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Train Yourself To Last Longer In Bed

There are several key things you need to have down to train yourself to last longer in bed.

Your Psyche

I’d say a person suffers from pre-mature ejaculation if he is
consistently shooting his load within 7 minutes of penetration
(counting the time it takes to switch positions) any less than 7 minutes
is pre-mature ejaculation.

Sometimes everyone busts quicker than they’d like but this is natural.

If you know you want to last longer but ‘cant’ for some reason then you need to train yourself to last longer.

If you are consistently disappointed because you did not last as long
as you wanted, (usually about 7 minutes of non-stop penetration is
you need to practice kegels and have more frequent sex or use
the Fleshlight.

The key to building yourself up is to be satisfied with your sex so every session after gets better.

If you are disappointed after busting your nut, chances are the next session will end in dissapointment as well.

Be happy with your sex, tell yourself you will do better next time, and you will get better.

Don’t psyche yourself out.

Mindset is the key to beat going soft, perhaps you could think of her as your slave who exists only for your sexual satisfaction; ‘get into it’ and play out your fantasies instead of thinking if you are doing a good job performing.

Your Breathing

Breathe into your stomach, not your chest.

If you breathe into your chest, we need to work on that first.

I read somewhere to put a shoe on your chest and breath into your stomach while laying down and don’t let the shoe move.

If the shoe moves, you are chest breathing, if the shoe stays still and your stomach is expanding, you are stomach breathing.

It takes practice, I used to be a chest breather, but now It is difficult for me to breathe into my chest as I’m so accustomed to breathing into my stomach.

It’s the best way to breathe, you’ll have more stamina and get more oxygen into your lungs and most importantly it will keep you calm and slow your heart rate while having sex which will help you gain control over your orgasms.

Chest breathing is shallow, you lose your breath faster, it makes your heart race, and it promotes anxiety.

Building Your Erections From Kegels And Reverse Kegels

Most people by now know how to kegel, you contract the muscle that allows you to stop your pee mid-stream and/or lock your anus when doing heavy lifting.

No one knows about reverse kegels though, which are probably more important than regular kegels.

Kegels are used to build erection strength, but reverse kegels are what helps you last longer.

To reverse kegel you contract the muscle you use to push your pee out.

Practice holding your kegels and reverse kegels as long as you can while soft and while hard, build your own ‘routine’ and you will

When having sex, holding a kegel as hard as you can will bring your erection down if you feel like you are about to cum, while holding a reverse kegel as hard as you can will build it up.

Reverse kegels really are a ‘secret super pornstar trick’ nobody knows
about, practice them and adjust your routine how you see fit.

Building Your Ligament Strength From Stretching

You need to treat your dick like a muscle, you want to build it strong and hard.

When you do your manual stretching exercises, pull from as far back on the base of your penis as possible like you’re trying to pull your dick out from your body.

You want the base of your penis hard and strong and developed.

This means you’ll have rougher, longer, funner sex.

I strongly recommend the Phallosan Forte for building a stronger penis.

Switching Positions, And Listening To Your Body

There are certain positions you could fuck in forever to where your dick will almost go numb, then when you start to lose hardness, switch over to a more sensitive position, then when you feel very aroused, switch back to a numb position.

I call this controlling your arousal.

Remember to breathe into your stomach and stay calm.

Do not tense your back or butt or abs or any other muscles and kegel or reverse kegel as you see fit.

Reverse kegels work great when you want to get rock hard while holding a kegel hard will bring you down if you went too hard.

The training routine you come up with is unique to you.

Whether you can’t last 5 minutes or you want to be able to go for hours at a time, you will need a combination of more frequent sex focused on controlling your arousal and building a stronger penis.

I highly recommend Stinging Nettle Root and Red – Pct.

This will make reverse kegels a lot easier which is the most
important thing you can do aside from growing your dick to have
better sex.

red pct and stinging nettle root

Red – Pct  and Nettle Root are great testosterone boosters but
combined with my previous arousal control training I can virtually
control when I want to cum and erections are harder than ever.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal