Phallosan Forte Brandon Ramlal

Phallosan Forte Penis Enlarger Can Be Worn While You Sleep!

The Phallosan Forte is a game changer.

You can wear it while you sleep making penis growth quite

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Comfortable – even without the protector cap around the head of my penis it feels comfortable.

I will admit at first I could only wear it for 2 hours at a time before experiencing discomfort, (and have to switch sides) but my dick just needed to get used to it.

After a month, I was fine with wearing it all day.

Not Noticeable – I’ve worn it to work, (as a waiter!)

I’ve worn it around friends, and not once has anyone ever noticed it and it rarely slips out of position.

The only thing is, every hour or two I’ll head to a private area and pump it (press on the suction thing) once and go about my day.

Sometimes I can do it slickly wherever I am without anyone noticing.
(Like in basketball shorts)

Works. Period.  – Just like the Bathmate, you will notice an increase in size after your first use which will be temporary until after about 3 months of consistent use.

It’s expensive for a reason, it works.

When it comes to growing your dick there is a lot of bullshit out there but the Phallosan Forte simply works.

I don’t recommend you buy it unless you are
absolutely serious about growing your dick.

If you do buy it, you’ll have a hard time not using it anyway because who wouldn’t use something they payed $300 for?

What To Expect – Use this device for 1 year and you will gain at least 1 inch in length. (If you haven’t done penis enhancement before)

This is my personal guarantee.

Phallosan Forte
You want to be in the yellow zone when awake and green zone when you’re sleeping. Stay out of the red zone!

– Written by Brandon Ramlal