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New Workout Routine + PE Regimen

I’ve come to realize, all workout programs work.

The number 1 factor here is adherence / consistency.

I’ve also come to realize, no matter how great of a linear
progression program I have, there will eventually come a point where I hit a plateau or strength is gained slower than desired.

And, I’ve found the easiest way to combat this is to start
following a different linear progression program. Then the gains
start coming again.

Once gains start to slow, I can move back to the old program, or jump to an entirely new one. So long as the weights go up each
, I’ll only be improving.

I was following a low frequency, low volume, high intensity linear program, but, gains started coming to halt. I ate more to see if I had simply just been under eating and ended up actually losing reps in some movements due to more fat gained than muscle. So, I
switched over to a higher frequency higher volume lower intensity
(I was going to failure, now I stop 1 rep before) linear program while
keeping the amount of food I eat roughly the same, and I’m stronger than ever.

I know after a few months I’ll have to switch, but until then I’m
embracing the gains.

Day 1: Lower Day
Squats- 2-3 sets
Leg extensions- 2-3 sets

I like to start with as little amount of sets as possible so if need be I can add in more later rather than burn out from doing too much from the start. I workout and eat as little as possible to gain
strength. This keeps me ripped year round. Also, I’m not into
accessory work.
Someone who is would want to add in some calfs
and hamstrings.

Day 2: Push Day
Bench- 2-3 sets
Overhead press- 2-3 sets

Again, after a couple weeks I’ll add in more sets if I feel I need to.
Someone into aesthetics would want to do some lateral raises or
flys here.

Day 3: Pull Day
Barbell row- 2-3 sets
Weighted pull-ups- 2-3 sets

Every other week or so, I’ll deadlift here. I’ve become strong at
deadlifting, I can’t recover enough by doing them every week.
I don’t care for it, but I should probably do some curls here.

Day 4: Off day
No training with weights today, and I eat as much as I want.
Tomorrow it’s back to grinding.

Day 5: Lower day
Simply do more reps / sets at the same weight as last workout or
bump up the weight 5-10 lbs and do the same amount of reps / sets.

Day 6: Push day
Simply do more reps / sets at the same weight as last workout or
bump up the weight 5-10 lbs and do the same amount of reps / sets.

Day 7: Pull day
Simply do more reps / sets at the same weight as last workout or
bump up the weight 5-10 lbs and do the same amount of reps / sets. 

Day 8: Off day
No training with weights today, and I eat what ever I want.
Tomorrow it’s back to grinding.

The sets and reps aren’t as important as getting in there and lifting weights, then writing down what you did so you can best it your next workout.

(Ex. today I squatted for 3 reps and was only able to get four sets. I worked out on an empty stomach so next week I’ll try eating before the workout, keep the weight the same and go for 8 sets of 3. I’ll keep the
weight the same until I’m in the 6-8 rep range then up it.)

Rule of thumb I go by, (not set in stone) the lower the reps, the more sets I do. The higher the reps, the less sets I do but I strive to go to failure.
3reps x 8 sets
5reps x 5sets
8reps x 3sets

Paulou (pay-loaw) Trini style.

I’m not as protein obsessed and I don’t follow a strict fasting
window, I wait as long as I can to eat until I can’t take it, which allows
for a decent sized ‘healthy’ (or unhealthy) meal and chocolate / junk
foods later. (Since I’m in a calorie-deficit)

I still have never counted a single calorie or calculated any macros. I keep it simple. I look in the mirror and decide if I want my abs more shredded or if I want my arms more big and eat accordingly. If I want to be more shredded, I’ll starve myself and eat very little (but just enough to keep the weights going up each week) and if I want my arms to look bigger I’ll be more full everyday.

I don’t chase a number on the scale, I just try to keep my weight
relatively the same (within 2lbs) everyday while gaining strength
each week. This keeps me shredded year round.

I’m not trying to be the best. I don’t want to be the biggest guy in the room. I want a body girls want to fuck and the key to that is to be ripped as shit. So that is what I go for.

I do not ever want to compete, so I don’t have to be as demanding of my nutrition / training. I do the bare minimum to get better each week and this way I’m more likely to stick to it for years to come.

Also, there’s not a day in the year I have a body girls think looks
unattractive, which is why I started working out in the first place. It
sounds like I’m doing it for them, but no, I’m doing it so I can get laid,
(easier) so I’m doing it for myself.

