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Self-Defense For Untrained People

“Hope for the best, plan for the worst.”

A lot of people have a positive outlook on life and assume bad things won’t happen to them.

This is good, but don’t for one second think of neglecting the
importance of being able to defend yourself from an attacker.

The best self-defense is to avoid attack.

It is better to avoid a confrontation than to win one.

The aim of self-defense is to come out of the scenario unscathed or taking as little damage as possible.

Thus, the objective is to end it quickly and render your attacker
incapacitated assuming talking your way out of it is not an option.

You have to assume your attacker is trying to end your life, you have to assume you must end his life or his ability to attack if you are to
continue living.

The law states you should stand your ground and/or call the cops
before trying to kill an attacker.

The law tells you it would be better to run away rather than try to defeat your attacker.

When it comes to your life, do what you have to do to survive.

If you want to protect yourself from criminal charges, it would be wise to kill your attacker since a dead man can tell no tales; it’s your word against nobody’s.

You should keep a weapon on you at all times.

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If you live in a gun-friendly state, buy a firearm you can legally carry on your person or in your car and be proficient at using it.

If not, carry a blade.

SOG gb1001

You must practice using your weapon so should a deadly encounter happen, you know how to defend yourself.

The last thing you need is your attacker gaining control of your own weapon and using it against you.

Aim for his vital organs such as the brain, heart, liver and kidneys.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself and you have no weapon, find one around you; do whatever you can to gain an advantage.

If no weapon can be found and you are reduced to using only your person as a form of attack then your best option would be to run away or take cover.

If you must fight, (hopefully your attacker has no weapons) your aim is to inflict as much damage as quickly as possible and/or get your attacker to stop attacking so you can then either leave the fight or incapacitate him.

Likely, your attacker will use fist strikes aimed at your face and may try to grapple you to the ground to get on top of you.

This is how most people fight, they hit you in the face.

This is not the best way to fight in a self defense scenario since this is life or death, not boxing.

Even if he has no intention of ending your life take it as him trying to kill you and you will be more successful.

Become desperate, a desperate man is hard to beat.

Keep your chin down and tight, be sure to bite down and keep your hands up protecting your face and solar plexus at all times.

Do not lose your balance!

If you are going to punch or kick, aim for the throat or solar plexus.

Be sure not to telegraph your strikes.

(Throw knees and elbows too)

If you land a hard connection to the trachea / windpipe he won’t be
able to attack because he’ll be gasping for breath, same goes for a
solid hit on his solar plexus.

It does not matter how big or strong you are, getting hit in the solar plexus HURTS.

Use this opportunity to run away or follow up with psychopathic,
savage strikes to the eyes and throat or groin.

If possible, choke him out until he becomes unconscious, try even to break his neck.

If he comes in close, put your chin down and ram the top of your head straight into his chin or nose, this will allow you to move in for a
groin attack or solar plexus attack.

If you can, gouge his eyes.

Be relentless, show no mercy.

Dig your thumbs into his eye sockets with force.

There is no shame in crushing his testicles, if you must, grab them or kick / stomp them until they are destroyed.

Bite his fingers, or break them. Bite his flesh or ears, rip them
completely off.

If you have the power, suplex him onto his head with the aim of breaking his neck or spine.

It works better if you can get behind him but it should not matter if you execute a suplex from his front, grab him around the waist and
lift up then fall back making sure his head hits the ground first.

If you two are struggling on the ground, again, try to break or
dislocate his joint sockets such as fingers, wrist, ankle or shoulder.

Directly attack a straightened elbow or knee causing it to
hyperextend and break.

Hyperextended Knee
Kick a knee to achieve this.

If at any time he leaves the back of his head open for attack, strike immediately.

If you manage to get on top of him, bash his skull into the floor
repeatedly or dig into his throat or eyes making sure to draw
excessive blood.

A hard hit to the back and bottom of the head is sure to lead to

Stomp him out, go for the throat or head.

Attack his temples with your knuckles.

He can recover from a hard hit to the cheeks, hard hits to the
temple can cause concussions, permanent brain damage or death.

If you have developed the psychopath in you and workout and have a strong masculine presence, most people won’t try to attack you, attackers usually go for easy prey, the weak.

But should you find yourself being attacked, at least now you know his vitals and some basic self-defense.

Maybe this won’t ever happen, who knows?

But if it does happen, your entire life was basically practice for this very moment; are you going to die?

Or will you LIVE?

– Written by Brandon Ramlal