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Improve Your Complexion With This Skincare Routine

This post will show you how to immediately and dramatically improve your complexion through skincare.

This is what my face used to look like prior to following this skincare routine:bad skin

Not too clear of a photo but you can see the general roughness on
my nose and cheek.

This is what my face usually looks like after I do my skincare routine:

good skin

Still not too clear of a picture but a big improvement from the before

If there is anything I learned from improving my skin, it is this,

“your skin likes routine, it doesn’t like frequent change in routine.”

That means to improve complexion one should stick to the same
daily routine.

Trust it.

Don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t be insecure and don’t touch your face every time you get a superficial pimple.

Just live life and follow your routine the same way you shower and brush your teeth without thinking twice.


Your skin develops natural oils / bacteria that promote a healthy, glowing and smooth face.

Washing your face too much or using too many products too frequently can dry out your skin leaving it rough and dull and may even cause

It may benefit you to go an entire day or two without washing your face at all to build back these natural oils, then slowly get back into a skincare

I, in fact, after two days of not washing my face, went two months of
not following a skincare routine at all.

All I did was rinse my face with water but used no chemicals at all on my face, not soap, not moisturizer, NOTHING.

After keeping this so called “routine” my skin became used to it and adapted.

The differences are more apparent in-person more-so than on camera.

On the left is two months of zero skincare. (I didn’t even shave.)

On the right is 45min later after one full skincare application.

As you can see, my before photo wasn’t that bad since I let my skin
adapt to it’s environment by keeping the same routine.

In the after photo my skin looks a bit better and once I keep this
routine going for a while my complexion will dramatically improve.

What You Need For Proper Skincare

Skincare kit
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Step 1 – Wash your face and extract
whiteheads + blackheads.

Dirty Blackhead Extractor
Dirty Blackhead Extractor

Using your blackhead extractor everyday (multiple times per day)
will make the most difference in improving your skin.

Use it as much as you can.

Step 2 – Shave your entire face.

Carefully shaving your entire face will dramatically improve your complexion.

It also removes whiteheads and dead skin so I recommend shaving as closely as possible.

I use a Merkur Razor with Feather Blades but you can use a
disposable if you’d like.

I use my hair shaping blades afterwords to get and even closer shave and extra exfoliation.

After using your blackhead extractor daily, razor shaving your entire face weekly (or more) will do the most to improve your skin.

Hair shaper blade
Shave with this, watch all the gunk leave your face.

I also use my hair shaping blades to groom my eyebrows and facial hair daily.

Any time I notice stray or out of place hairs I’ll shave them right off.

I especially recommend using these blades to keep your unibrow or bushy eyebrows in check.

Eyebrows are important
Eyebrows make your face, keep them clean.

Step 3 – Apply man-mask for 15min; remove with African Black Soap.

African Black Soap is the only soap I recommend.

I’d rather you not use soap at all if you don’t have this one.

Regular soap drys your skin, African black soap cleanses it.

Wash your face and body with this soap as much as you’d like.

To make your man-mask, mix 3 parts Aztec Indian Clay with 1 part 
Activated Black Charcoal (which also whitens your teeth) and about
2 tablespoons of water:

Man-mask recipe
I make this man-mask once a week.

I mix it all together with my fingers and apply it to my face at let it dry for 15 – 20 minutes before removing with the black soap.


For a stronger mask, Good Looking Loser recommends you try adding apple cider vinegar and organic matcha powder.

Step 4 – Apply a moisturizer + Hyaluronic Acid.

Every time I wash my face or leave the house I apply one pump of moisturizer and one pump of hyaluronic acid (mixed together) on my

The moisturizer keeps my skin soft and smooth and the acid gives it
a nice glow.

I like using an oil-free moisturizer with SPF 35 by Neutrogena and I use a different one specifically at night when I’m not expecting to
leave home.

I noticed that I need to stick to the same moisturizer forever and thats what I’ve been doing.

Let your skin get used to a certain moisturizer then only use that moisturizer forever.


If your face ever becomes too dry, or if you experience burning when
doing this routine, apply coconut oil as a moisturizer at night before going
to bed

(you can even crush vitamin c tablets and put them on your face as well for improved complexion)

and reduce the frequency of shaving, and using hyaluronic acid and black soap.

*Do the opposite if you have oily skin

For faster results, use eggs.

Egg white mask.
Egg white mask.

Use the whites of 1 egg to make a mask once or twice a week.

Egg yolk moisturizer
Egg yolk moisturizer

Then use some of the yolk after you wash off the whites as a
moisturizer to rejuvenate  your skin.


  • Everyday extract your whiteheads and blackheads
  • Everyday and every night moisturize with hyaluronic acid
  • Once a week wear the man-mask
  • Twice a week wear an egg-white mask
  • Razor shave your entire face once a week, shape your facial hair and eyebrows daily
  • Wash your face with African Black Soap as much as you’d like

– Written by Brandon Ramlal