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If You Are Not Having The Sex Life You Want, Read This NOW!

I define ‘player’ as anyone who can get laid (by a new girl) in 1-2 weeks; it has nothing to do with “playing”girls or leading them on or lying to them in fact those things might get in the way, I feel it is a lot easier to be real.

This post is about getting sex as fast as possible. 

You won’t be having too high standards, (meaning the goal is sex, it’s okay if the girl you are talking to is not a perfect 10, just go out and get your dick wet) you will be filtering every girl you talk to for sex before emotional attachment. 

If you’d like a girlfriend, read this.

You must have the correct mindset,

regardless if im dressed fly or bummy or if didnt shave my unibrow completely, my mind is always in the right state.

I believe any girl I talk to I can get her number because I am not a pussy.

I believe I can give any girl the two things she wants most,
excitement and dick.

I’m not being delusional, I have an elite mindset, no doubt in my
actions and that’s how you become successful with hitting on girls;
repetition and a genuine belief that you have no problems getting
into the pants of the girl youre talking to.

I’ll touch on some mindset shifts you should make after I briefly
explain the importance of playing this game by the numbers:

If you fuck 1+ girls from every 100 you speak to, you are doing good.

Talking to girls is a game, so treat it as such; to get better at any game you play it often.

Talk to 100 girls in one month, fuck at least one.

That adds up to 12 new girls a year you could be fucking.

If 100 girls seems like too many girls to you, or if you are scared to talk to girls you need to do drills first.

I’ve hit on 20 girls in less than 10 mins at the mall. 
(I was being really aggressive, I will touch on what aggressiveness can do for you later in the post.)

I got two numbers from those 20, but no sex from those two numbers; but the point is, I can talk to many girls very easily thus my mindset is in the right place. 

In order to have more sex you need to talk to more girls. 

More girls as in AT LEAST three girls every single day. 

Whatever you are currently doing is not going to cut it.

I know guys who spend a month+ “talking” to a girl and might not even get to fuck them. 
(Really they’re just texting + becoming friend zoned) 

If you end up chilling with a girl your goal is to fuck her, nice guys mess this up all the time because for some reason they believe this girl deserves to be loved all the while forgetting that they deserve to have sex!

Mindset Shift 1: Don’t Count Yourself Out

When I see a lesser guy with a girl I assume that’s her sibling, or friend or sugar daddy.

I don’t automatically assume she’s in a relationship, or won’t chill with me.

I assume she wants me and all I need to do is go over there and
confirm it.

When you see a girl you think is hot, don’t let your mind give you every reason why you shouldn’t go talk to her.

Instead, convince yourself YOU HAVE EVERY REASON TO GO TALK TO HER.

Mindset Shift 2: The Reason You Interact With Girls Is To Fuck Them. Period.

Every time I see a girl who is fuck-able, I go find out if she’s down to “chill” with me sometime. (Already realized it’s a 50% chance, yes or no)

Obviously when I chill with the girl my main goal is to fuck her as quickly as I can.

I don’t try to be friends with a girl until after I’ve fucked.

Why would I be friends with a girl when in reality all I want to do is fuck her?

I would never do that to myself, and neither should you.

When you chill with a girl, you must lead the situation and once you run out of things to say, you start touching her and go from there.

Mindset Shift 3: Only Emotional Pussies Let Rejection Hurt Their Feelings

Look, if a girl tells you straight-up she has a boyfriend with out even a smile, you should just save time and walk away.

She is not interested.

If a girl pulls away when you playfully hug her / shake her hand or if you can tell she’s creeped out, just go away.

But there is no reason why being denied by a girl should hurt your feelings.

Actually it should make you cockier, here’s why:

You just got shot down by a girl, and what happened?


After a few times of getting denied you will learn to laugh it off and think the girl is the one who has problems, not you.

You hear this in every self-help talk, “go out and get no’s” because
after a while it becomes spewing confidence, cocky even.

The easiest way to fail is to think you can get every girl.

I think I can get any girl, but not every girl, make sense?

I think I can get any girl means I’m cocky or confident in myself which is good, but I’m not naive to think I will get every single girl I talk to, because when the time comes (and it comes often) where a
girl rejects me, I won’t beat myself up over it, I move past it

Instead of thinking you suck at talking to girls, think of all the
reasons why this girl probably wasn’t interested and why it is not
your fault:

  • she’s on her period
  • she has a boyfriend or is married
  • she is gay
  • she has a different ‘type’
  • she is legitimately prude

etc. etc. etc.

No matter the reason, IT DOES NOT MATTER just perceive and move on to the next.

After hitting on hundreds of girls you start to see trends, you’ll know if she’s feeling you or not, you’ll have the balls to go as far as you can go.

I can tell when a girl likes me because:

  1. When I hold her hand she lets me keep on holding it
  2. She smiles when I run my fingers through her hair

Those are literally the only two things I filter for when I walk up to a new girl.

I’ll talk to her and see if she’s interested in talking back and if so, somewhere in there I’ll shake her hand and say nice to meet you but I won’t let go of her hand.

