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Take Pride in Your Dress

Note: Do whatever you want. This is my take on style and what works for me will work for some but may not work for you and vice versa.

These days, I can’t tell if a guy is gay or if he’s just trying to dress

I’ve never appealed to the ‘hipster’ ‘boat shoes’ ‘dress shirts’ ‘colored chinos’ combination. Frankly, I think it looks a little gay and
screams ‘rich kid frat-boy’. There’s no danger in that look. Also, I’m not big on the facial hair thing. I do think beards are cool, but beards are trending right now, and in my experience, it’s better going
against what everyone else is doing and something in my gut tells me this trend will die soon. (Plus, I couldn’t grow a beard if I wanted
to) Now that I’m done hating on 50 percent of modern males, I’ll
explain my take on being masculine without looking slightly gay.
(Obviously, If you are a real man, muscular, don’t take shit from
anyone, walk with your head held high, you can pull off any look)

Every time I read a modern day style guide for men, the more I
realize I was just born with a natural talent to dress well without
having to try, the more I realize men these days have no clue how
to be masculine and stand-out, and most men these days are
hopelessly safe and nice.

shuaib n staffa

Be Edgy Over Being Hip any Day.

When I see a hipster, I think okay, maybe this guy is creative,
talkative, not boring.. but never do I think he’s a threat. Meaning,
never do I think he can beat me at any sort of competition. (Sports,
fighting, women) I don’t compete against meaningless people but at
the same time, it’s nice to know that I’m ahead of the ‘nice guys’.

You don’t just want to have a look where women say “ohh he dresses nice.” you want them to say “ohh he dresses good and no one would
pick a fight with him.” You want to look a bit dangerous. It’s hard to
look mean wearing brightly colored skintight high-water pants with
no socks.

Shorter hairstyles are masculine but longer styles can be pulled off if you’re manly. Soccer players have great hairstyles to copy draw
inspiration from. Maintain eyebrows, skin and nails; girls pay
attention to the details you don’t. If you can’t decide on a
hairstyle, shave your head and get an edge up.

Skin care should receive attention, no ashy limbs, no hairy face, you want to look like you’re glowing when you step out of your home.

me clear skin
me nice brows
me edgy haircut

I recommend washing your face in the shower with the world’s
greatest soap and consistently shaving with a
good shaving
cream. When you shave, take care to not leave any loose hairs and shave your entire face, not just your cheeks.

I know I say you should be masculine and you’re going to think
skin care is feminine but you want to look your best, if you carry
yourself like a man, having a clean, smooth, spotless face will only
benefit you.


I make a mask every week with a teaspoon of Aztec Indian Clay +
1/3 teaspoon Activated Black Charcoal mixed with water. It keeps
my face looking brand new and in-conjuction with washing my face
with the African soap and shaving correctly, all I need to do now is put on a decent moisturizer with SPF protection and I’m good to go.


You should pay attention to your teeth, keep them looking
white and get them straightened if need be. What I do is go through
a tube of toothpaste then instead of using a new tube, I’ll brush
with water and baking soda for two days and on the third day, it will
be baking soda + hydrogen peroxide (for oral use) until I run out of that; then switch back over to toothpaste and repeat.

The aforementioned Activated Charcoal may also be used to 
whiten your teeth among many other uses. 

If you are going to wear accessories, they must be of highest quality. (Real jewelry, designer brands)

I’m not going to bullshit you and give you a list of places you can
shop at to ‘dress good for cheap’. If you want to dress better than 99
percent of guys, you have to wear premium clothing.

*People with an outstanding taste for unique fashion can put
together amazing outfits by thrifting and wearing random pieces of
clothing; chances are that’s not you though. It’s definitely not me. 

Be a Trendsetter Rather Than Follow Trends.

When people constantly ask where you bought your clothes from,
you are on the right track. The number one rule to dressing better
than most, is to dress differently from most. Wear things only a handful of people if any own in your entire city.

Every single guy who makes an attempt to dress better looks the same: Ray bans, loafers, chinos, button up. Doesn’t help that they have no muscle, slouch their shoulders, don’t look threatening at all and are mistaken for being gay.

The world has moved away from ‘matching’ colors. You dont have to match your shoes with your hat like back in 06′. I’ve always found the  correct way to match is to not let the colors touch but have it noticeable enough to where it can visually be seen that your colors match. Ex. hat same color as pants, shirt same color as shoes.
Matching colors, but they are separated; not touching.

Having great style comes with not being overweight. You can still look good if you’re fat, but you’d look way better if you were in
shape. The same shirt will look better on you with a six-pack than with a beer belly obviously. Your jawline is your strongest tool to
look attractive, not your abs btw. To get jaw-definition, you are 
going to need to lose some fat.

As guys get older, they move away from ‘swag’ to look ‘classy’. Cool.

The thing is, if you’re skinny (or fat) and you dress with swagger, you
can still look intimidating, but if you’re skinny and you dress ‘classy’,
 look like a pussy.

I think non-white people have more leeway with dressing hip
because it’s not the norm. Conversely, I think white people should
dress intimidatingly because it’s not the norm. Ex. a muscular black
guy who looks like he’d be a thug wearing ‘thug’ clothes but instead
he wears a suit, or a straight edged white guy who has tattoos on his
neck and hands.

Bonus* Confident posture and a mean-mug will always be more
masculine than dragging by with a goofy smile.

Bonus** Stop buying ‘light-weight’ shoes. They are feminine and
won’t last long at all. Rock a durable pair.

Bonus*** Heres a $14 cologne that smells better than the $100 

Here are some people who got the hipster look RIGHT:

hipster hotty
hipster hotty 2
hipster hotty 3

I now leave you with 2 seemingly paradoxical but invaluable tips:

stop dressing like everyone else 

dress like the guy your dream girl’s man would dress like


– Written by Brandon Ramlal