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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Compete Against Yourself

It’s good to have a rival.

My rival is Omar-
One of my closest friend of eight years, who has an amazing body.

I’m constantly one or two steps behind him in training,
and I push myself harder and harder to catch up to him.

It’s okay to have one rival in any particular area you want to
improve on;
 you can use his success as fuel for your motivation.

However, the key is to not feel jealous, or have thoughts of envy and hate toward this person. Or anyone for that matter.

Emulate, (not copy) his successful qualities and find ways to make it work for you.

I like to think of people who are better than me (at anything) as
people who’ve been doing it longer than I have, but I will certainly get there sooner than later.

Omar- currently bulking.

Your biggest rival though, should be your former self.

There will always be someone out there who is better than you, and if you continue comparing your life to theirs, how can you possibly be happy?

You can’t be the best at everything, but you sure can be the best at something.

Do you take pride in belittling?
Or being better than others?
You shouldn’t.

  1. Take a picture.
  2. Write down your stats, goals, deadlines.
  3. Then check back in a year and gaze upon progress you’ve made.

That is how you grow.

By bettering yourself, you are competing against yourself.
Not him,
Not her,
Not your friend,
Not your brother,
Not your co-worker,
but YOU.

The way the world operates is-

  1. Go to work.
  2. Make a lot of money.
  3. Buy so and so material things to project status.
  4. Be ‘better’ than everyone else.
  5. Make sure you are up do date with the latest gadgets and such.

If this truly brings you happiness then by all means, do it.

Just know, you are not living for yourself, you are living for the
people around you.

Nothing wrong with buying ‘stuff’ if you do it because you want it. Don’t buy them to seek validation of others.

Compete against the person you were last year.

By doing so, you are guaranteed to grow each and every year, month, week, and day.

There is no way you will ever be stagnant or recede.

Do you, worry not of the affairs of others.

Don’t be a lost soul.

People who think too much of the lives of others and what they are or are not doing, have lost their focus, or have no clue what they want.

Since they have no aim, other than go to work and watch tv, they buy ‘stuff’ in the form of entertainment which in turn provides them with a temporary, but empty happiness.

Then the next best thing comes out or they see someone with
‘something better’ than them, and they ‘just gotta have it’ or else they will feel bad about themselves.

Whats worse, is these people will follow media coverage of
celebrities, and other famous and successful people, just to go and yap their mouths off in envy about how lucky those people are and wish they could be rich and famous like those ‘talentless drama queens’.


Your life is more interesting, more fulfilling than anyone else’s life.

So live it up, and make it better with each passing day. Only you can.

Wiz tweet

Become obsessed with yourself and your future.

By definition this means be selfish; but don’t for one second believe that the sentence above is selfish.

You are not asking anyone for any favors.
You are not taking up anyone’s time.

You simply stand out of the way when confronted by these obstacles and go right back to the main focus-


Being selfish is trying to be better than everyone, but you’re not concerned with everyone, just yourself.

Call it selfish,
Call it egotistical,
Call it narcissism,
Call it greed.

Since when were these things wrong?

You are trying to get ahead in your own life, so how can anyone
accuse you of doing something immoral?

Why do morals and ethics even matter in the quest to become great?

Don’t think people will hate you for being great, (maybe a little)
people are attracted to ‘narcissistic assholes’.

Just remember,
for every person that hates you,
there is one who loves you.

Not that you care about their opinions anyway since you’re
too focused on being YOU.

Floyd 'money' Mayweather
Some may think Floyd Mayweather is a paradox of this post, but on the contrary, he cares far more of himself than anyone else.

Note: The world will become a lonely place once you make the switch from worker bee to ass-kicker. But, you will never be bored, as there will always be fulfilling work to be done.

When you start worrying about what other people think about you, or wonder what’s going through their heads when you’re around,
you are basically living for them and not

If you legitimately want to do something you feel would bring you happiness, the thoughts of others should have no say in the

When you start doing things to seek out approval from others, you’ve lost your focus.

Remember, the only person you have to prove right or wrong, is you.

Not your ex,
Not your dad,
Not your boss,
Not your teacher,


  1. Look for all the areas you want to improve on.
  2. Write down exactly where you are right now.
  3. Write down exactly where you’d like to be. 
  4. Visualize yourself as that person.

Then, go out and improve. Literally become the person you admire.

Note: You should become organized + focused. Set up a zen-like in-home office. Buy a desk, a comfortable chair, a nice laptop, a composition
notebook, notepads, pens, dry erase boards, etc. Then, plan out your life for next five years, step by step, and genuinely believe you are already that person. Now, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Don’t let people distract you with their criticism and don’t distract yourself by becoming discouraged when someone better than you walks in the room.

Keep your tunnel vision on the goal until people around you
genuinely seem mediocre or average, still buying ‘stuff’ working that job and ruining their health, chasing prestige and validation.

You’ll be out kicking ass without a care in the world for another man since you now know the only man worth caring for is YOU.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal