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What Do You Really Want? Find Your Calling

Many people want money.

Or the freedom to do as they please without having to show up to work.

But they place detours ahead of the end goal believing that is the only way to achieve it.

Why take three turns from point A to B wasting years of your life when it can be done in one straight line?

Lets say someone thinks they want to be a rapper.

Do they really want to be heard? Or do they want to be rich?

Do they want the millions? Or do they want the fame?

Lets say someone thinks they want to be a doctor.

Do they really want to save lives?

Are they really spending all those years in school to do something they’d love doing for the entirety of their lives? Or are they just
doing it because being a doctor is a ‘good job’ that pays well?

Would they retire their practice after making a lump some of
money? If someone threw three million dollars in their face, would they still be a doctor?

Or is this person chasing prestige and status?

If admiration is what they desire, then so be it. People will respect them for being a doctor, they will own a nice home and drive a fancy car.

But never will they be free.

If they really wanted to begin saving lives, they’d move to an
extremely poor country and start their own practice in a shack
somewhere where ‘credentials’ are not necessary.

Surely there are people who are both passionate and obsessed with their career choice and are genuinely happy on their path to earning their profession, but they are the exception.

Most people are not focused like those individuals.

Most people want to be comfortable in a well-paying  ‘safe’
career(hoping they don’t lose their position) until they’re 60 then
retire on a beach.

Now, I ask you.

Are you on the path to what you really want? Or are you on the path to what you think you want?

Are you in college right now because you want to be? Or because you ‘should’ be?

Are you working that job right now because you want to? Or do you ‘need’ to?

You don’t need to do anything in the world except for stepping closer to what you want and the only thing you should do is the thing that brings you closer to your wants.

Me cooking.
1 pound of chicken is more of a snack to me. I eat big meals.

People will tell you to let go of the things you want for the things you need. The problem with that is, people dont know the
difference between the two.

People are brought up to believe they NEED a job. The best job is the one you REALLY WANT.

Not the one you think you need right now since without it you’ll be behind on bills. Or if hired by that company, you’ll be able to buy that car you want so bad.

Your ‘job’ should be one that you’d be happy doing even if you got paid less to do it. 

One where even if you were a multi-millionaire with no need to earn another cent in your life, you’d still do it.

This is not a job, this is a calling. You need to find your calling.

College is meant for people who know exactly which job they want so they get the degree that will hopefully lead to a position.

If you are in college and you haven’t found your calling, your life won’t go so well once school is over unless you do.

I went to college for a few semesters. The only reason I went was because, thats just what kids do after high school, they go to
college or else they are automatically ‘fuck-ups’ who won’t earn much higher than minimum wage for the rest of their lives unless they get ‘lucky’.

Well, that is what society believes. But not me. Not anymore.

If you are in college and you aren’t positively sure you know
exactly what you want to do
for the entire rest of your life,

You can always go back later.

School is the easy part. If you hate going to class so much and you know it will all be over in a few years, why would you think going to work every day for the rest of your life will be any easier?

If you are working a job you hate or going to class when you’d much rather be somewhere else, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out what you want since you obviously don’t want that.

Note: student loans are the only debts that don’t go away ever. Even after
filing for bankruptcy. If you can’t pay it, your kids will end up having to
pay it.

plane window IMG_3927
On my way to Trinidad & Tobago.

College is the slow-track to life. You want to be on the fast-track.

How much longer until you tell your boss you’ve decided to move on to bigger and better things? (Working for yourself.)

Why spend four plus years earning a degree that won’t guarantee a position, when if you really wanted a position you’d network and find a way in?

Why wait an extra four plus years before venturing out into the world mastering yourself, when you can start straight out of high school?

Here is my beef with education and the workforce.. It’s people
demanding you to do stuff you don’t want to do
in return for a piece of paper that says ‘you’re smart now’ or for a salary that is not worth the lack of free-time for personal endeavors and stress placed on your mind and body.

Why on earth would you volunteer for that life?

Do you not believe in yourself that much that you have to succumb to a lifestyle of following commands for a living?

Be Bold.
Be Bold. Life is Fulfilling When You Do Bold Things.

Life is about growth and freedom to do things you enjoy, not taking pride in doing things you don’t want to do.

People will say you have to struggle and it’s a part of life but I believe different. Why embrace struggle and unfulfilling work when I can embrace the journey to success doing that of which I was born to do?

College is training for how to be the best possible worker bee for whomever CEO you are happy to service. You can choose to
become CEO of your own business and then voila, now it’s you
hiring the unguided people who went to college and are begging to work for you.

Which title sounds better? CEO or Employee?

The crazy thing is, the world seriously believes you have to spend years ‘climbing the corporate ladder’ while the CEO’s son breezes by you in no time at all.

Whats crazier, is that those same gullible souls bask in glory once they’ve finally made it to a long awaited corporate title such as partner or director.

