Aaron Clarey and Brandon Ramlal

What It Was Like Meeting Up With Aaron Clarey (And Rob)

So I was on Twitter the other day after just waking up moments ago and I see a tweet from Aaron Clarey around 9AM which read
“Houston Cigar Lounge Meet Up tonight! Cigar Envi, Katy, Tx. 730PM.”

I got really excited as I was coming off a big sense of entitlement
thinking I could do whatever I want since I was seemingly taking
Twitter by storm. (I wasn’t) Anyway, I boldy Re-Tweeted him with the reply “Meet me there” for my audience to see.

I didn’t know anything about Aaron other than the fact that he is a
successful author / blogger who has done online business with my
idol Chris Deoudes. I followed Aaron because Chris reads his books
and I will take the advice of anyone Chris takes advice from.
 (I go through to see who my favorite people are following, you have to get into the minds of your favorite people and like what they like, attract them, not beg for their notice)

Actually, Chris bought Aaron’s new book today –

I didn’t know what to expect when meeting Aaron, I had never
actually looked into his stuff to see what he’s about but I liked
a lot of the stuff he posts on Twitter so he definitely came off as a
guy I’d want to be like and probably makes enough money to satisfy
my needs, thus, I should go and see what insight I can gain from this
man. If anything, expose him as a fraud and upload it to this site.

My good buddy Mustaffa was at my house using my printer and had
agreed to go with me to the meet-up with his handy dandy camera.
We decided we would go and see what this was about and get some
great photos and a story for my site.

Before it was time to go, my other buddy Chris had hit me up over
text asking if I wanted to do some dabs and I said sure. This was my
first time going out to ‘chill’ in two weeks. Before then I had been
locked in my house trying to build my Twitter and write down the
limitless ideas surging through my brain. Mustaffa and I set out to
Daisy’s fancy apartment (Chris’ girlfriend) to hangout with them for
a while before going to the Meet-up. Long story short, the dabs rocked my world and I realized going out to ‘chill’ just doesn’t satisfy
me anymore and I’d much rather be at home working on internet

I explained here that THC makes me paranoid and brings doubt to
my thinking. I sent Aaron this message (below) and decided if he
didn’t reply I would just pussy out and not go. (We googled ‘Cigar
Envi’ and it looked super upscale and we had no money. I had never
been to one before and felt like I’d be ‘out of place.’)

Aaron Clarey

I didn’t see the reply until 7:15 but decided this would be a great
opportunity for me even if I showed up a bit late. I ended up getting there at 8:30 a whole hour late. (Houston traffic for ya) I walked
right in leaving Mustaffa’s lagging ass in the car to see if Aaron was
still here.

When I walked in, I was greeted by a scary looking 6’10(I asked him)
black guy who was dressed nicely and very polite. I told him I was here to meet some friends and he said “ok man have a seat or see if they’re here, just do ya thing.” I walked in a little deeper and sure
enough I spot Aaron sitting with another guy. (named Robert)

I walked straight up to Aaron and he says my name as we shake
hands and greet. I greet Rob as well. I took a seat and listen in to
Aaron and Rob’s conversation. I don’t remember what they were
talking about but I remember Rob just talking and talking for 5
minutes straight until Aaron had to cut him off to engage me and say “would you like a cigar or a drink or something Brandon?” 

As soon as I could explain that I needed to be excused to get my boy
who was waiting outside in the car, Mustaffa walked right up to the
group, camera around the neck and greets everyone. I could tell Aaron had taken interest in Mustaffa right away claiming he looks
like a ‘professional’.

By this time, Aaron had ordered me a diet coke and an Olive Leaf
Cigar. (I knew he would)

Olive Leaf Cigar
Olive Leaf Cigar – $12.50

Mind you, I was still very high from the dabs. Aaron was connecting more with Mustaffa and he seemed to be really interested in Staffa’s
(and Nardgod’s) clothing brand.

Soon my high would ware off and I would engage with Aaron a bit
more after Rob stopped talking for so long.

I knew from the jump I was going to have this on my site just like I’ll be having the ROK meet up on Feb 6. on here. This is the key to
networking, it’s not to make friends. If you do make friends, cool.

Aaron is a cool intelligent individual. I really appreciate the fact that he offered to buy me a cigar and a drink and I’d love to hangout with
him again in the future. He told me about his life and I like the way he
lives. He makes the right choices and doesn’t do anything which can
potentially compromise his future like getting in a shit ton of debt or
pre-maturely having children. Everything he was saying made total
sense to me and I already knew it, things like don’t go to college if
 don’t know why you’re there, etc.

He claims to make just about how much or a little more than I’d need to live a baller (by my standards) lifestyle as a single guy no job. He kept telling me it would take 5 years to build a readership but my hopes are set on around 2 or less. (I’m not in a rush, it doesn’t matter if I’m 30 when this happens, [9years from now]) He is very minimalist
(by choice) and I legitimately enjoyed being in his company. He had cool stories to tell and is a conversationalist.

