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How to Get Laid Online

Sure you’re good at talking to girls you already know like you, but it can be hard walking up to a complete stranger to find out.

For this, I recommend online dating apps for your smart phone.

Your time and emotions invested can be very little after you know what you are doing and you can repeat the process every single day.

Once you learn how to meet up with girls on the internet, learning how to chill with girls you meet in person will be a lot easier.

There are no guarantees that everyone will get laid online but I will show you what to do to drastically improve your chances.  Continue reading How to Get Laid Online


3 Steps To Fuck Girls You Like

In my last post I talked about why you should talk to more girls and be more aggressive if you want to be having more sex.

This post is the elaborate version of that one, and a “how to actually talk to girls” manual.

I’ll try to give solutions to any problems you think you’d come across, though, most of those ‘problems’ are all in your head. Continue reading 3 Steps To Fuck Girls You Like