How to Wisely Pick the Right Girlfriend

I won’t say looks don’t matter when choosing a parter because it most definitely does.

But wise selecting of the right girlfriend goes beyond the surface of mere looks.

Of course, what’s right for me is not right for you, but below is in fact, how to make the W I S E decision:

When I emphasize making the “WISE” decision I simply mean,


This raises the question–

“How do I avoid getting fucked over Brandon?”

Brandon is going to tell you boys how it is and it goes like this:

Lets be real.

You need to have L.O.V.E. for your girlfriend.

If you don’t love her then what’s the point?

A lot of us players have given up on love because we think love is for the weak.

In fact, weak people don’t let themselves be vulnerable enough to have love for anyone and if they do have love for someone they won’t show it because to give love and to give trust means putting yourself in a position to be hurt and played like a fool.

In other words, we are just trying Not to Get Fucked Over.

But no one wants to be the pussy who gets cheated on and
disrespected by his so called “lover” only to see relationship afte
relationship end with him on the losing side.

It’s okay to love, it’s a good thing to love, *when you know WHO to love.*

Get Plenty of Fuck Buddy Experience Before Thinking About a Relationship.¹

You should have plenty fuck buddy experience before choosing monogamy.

This way you know from experience what traits to look for and avoid when choosing the right girlfriend.

It would not be wise to start or continue a relationship you don’t wholeheartedly believe will last.

Being in a genuine relationship will cost a large commitment of
invested time and emotion.

Fuck Buddies shouldn’t; so it makes sense to fuck plenty girls so you don’t go into a relationship that will end and know exactly how to prevent that from happening by choosing wisely.²

¹ I know some of you reading may not want to fuck girls just to fuck them and would rather be in a relationship before having sex with a girl,
especially when you have strong feelings for her.

I only hope you will have at least some sexual experience with girls you don’t very much care for.

This will strengthen your psyche and benefit you in the long run when it comes time to show your real feelings so you don’t come off soft. 

Fuck buddies psychologically hardens you up so you don’t get played due to you giving into your feelings and trusting every girl you end up liking.

² You will learn to deny girls who want to be your girlfriend.

This is invaluable.

Most guys don’t have the (good) problem of having to deny ugly girls (ugly
on the inside) who want to be their girlfriend but girls usually do.

If she is your fuck buddy chances are she is not relationship material but will try very hard to get you to invest some emotions and you will learn to say no! and be “mean”. 

This “phase” is necessary or required learning.

After learning to do this, you will now know WHO NOT to love so you Do Not Get Fucked Over.

It’s about Compatibility and choosing a girl with Outstanding Character.

If you have to tell your girl not to talk to guys or can’t trust her in any way, you don’t hold the power in the relationship.

This isn’t sexist, it’s called being wise.

Let her talk to guys so she can tell them “I have a boyfriend.”

If either one of you make each other jealous you are bound to get into a fight and one of you will get hurt/cheat.

Relationships are built on trust.

With fuck buddies trust doesn’t matter, neither do feelings.

Your girlfriend however, should be trustworthy, but you can’t trust just any girl, therefore, you must choose one who has impeccable character so you don’t lose your mind battling over trust or jealously.

A guideline I go by is to try and make every girl I like a fuckbuddy.

If she lets me fuck, she is probably not worth wifing.

If she doesn’t let me fuck because she’s not a hoe then I’ll be careful with my trust.

This leads me to my 3 – 6 Month Guideline I like to follow.

Basically, if I have fucked a girl before but am lead to believe she may actually be worthy of a long-term relationship I’ll let us go on as fuck
buddies for at least 6 months and then re-evaluate my feelings.

You see, you not only must trust your heart, but your brain as well.

Girls can get away with following their emotions since that is the way they are built by design; men, however, must think logically.

Once you have a girl you think you like, you need to make sure that light bulb goes bright at some point where you conclude that you being with this girl (forever) makes perfect sense.

Not only should being in a relationship with her “feel good”
emotionally but it should logically benefit you in numerous ways.

If your heart is telling you to love this girl but your brain is telling you she is no good for you then you need to make the logical decision.

This 3 – 6 Month Guideline has kept me out of unnecessary
investments with girls simply because half-a-year later the girl
wouldn’t be around!

This guideline is basically an aggressive filtering  tool used to shield yourself from wasting time or getting into a relationship that will end. (Girls have their own filtering systems or “tests” they use on guys.)

me and babe.

Do Not Make Her Your Girlfriend or
Invest Emotions until after 3 – 6 Months
of Regularly Seeing Her.

If she lets you fuck relatively quickly, you’ve filtered her out as
probably not relationship material.

But let’s say you are led to believe she might actually make a good girlfriend, the next filter would be to see if you feel this way after 6
months or if she is even around by then!

Let’s say you were dealing with a legitimately worthy girl and she won’t let you have sex unless you were dating her, you would filter by dating her and evaluate in the next 3 – 6 months if this thing can last forever.

After that 3* or 6* month mark you will incidentally decide to end
relationship or make it work, forever.
*(3 months if you see her everyday, 6 months if you see her a few times a week.)

Therefore, the passing months would be you judging logically and emotionally if being in the relationship is helping or hurting you.

If after 6 months you decide to keep the relationship alive you are committing to a life with this girl.

You do not want to end up dating this girl for years or even end up marrying her or having kids with her only for it to end, with you on the losing side of course, so your evaluations in these months must be absolutely calculated and brutal.

It matters not how much you “love” her as much as it matters if she is the right one for you.

Would you rather have a 6 month mistake “learning experience” or a 4 year one?

Picking the right girlfriend is very much about not picking the wrong one, which is why you should follow the 3 – 6 Month Guideline, it will likely prevent that from happening.

But now you want to know what to look for in picking the Right One.

Choose A Girl Who Has Traditional

Pick a girl with traditional values like:

Kind and Supportive

You don’t want a Bitch, you want a little angel who’s going to hold you down through all your endeavors.

Once respect or trust for one another has been lost, it is all downhill
from there.

There shouldn’t be any quarrel only mutual respect for each other’s

You especially don’t want a girl who will try to manipulate your
thoughts and emotions to make you feel shame or guilt for not
behaving exactly as she wants you to.

Ditch the mood swingers and crazy hoes, get you a good girl.

Wants kids, Cooks, Cleans, Has mother and father

You want your girlfriend to be a good role model for your daughter,
someone who will make a great mother to your son.

Even if you or she doesn’t want kids, put her character to the test.

Does she have what it takes to be a respectable mommy?

If not, she just got filtered out real quick!

I usually would never consider dating a girl who doesn’t want kids
or doesn’t have a mom or dad.

I see them as selfish and are much too “open”, they are usually into alcohol, drugs, clubbing, and go through bi-sexual phases.. all things
that are quite okay if she’s my fuck buddy but never am I going to try
and love that.

Of course, these are just guidelines, you don’t have to be an
extremist like me, just make sure you aren’t trying to be a
‘captain save a hoe’ and make the decision with your future in

Not on her phone 24/7, Appreciates her family > friends

You will want a level-headed woman who isn’t fake, insecure or to
put it frankly, a child.

Women who are always on their phones texting ‘friends’ or looking
for validation on social media are simple and childish.

Your girlfriend should place your word above that of the people around her.

If you tell her you love her but she doesn’t know if to believe it
because her friends say you’re a terrible person then you are dealing
with a girl who doesn’t know how to think for herself.

You’d save yourself a lot of headache by ending this thing right now.

If you’ve made it this far, you should know by now there are 2 types
of girls.

Girls you never try to love.


Girls who are worthy of love.

No matter how much you love her she should feel just as much or
more love for you if your decision is to be considered wise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“3 – 6 months doesn’t seem like enough time to decide if I want to spend my life with this girl..”

— All you are doing in these months is filtering. You are deciding
if she has the potential to benefit the rest of your life should you
allow her to stay in it rather than be parasitic down the line. I
recommend moving as fast as you can (taking things slow is for
girls you do not care about) so you can spot any red-flags.

“I’m too broke to have a girlfriend, well at least that’s how I
should I focus on making money before thinking about

— Your girl should want you when you’re down as much as when you’re up. This is called having game. You can still command respect from girls while being broke if you are
good looking and know just what to do or say to get her in
her feels.

“I’m still not sure what I’m looking for in a girl or if I even want/need a relationship…”

— I recommend taking the needs + chemistry assessment on
plenty of fish . com (I don’t recommend getting your girlfriend from there tho, fuck buddy is fine).  You can also look up your
horoscope and find which female signs would best suit yours.

“I really like this girl. How do I know if I can trust her?”

— How many people do you think she has slept with? (Should be less than 5.) If you’ve even the slightest impression she would disrespect you or place your spirits in dismay then she is not the one for you. Every time you see her it should make you happy. But, and this is a huge but, she must feel this exact same way each time she sees you.

Look into her eyes. Do you see devotion or deception?

– Written by Brandon Ramlal