I look all at that and call them stupid.

trinidad sceneryIMG_4170
Maracus Bay – Trinidad

Imagine it yourself, lets say you went to school for four years (more likely six) then got hired by a big company and you are an
exceptional work horse blazing through the competition and make it
to Vice-President in only five years now earning a cool $200,000 a year.


Now imagine if you were to start your own company straight out of high school, skip the whole go to college, climb the corporate
ladder thing and invest those nine years of sweat, grit and soul into your own brand.

Note: it’s actually easier to do your own thing. (Starting a business) than to do what society does. (Find a  career) Doing your own thing offers far less competition.

You’d be CEO of a massive company with people actively seeking to work for you easily earning upwards of $200,000 a year only this time you’re doing what you want to do, and you don’t take shit from anyone.

Option A is easy for normal people to follow because everything is laid out perfectly for them. It’s a step-by-step plan of action to get through life.

Option B has no plan. You have to create your own plan, and this is where average people choose to go to college and get a job because they don’t know how to create their own life-plan because they are so good at taking orders. 

Then they will graduate with honors legitimately feeling like they have accomplished something so great when really, they spent
thousands of dollars to do a bunch of work they did not feel like
learning ‘skills’ that will serve no purpose for their future.

Don’t fall for that trap.

The reason I stopped going to school was because I did not want to be there.

Plain and simple.

I hated going to sleep at night remembering I didn’t do that pointless assignment and now I’m probably going to fail.

I knew I didn’t need a degree to do what I wanted to do.

I wanted to run my own business.

And I knew that I’d want to do it until the day I die. This is my

I’ve found my calling, and now I am free.

Free to live my life doing what I want to do, genuinely happy.

If you dread going to work and going to school, the obvious answer is to build a life independent of those obstacles.
If you dread going to work and going to school, the obvious answer is to build a life independent of those obstacles.

Here is a quick two words on bills.. fuck them.

If you don’t pay them, you’re not going to get physically hurt, no one
is going to come and arrest you, your life is not in danger. No one
cares about your precious little credit score.

If you want to quit your job, do it. 

Always do what you want and never do what you don’t want.

Don’t worry about your car being repossessed, your apartment
being taken away from you, or any material things that can be bought over.

Debt is an added stress you don’t need when you start thinking you HAVE to pay it off right away. Unnecessary stress should be avoided at all cost. Train yourself to dismiss thoughts of negativity or anger in things that don’t physically harm your life or freedom.

Worse case scenario, you can always find another job.

Note: Most millionaires keep a huge debt and know it’s better to pay off later than sooner. Taxes too. Still, you should aim to buy everything cash, until you are borrowing other people’s money for smart business

Just find your calling and be busy with that.

I’ve had three jobs in my life.

None of which lasted longer than four months, all of which I quit on the spot.

I despised having to answer to someone above me, and not having full control of making the amount of money I wanted to make.

I felt like a modern day slave each time I’d show up to work.

I feel I do my most productive work in four hours or less. Any more than that, and I don’t want to work anymore. Sadly, jobs are usually ten hour shifts.

I felt fake to myself.

I knew this job wasn’t what I wanted, it was just a huge distraction taking up all of my time.

The pay was nice since I could afford to treat myself, but it took up so much of my time that I had none left to grow, just stay the same old Brandon working for tips.

After 40 hours of soul-sucking work, you can see I haphazardly spent my money on pleasure to make up for it.
After 40 hours of soul-sucking work, you can see I haphazardly spent my money on pleasure to make up for it.

Note: Theres a difference between 40 hours of soul-sucking work and 40 hours of fulfilling work. The latter doesn’t stress you out or tempt you to into consumer qualities, you focus on producing.

After quitting three jobs, I realized a job is not what I want. 

I’d never be doing what I wanted if I was working for someone
other than myself,
regardless of the payout.

I have completely abandoned the workforce forever and it’s for that same reason I choose to not ‘further my education’.

It will serve no purpose since I have no need to ‘land a good job.’

People will say you need a degree or work experience to start your own business. Reply ‘FUCK OFF’.

These days, anything you’d ever want to become knowledgeable about may be found on the internet free of charge.

Just another reason why school is pointless. I think we all know it, we are just scared to admit it. Propaganda is a bitch.

Back to the question of – are you on the path to what you really want?

Are you?

Are you chasing your calling? Or are you chasing the validation of others?

Are you doing what you want? Or just doing what your parent(s) and society want you to?

Think long and hard about this.

If it’s fame you are after, stop trying to get rich.

If it’s money you are after, start selling something.

If it’s freedom you are after, quit your job and start building.

It’s never smart to cut off a source of income unless the time spent earning income in that area is too much for too little money and distracts you from fulfilling your calling.

So if that sounds like the job you’re in, quit.

Just make sure whatever it is you do, it’s bringing you closer to what you want and that it is your calling.

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– Written by Brandon Ramlal