an associate?

Your friend will tell you like it is and not care if your feelings get hurt, an associate will just tell you what you want to hear to feel good about yourself.

My friends don’t try to scam people or get things for free, they are not cheap, they don’t lie, and they treat people with respect.

They are all getting better as they get older, not receding.

They have plans outside of a job. In fact, most of them don’t have a job because they have decided to go all in on entrepreneurship.

None of them put people down or compare themselves to others, they don’t envy anyone.

They are not jealous people and they definitely are not followers, they set trends.

Their only concern is becoming better. Friend You can bet you’ll never hear them complain, they’re too busy taking action.

I don’t expect them to support my goals, (but they do) that’s not why they live their lives, they have their own goals.

All I need is men to take a break with from time to time.

These guys benefit my soul when I’m around them, not take away from it.

What I don’t do is get them to compliment me or cheer me on like a little girl. However, if I were in need, they would help me out.

These guys are likely going to be there 5 years from now. I know this because whenever we do hangout I’m never having thoughts of “damn I need to go home I’ve been chilling with this kid for too long.”

They are good at reading body language and know how to avoid
being annoying as shit. (Basically, they aren’t idiots)

I have other acquaintances who have been there for a while and they are really good people I just know that in 10 years from now we’re probably not going to be in touch.

There is nothing wrong with this; the important thing is that I know this and I don’t have a delusional belief that friends are forever.

Every time I visit New York I meet up with old buddies I’ve known since 2000 and we can genuinely hangout and have a good time (they are good people) but when I come back to Texas it’s not like we keep in touch or anything.

Who cares? We are men. We have our own lives, we don’t need to catch up via text every now and then or comment on each other’s Instagram everyday. Friend Shuaib was the first person I’ve seen take the creator mindset out of any of my friends.

He stopped hitting us up, he wouldn’t leave his house, he had this
attitude change and became more cocky and confident as if he were
better than people. (Good thing! Elite mindset! No one is going to
listen to you if you are not an authority!)

He is not afraid to call anyone out on their bullshit and most of the stuff I had to read and learn about he just ‘knew’ and I don’t know how he does it.

He is highly aware and observant and notices shit. He is way cooler than me, dresses better than me, and is super funny.

People are drawn to him when he walks into the room.

He is my most loyal friend and has taught me a lot subliminally.

*Your friends should do things better than you, how else are they going to help you grow?

Omar, while he currently waits tables, knows he’s not gonna be
doing that forever and I encourage anybody who ‘has’ to get a job to
wait tables or bartend and save your tips for a project.

Omar is not a haphazard spender and meticulously manages his time.

While he may have not fucked more girls than me, he fucks quality girls. (While I’d fuck anything that’s not super fat)

He is a top-tier guy for sure. The way he carries himself demands
attention. He has presence just like Shuaib.

He dresses very good too, he never breaks character, I’ve never seen anyone be as calm, collected and calculated as him; sometimes I think he’s a robot.

If there’s anything you want done right, you go to Omar because when he does something he does it meticulously and gets it right the first time.

I’ve never met another person like him I consider myself lucky to be his mans.


Mustaffa claims to not jerk off ever and I believe him. Most others I simply can’t.

Mustaffa is meticulous. He is a pretty boy, girls all think he’s sexy, he could be a model for sure. It helps that he dresses better than 99% of people.

Him and Nardgod (graphics designer who has worked with multiple successful rappers) have launched their brand Waves Plus Club with an upmost attention to quality and customer service.

I am really proud of them.

*Fun fact Nardgod made my site’s banner for me in literally 30

In regards to Waves Plus Club, I actually want to create great material products and sell via E-commerce like they do I just haven’t came up with a product yet. So I’m proud of them for that.

Whether friend or acquaintance, you should be able to connect with anyone regardless of if you have anything in common or not.

Chuy used to be bi-sexual. I’m all for guys being straight but I’m not a hater or a bigot, if someone can provide me value I let them into my life.

He’s from the city of Compton btw so fuck your street cred.

He handles criticism the best out of any of my friends, I respect him for that.

Hanging out with him has built my character and made me less
negative and more open-minded. (I’m not gay)

Chris was Shuaib’s friend originally. Before I became his friend I put it in my head that we would be cool one day.

I’m good at getting people I want to be like to like me and be my friend. (I wanted to be like him, he looked like he could fight, fuck bitches, and doesn’t take shit from anyone)

He taught me a lot about how to be an asshole, he also has grown the most out of all my friends, proud of him.

*He dropped out of college (like me) but he knows wayyy more about
business and the law of supply and demand better than 

He’s the biggest hustler as well, if there’s something I need
sold, I’m going to my best salesman, Chris.

Javier is a true and real Cuban. He’s a spectacular artist, a great troll,
and a real man.

He has great character and it’s because he was raised by a great
family. I have yet to meet a Cuban I did not like.

In Closing-

These people have all taught me lessons and I aspire to emulate their best qualities.

This is why I think people need friends. Just know not everyone is worthy, so use this post to help figure out who to let into your life and who to simply say hi and bye to.

It’s lonely at the top so I want to bring as many of my niggas up with me that I can.

If your ‘friends’ aren’t helping you become a better person,
consider them acquaintances.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal

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    This is great Brandon, you will get far with that mindset