What is Music Useful For?

Music gives you confidence, and inspires you to become a creator.

First of all, music is art, you can’t hate on art, it’s not possible
because art is abstract and all art inspires. You look at art, most of it looks hideous, but it’s still art, you listen to a bunch of songs and most of them are trash, but it’s still art. But, every now and then a piece of art stands out.

Music is mood control whether you like it or not. Control your mind to use music as fuel to do what you want to do. You can listen to a song and choose to get mad or sad, or you can a listen to a song and be the most secure person on the planet.

You don’t have to like other types of music if you don’t want to,

but as long as you have music you like, there should be no reason to waste time hating on other stuff. You’re wasting life energy
expressing any resources to hate.

Hate drains you of any real drive.

If you ever feel any of the 30 things in this post, just jam your
favorite music in these headphones and let loose-

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Your mood is always great in music mode. Listen to your favorite
music, with those headphones, close your eyes and let loose.

Find motivation and the upmost confidence to expose yourself to the world. Find inspiration. You now have no reason to be lazy.

You have no reason to be unmotivated.

You have no reason to be misguided.

Truly care only about yourself and you first, put yourself over every
single entity as if you were God. Forget about all of your current

Think about where you should be right now and what you should be doing; you have now found your purpose.

You know exactly how you’re going to do it, nothing else matters.

You know what you have to do make it happen, and you’re not
asking how long it’s gonna take because it doesn’t matter, you’re
doing it anyway.

This is your calling.

Music is a reminder of why it’s a good thing to be alive.

*You still totally have your responsibilities when you exit this magic
musical ream but the music reminds you what you need to be doing.

Diversify Your Music (or at least try)

Diversifying your music gives you multiple outlooks on the world, develops your character and makes you a more wholesome person who is hard to figure out. If you are constantly closed off to new
music, what does that tell you about your mindset? You are probably
a hater and staying the exact same year after year.

As a millennial, I tend to find myself hating on country music for no apparent reason. (kinda like how baby boomers hate on rap) This is something I need to work on. I need to use my ‘hate’ toward country music to my advantage to give me multiple views on the world and how it works, get inside the minds of country artists and their
audience to realize what it is they like and how can I use that to
advantage, say, to fuck country girls or sell products to
demographic. No point in hating, there is zero gain in hate.

Everything teaches a lesson whether the intent is constructive or destructive or neutral.

Listen to the music you hate for the message and not to ‘like’ it. You will find tolerating it becomes much easier. You may disagree with the message, but you can’t hate it. Only dismiss it.


If you feel strongly for or against a certain message, congratulations;
you now have something to fight for everyday when you wake up and life now has meaning and direction. 

Not to brag, but I attribute a lot of my above-average awareness has come from listening to all types of different music growing up and learning to tolerate music I once hated.

My dad played a lot of 80’s soft rock when I was growing up, (which inspired me to make this playlist) and I’m not a lovey dovey guy who desperately wants a girlfriend but 80’s music is happy music and
makes me feel like I need to be a good
person and do right in the
world; listening to 80’s makes me
 want to not have any negative
karma in my life whatsoever.

There’s a time and place for ‘status music’ (to fulfill your inner
narcissist) but you need to leave room for happy soul-pleasing
as well to live free of envy. (Doesn’t have to be 80’s)

Me being Trinidadian has also given me yet another subculture(s) to fall into, Bollywood, Calypso, Chutney, Reggae(dancehall) and Soca,
music are genres I grew up with in Queens, all music which don’t
solely promote doing drugs, fucking, and getting rich.

Oh yea, almost forgot Reggaeton 😱

In high school, I wen’t through ‘weird’ phases which I now realize  made me the more complete person I am today. Junior year I wanted to look like Ronnie Radke and fuck hot emo girls, I had completely abandoned rap (the only genre I actively listened to) until it was cool again in 2012. 

I’m not ashamed of my music choices, my friends would probably definitely laugh (at me) if they knew I watched this video a couple of

What’s so great about adapting to different music is I can fit in with any crowd. (to my benefit) Music has more influence than religion nowadays (most at least) and if you like the same songs as people (or can tolerate it) you can easily relate with any demographic even if they are nothing like you, if you wanted to.

– Written by Brandon Ramlal

  • Great post man and I agree. I’m so glad that I can enjoy and listen to every Genre especially thankful that I do like Classic a lot because of all the benefits. Metal for lifting is always great and sometimes I even listen to pop songs. Music is wonderful and I’ll leave with the famous Nietzsche quote. “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

    • Same goes for every type of media, most would be ashamed to admit they watched anime growing up, but being able to watch Dragon Ball Z or Naruto and not being a total tv addict helps make you a more complete person too.

      • I agree even I was a bit ashamed of it that’s why I didn’t write a post on it yet, but I will (already started it) I really think that DBZ played a major role in developing character. I mean Goku and Vegeta are great role models especially for a kid. Heck even now I watch it from time to time and it pumps me up to kick some ass. Also it valued friendship, strength, discipline and so many other virtues and not only DBZ did that. Nowadays those shows don’t exist anymore I see it with my sister there is only shit on TV.