I used to be obsessed with eating, thinking “my body needs nutrients and protein or else I’ll lose all my gains” so I’d eat right after a workout or before a workout even if I wasn’t hungry thinking it would only help me by keeping me strong but really, all it did was slow my
getting shredding. I now embrace hunger. But not as much as
watching the numbers go up in my training log.

So now I eat when I feel super hungry, and sometimes it’s just a snack to get me by. I like not having to worry about anything at all. I’ve lost my inferiority complex. I used to worry playing too much
basketball would eat away my muscle then go home and eat a ton of
food to make up for it, but now I don’t stress, I just play some
basketball. It’s better this way; the only thing I concern myself with
is making sure my total work load goes up each workout.
Piece of cake.

I definitely overestimated the amount of food I needed to eat. I’d build muscle faster by hitting my macros, but I don’t want to hit macros, I want to wake up, and find something to eat a few hours
later, then find something else to eat a few hours after that and not
have to worry about anything other than making sure I don’t die of

I’ve found it is totally possible to gain muscle while dropping fat.
All I need to do is eat very little (but feel full) and strength train. I’ll 
wake up and go a few hours with no food, eat a half of a banana, train, eat the other half of banana, then go a few more hours without food, then eat a huge meal. If I’m not in bed within the next
hours, I’ll allow myself some more food (healthy or not) because
since I only ate once (healthy or not) I’m probably still in a deficit
meaning I’ll drop fat. I don’t lose any muscle (in fact, I gain muscle)
since I’m getting stronger (relative to my bodyweight) with each

Even more simplified, I listen to my body; if I’m not hungry, I won’t eat just for the heck of it, I’ll go without food. And if I’m hungry, I eat
until I’m not hungry anymore. (Not, stuff my face)

Some days protein intake is high, some days carbs are high, I don’t care too much anymore. I just make sure to get in a bunch of protein,
fats, and carbs by the end of the week. The trick is to make sure I’m
fully recovered and not fatigued before going into each workout. 

Chicken and potatoes

Here’s something I’ve been too lazy to implement but will

I’d ask myself should I be working in the 1-3 rep range, 4-7 rep range,
or 8-12 rep range?

Heres my solution- Do them all.

The possible combinations are endless; If I applied this to my
current routine I could do low reps this week, high reps next week,
or medium reps on everything but deadlift which I’ll keep low and then next week keep everything medium except for bench which I’ll
keep high. It’s almost overwhelming to keep track of all these

combinations which is probably why I haven’t got around to doing it yet, but I think know my physique will explode when I start training
this way.

Example schedule-
Lower light > Push light > Pull medium > rest > Lower heavy > Push
light > Pull light > rest > Lower medium > Push heavy > Pull light >
rest > Lower light > Push medium > Pull heavy > rest 
And some examples of how to progress-
Lower light day
increase weight or reps on back squat for 20 reps + extensions
Lower heavy day
increase weight or reps on deadlift 
Push light day
increase weight or reps on bench + 200 pushups in fewer sets
Pull medium day

increase weight or reps on rows + 25 weighted pullups in fewer sets

*Take as long of a rest period as you need between sets, you’ll find
yourself able to lift heavier.

I’ve decided it best to place my emphasis on either length or girth when doing my PE (penis enhancement) rather than try to combine the two. (Think of play doh, when you stretch it, it gets longer, but

skinner, and when you try to make it thicker, it gets shorter.) As of now,
I’m focusing on strictly length until it gets boring then I’ll focus on
girth until that gets boring and go back to length then back to girth.

In combination with the 3 days on 1 day off workout routine I’m
currently doing, I pull my dick on these same days, 3 days on 1 day
off. I haven’t seen length gains come so quickly before doing this.

I’ve worked my way up to pulling for over an hour at a time
sometimes pulling multiple times during the day for a total of 2+
hours for up to 60 seconds per yank.

At first I could only pull 15 seconds at a time for 25min. Then 30
seconds at a time for 35 min then 45 seconds at a time for 45min.
Just like how I stalled with my last training routine, I stalled with my
last PE routine and the solution was the same, simply follow a new
routine. I know that eventually this routine will need to be switched
but until then, I gain. It gives me an excuse to be lazy and watch
videos for hours; I’m pulling on my dick the entire time so it’s not
totally unproductive, in fact, I can call it actually being productive
since growing a long pole is important to me.

Just like with working out, adherence and progressive overload are
the keys to success here.


– Written by Brandon Ramlal