If she pulls away, I’m still in the clear she just might be nervous, but if
she doesn’t pull away at all then I’ll move right into running my
fingers through her hair or touch her somewhere and see how she

Those are some great tips, I’m telling you now when it comes to
talking to girls, talking is just 25% of it, the other 75% of it is
touching her and seeing if she likes your hands on her body.

Lets take a quick break from the mindset shifts to talk about
being aggressive.

I’ve always said it is best to be too aggressive and have to tone it down (means you are cocky) than to be too timid and have to turn it up. (Means you are a pussy)

Now you tell me, would you rather a girl say

“I don’t like you, you’re too cocky”


“you are really nice but you’re just not my type I’m sure there are girls out there who would love to have a guy like you…”


Yeah, it’s quite clear you should strive to force a girl to make the decision of having sex with you or not rather than never making a move and you go home feeling like a pussy.

How to force a girl to choose? Easy.

Keep trying to kiss her or take her clothes off when you chill with her and whenever you get a boner, grab her hand and place it on your hard on.

If she won’t touch it, pull your dick out and let her look.

So long as she doesn’t say “take me home NOW” or gets up and leaves, assume you are in the clear.

Being aggressive just means move faster instead of sit around and wait for something to happen.

The girl is never going to say “ok you can fuck me now” so you have to make it happen.

What being aggressive with girls you just started a conversation with will do for your chances of getting a number:

If you walked up to forty girls and tried to get their number but
you were really friendly about it you’d probably get more
numbers than if you were aggressively touching her.

But I’d still recommend you be aggressive and here is why:

The girls you were being really friendly with probably don’t see you as a threat so they think you can make a good text buddy or all around guy friend.

As for fuck-buddy, not so much.

Maybe they think you could make a good boyfriend but you’d probably have to text her and talk to her on the phone for a week or more before a first date, and don’t even think about sex until the third+ date.

You’d get fewer number numbers if you were aggressive with those forty girls, but the numbers that you do get will probably
land you some sex.

These girls already know what’s up. They can tell from your actions that if they chill with you, you are probably going to try and fuck them. They won’t make you wait too long for sex because they want it.

Now you know, It’s best to be aggressive and lose a girl that way knowing you did the right thing, than to lose a girl by not making
a move because that just means you’re a pussy.

Credit to GoodLookingLoser

Mindset Shift 4: Obviously A Change Is Needed

Remember, if you aren’t getting sex it’s YOU who has to change something.

Maybe you are ugly, get handsome.

I won’t lie, talking to girls works best when you’re lean and your
jawline is sharp.

Also, your style must be aggressive, no nice guy hipster shit
please for love of god.

Maybe you look good but you’re a pussy, get over rejection.

Go out there and force yourself to talk to girls everyday and
once you have no problems initiating conversation, start to
touch girls while talking to them.

Maybe you look good and you’re not a pussy but you’re just ‘too real’ to go out like a clown and talk to girls, (you think it’s easier to pull girls off the internet / parties)  well, have you even tried?

Improving your sex life comes from changing your mindset and habits.

You don’t have to go out and aggressively hit on girls for the rest of your life.

Take a few months to learn how to hit on girls so for the rest of
your life when you see a girl you’re interested in, you will have
zero problems talking to her and will know the steps to get her
into bed.

Maybe you think you need money… this simply isn’t the case.

Money will definitely make things easier but you don’t want to be spending dough on these bitches anyhow.

Fuck a girl first and when you know she loves you, then you may spend money on her, but if you are spending money to get a girl to love you ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE NOT FUCKED HER shame on you.

Maybe you respect women and despise guys who see them as sex objects, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But if you want to get laid you’ll have to be a bit sexual.. guys
fuck girls not the other way around.

If you respected her wishes you’d give her the dick she deserves
then romance her after she pleases your sexual needs.

That concludes the mindset shifts, It was a lot of information so make sure you go back and reabsorb all the gold I’m giving you.

Lets re-cap:

So you need to work on yourself, build some muscle in the gym and
build some confidence by making it a priority to talk to girls
and get their number and try to chill with them as soon as
you can
, being as aggressive as possible to make everything happen
on your schedule.

Moving on–

sexy woman

Before ‘hitting’ on girls you need to find your edge(s) and maximize

Unless you’re rich, most guys are going to need to maximize the same two edges that I have which are as follows:

Edge 1. Looks (body, style)

Edge 2. Confidence (posture, cool factor, not easily nervous aka don’t give a fuck, big dick)

Refer to this previous post, you want to look like or act like guy #3 or guy #4.

If you are currently guy #1 or guy #2 do not try to hit on girls, just work on yourself until you are guy #3 or guy #4.

I have posts on how to improve your confidence and how to dress as well as how to lose body fat and build muscle.

I even have posts on Increasing your penis size which does wonders
for self-confidence.

Once you  have these things under control you may now go out and hit on girls until you truly believe you can fuck a new girl within two weeks.

Disclaimer: I do not live the player lifestyle, I am in a closed-relationship. The above is my experience with devoting my life to having more sex from the years 2013-2016.


– Written by Brandon Ramlal