Note* I felt a bit selfish after a while because he was just there to connect with any of his readers and here I am someone who barely knows him pressing him to my benefit. 

Aaron’s one and ONLY lame moment was when I said I wanted to run a site basically as successful as Chris’ he tried talking me out of it
and said “well yea you gotta have the big muscles like him and you can’t
be sitting around all day.” 
He tried talking me out of it but, that is
where you have to filter out the bad advice and focus on the good.

He recommended I read his book Bachelor Pad Economics: The
Financial Advice Bible for Men

though I really want The Curse of the High IQ‘ as well.

Here is a full list of his books.

He’s not one to get offended and he’ll be open about anything with
no need to lie, therefor he is no pussy.

Rob on the other hand, (I’m guessing is one of Aaron’s readers) pussy.(Really good guy tho) Rob is 34, extremely over weight and proud of the fact that he makes around 65k a year. (As an employee not a
boss, I think he said “industrial engineer?”) He pulled off in Dodge
Avenger btw and rents a 4 bedroom house no kids no wife. (He claims
to be happy to not have a gf “for now” but something tells me he doesn’t
have fuckbuddies either)

He obviously doesn’t know about minimalism. Honestly don’t know
how he fits in his car. I see Aaron pulling off on his bike way more
successful than a guy with a job driving an Avenger even if Aaron
were to theoretically makes less.

He kept talking down his fat belly too he’s like “yea I’m doing pretty good just ’this’.” *points at protruding belly and laughs it off.

That is pathetic. Don’t be that guy. Please.

Aaron Clarey and Brandon Ramlal
Can you guess which ones Rob?

It was hilarious when Aaron said he was in Columbus(?) “yea all the people there are fat.” I died on the inside (laughing) wondering how
that made Rob feel (LOL) but I kept quiet.

Aaron obviously doesn’t care about offending people because he
knows, feelings are your own responsibility.

Rob also told me online dating is not for him (yea I can tell) and tried to tell me it’s not worth it.. He said he met a ‘cute’ girl on there once and they went to eat at a really nice restaurant (cuck) but it didn’t really go anywhere..(you’re supposed to fuck these girls FIRST before spending $ on them unless you are absolutely sure she’ll be sucking you off after some salmon.) That girl likely got a free meal and never talked to Rob again.

When I told Aaron I don’t really care about prestige Rob said “yea you don’t now…”

Rob carries around his business card every where he goes.

Brandon ramlal
Here is Rob’s business card.

*I legitimately find your art work absolutely beautiful Rob.

Rob: “my 21-24 was fun.. 25-30 not so much.. but now, (34) [and I
“kinda on an upswing..”

Brandon Ramlal

He also ashed the cigar on himself 7+ times. Not joking. Every time
Rob spoke I wanted to shoot myself, he wouldn’t stop talking about
himself and if I asked him a question he’d avoid it to make himself
sound cooler / more intelligent than he really is.

Look I don’t really know Rob; (and hey, who am I to talk shit, I showed up w $0) I treated him with the upmost respect… (as I do with any
respectful person doesnt matter if they’re fat, gay, black, emo,
feminist) (People I do not respect are fake people who try to be something
they’re not to impress others when they really are a bunch of pussies)
…but from what I can see, Rob is a pussy and the total opposite of

what I want you guys to be.

If you’re reading Rob, no hard feelings. 🙂
Read this to lose that belly!

As for the lounge, it is black owned (which I hear most cigar bars are?)
and very professional, and clean. I liked the atmosphere, they have this room you can rent for $350 plus b.y.o.b.

Cigar Envi Private Room
Cigar Envi Private Room

I can get used to smoking cigars. Up until this point I never really sat down and smoked a whole one to myself, and had been inhaling
them. (I inhale everything, cigs + hookah too because it just seems so pointless to me to smoke for fun a.k.a. play with smoke)

I took Aaron’s advice and started to puff with my cheeks and blow out the smoke in a controlled fashion, I was blowing smoke balls and it was very calming. Another tip I got from Aaron was just set it
down and drink something if you feel like you’re smoking too fast or
feel sick.

Brandon Ramlal Cigar
Me getting it right.

Overall, It was a really great experience and both Mustaffa and me
are glad we attended.

  • I asked both Aaron and Rob if they would mind if I used photos of them and information we talked about for my site and they had no
    complaints as long as I promoted his books. I’m hoping guys in the
    Manosphere community are not like Rob b/c if thats the case I’m
    saying fuck blogging and resorting to making funny Vine videos or
    something. But anyway guys, I hope u all learned something here, take
    care and please show Aaron some love!

Aaron Clarey

– Written by Brandon Ramlal

  • Mustaffa Anderson

    Great Read. Things learned = Don’t be like Rob